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Halloween Vhs
I have Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers Singapore Laserdisc.

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video sleeves and other movie memorabilia
How big is the Messalina poster?

VCR cleaning?
Apr 22 2016, 07:57 PM
Hey, thanks for the replies. I ended up taking it apart and doing it myself. Got it fixed.

I leave the screws in a little plastic bag that I hang on the back of the VCR with a peice of scotch tape. That way I don't have to remove the VCR lid's screws every time I clean the heads, which is quite often.

The Devil (1981) Dvd Release
I have the Japanese tape for sale:

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Introducing Yourself !
Where did you get that "Tweet" button, Miltos? :o

Philippine Video Tapes
Ever come across a Filipino movie with a small blue ufo guy?