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Happy Birthday!
Apr 26 2015, 07:17 PM
I'm sorry I was out of home, Kurt :cheers:

Thanks. :hello!:

Had a smooth deal with Theodosis. :up: :tapelove:

FOR SALE: A Time For Dying, Greek Vhs (joconda)
How much?

Happy Birthday!
Operazione Bianchi
Apr 21 2015, 07:59 AM
Happy Birthday , Kurt !

Thanks. ^_^

delta video
This one?

Japanese tapes
Posted Image

SOLD Battletruck aka Warlords of the 21st Century (1982)
Post-apocalyptic actioner from New Zealand

Posted Image

SOLD Line of Fire (1991)
Slasher/Hixploitation obscurity

Posted Image

Fair Game (1986)
Rape & revenge/Ozploitation movie

Posted Image

The Drifting Classroom (1987) (Kazuo Umezu's)
Dialogue in both English & Japanese.

Paganini by Kinsky
Dvd? Vhs?

Forgotten Teddy Page movie
A lost/forgotten movie by Teddy Page. It can't be found on the IMDB and Andrew Leavold and Jack Jensen hadn't heard about it before (The movie, they had heard about the IMDB (presumably)).
A power struggle set in an imaginery banana republic lead by a ruthless "Il Presidente". Criticism aimed at the Marcos regime?
The hero is a CIA agent played by Corwin Sperry. The movie features a lot of Teddy Page regulars such as; Richard King, Kristin and Ingrid Erlandson etc. (Kudos to Andrew for the info)
The heroine of the movie has a very funny fake accent, I'm not sure if it's dubbed but she sounds more french than spanish. I'm assuming the movie is suppose to take place in a spanish-speaking country.

A fun, entertaining and trashy hippie revolutionaries VS. the dictator & henchmen.
The Japanese tape (below) is dubbed in English.

Posted Image Posted Image

Japanese tapes
Posted Image

Gun's Eye (1989)

The story of a young man who gets possessed by the spirit of a German WW2 Luger handgun.

Posted Image

Warrior of the Lost World (1983)

Robert Ginty, Persis Khambatta, Donald Pleasence and Fred Williamson.

Posted Image

The Bronx Executioner (1989) Il giustiziere del Bronx

Posted Image

Caged Women (1991) Aka Caged - Le prede umane
WIP, "Women in prson"
Cut nearly 25 minutes in the UK.

Posted Image

The Brain (1988)

Posted Image

Runaway (1984)

various vhs for sale
Apr 1 2015, 02:58 PM
Apr 1 2015, 09:03 AM
Do you have a reserve on Half Past Midnight?
It is hard for me to put a 'market value' on this one
But I think that a collector who would want this, would be ready to go high. It is very rare...

For the more regular tapes I do have an idea about prices that feels fair to me, so if the price feels unfair I do like to have the reserve not to sell
But at the moment prices are certainly going in the right direction. Does anyone mind if I let this role for a while, see how it goes, or do I need to already state an end date, to make it a bit more official/professional? :)

I'm unsure what I should offer since it's an ug movie & release. :blink: :hello!:

various vhs for sale
Do you have a reserve on Half Past Midnight?