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Horror, sleaze, action, giallo
Entertainment for the whole family!

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Horror, sleaze, action, giallo
Grab one for your grandma too! (Click here)

Happy Birthday!
Ta, Milt! :hello!:

Horror, sleaze, action, giallo
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More. :)

Happy Birthday!
ThanX guys. :hello!:

Horror, sleaze, action, giallo
Brazilian giallo vhs and others

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Japanese tapes
Phenomenal and the Treasure of Tutankamen (1968)
Italian super hero action by Ruggero Deodato. Playback is nearly flawless and the cover has only some fading on the spine. Really nice tape.

English dub. A clip from the tape can be found here.

If you want to see more pictures just ask.

Offers please. :)

paypal wtf? (in Dutch)
Apr 19 2014, 06:44 PM
You can add 75 tapes each month for free on ebay, after those 75 you have to pay for adding.
So I started a second account so I can add 150 tapes each month, but now with the first tape that was sold and paid for I have to send it first to the buyer before I get my money by PayPal, they hold it until the buyer has contacted ebay everything is alright.
They (ebay) said you have to send everything with tracking but that is way to expensive for 1 tape.
What if the buyer say to ebay he never got the tape?

Ebay assumes all new sellers are fraudulent. You won't get your money until a certain amount of time has passed, one or two weeks. You can speed it up by marking the item as shipped or adding a tracking number.
And you can only list a limited quantity of items.

Any buyer can say that he or she didn't receive his/her stuff and they get the shit for free (Unless you ship via recorded delivery). And lets face it, nobody will pay for recorded delivery for a tape that costs a few euros.
This isn't limited to new sellers only... It doesn't matter if you've been 1 day or 1 decade on ebay - if a buyer wants to screw you, you're at his/her mercy. They can steal your shit and give negative feedback that says you're a fraudulent prick and laugh at you.

Seller's are 2nd class citizens on Ebay. The buyer is always right. Ebay strives to make it worse for the sellers, why I have no idea.

Then there's ebay.com's policy that you can only charge 3 usd for the shipping of a tape to USA. Even if you're located on the other side of the world. :lol:

So I stopped selling on .com because I got so tired of US buyers that only paid 3 dollars for shipping though I specifically stated (on each auction) that it's not possible.

Ebay already takes the usual fees plus a percentage off the shipping costs. And they own Paypal so the same company charges you several times.
A lot of sellers used to get around the fees by selling their stuff for next to nothing and charging huge shipping prices. Ebay thought they solved it by starting to take a chunk of the shipping fees too.
This fucks it up even further for sellers that sell small stuff like tapes for a few bucks. The "profit" we get is next to nothing.
Never did it for the profit anyway, I just think it's fun.

But ebay sure does try their all to make it suck.

As I said I stopped selling on .com so I can at least charge proper shipping costs. Ebay Ireland (that I use) is more expensive (insertion fees + international visibility fees), but I avoid those geniuses that thinks you can ship a tape to Usa for 3 usd. Irish ebay doesn't restrict the shipping costs.

I could rant about ebay for hours. But the fact is that they have idiotic policies and mind numbingly dumb staff. Like when I wanted to sell an old vhs that happened to have the name Cartier in the title... They wanyed an authenticity certificate, see the pic below. For an old Dutch tape... :lol:

And they removed a listing because it had a sample clip with titties and the description had the word "porn actress" in it. :lol:

Horror, sleaze, action, giallo
And even more cool tapes

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Horror, sleaze, action, giallo
War, giallo, action etc.

Horror, sleaze, action, giallo
More cool stuff, peplum, splatter, giallo etc.

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My first sale (dutch)
Apr 13 2014, 08:43 AM
A little bit more rare stuff:

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Golden Karate Girl is a Turkish revenge movie. Definitely worth checking if you're into b action and/or more exotic stuff. :up:

The Official Movie Viewing Log
Ancient Aliens Seasons 5-6.

This is like Indiana Jones, X-files and your average History Channel program wrapped into one.
Things are really getting out of hands in season 6. The UK monarchy alien descendants? :lol:

Hangar 1: The UFO Files season 1, episodes 1-4.
This is a well made but rather average "aliens are here" (conspiracy stuff) tv serie.

Phenomenal and the Treasure of Tutankamen (1968)

Fun Italian movie about a hero in a ski mask and a polo jumper. By no means the best of its sort but the fact that Ruggero Deodato directed it made me check it out.

Massacre Time (1966)

Lucio Fulci's spaghetti with Franco Nero and George Hilton. By no means Fulci's best spaghetti but I must say I liked the soundtrack.

Horror, sleaze, action, giallo

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More horror and other tapes.

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Horror, sleaze, action, giallo
More stuff. These for example:

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Below is two screen captures from L'assassino ancora tra noi, a very sick giallo in the vein of "Giallo a Venezia". Looks uncut to me.
There's another release that looks exactly like this one but it's cut. The only way to tell if it's uncut or not is to check the content. (And the content of my tape can be seen below)

the ring and ripoffs
There's a ton of them. Or movies that are heavily influenced by Ringu.

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My S. Korean release of Ringu 0, 1 and 2. Ring Virus is also included.
The S. Korean Virus: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0289424/

Horror, sleaze, action, giallo
Giallo, horror, scifi etc..

For example: Spirits of Death - A White Dress for Mariale

Dead cover scans
Say, another thing that would be nice. Some kind of feature that lets you know if the recipient of a pm has read/received his/her message.

More room for Joos...
Mar 28 2014, 07:34 AM

I wonder if that one would be pulled from ebay (if listed)? :blink:

Horror, sleaze, action, giallo
War, post apocalypse etc.

Buy 3 and Jack will perform Mack the Knife live on Youtube.