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Japanese tapes with prices
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Monster of the Universe AKA Magic of the Universe AKA The Magician AKA Salamamgkero (1986)
Filipino horror bizarro greatness.


Japanese tapes with prices
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Lucha libre AKA Mexican wrestling, Blue Demon, U.F.Os, mummies etc.

- Blue Demon y las invasoras (1969)

- The Champions Five Supermen (1972) (Vuelven los campeones justicieros)

- Robbery of the Mummies of Guanajuato (1972) (El robo de las momias de Guanajuato)

In Spanish with Japanese subtitles.

30 each

Japanese tapes with prices
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Tobe Hooper's Salem's Lot (1979) and The Funhouse (1981)
19 and 22 euros each.

Japanese tapes with prices
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The Girl in a Swing (1988)

25 euros

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Angel: Black Angel (1989) Only English dubbed VHS release
(Arabella l'angelo nero)
Sleazy giallo by Stelvio Massi.
25 euros

All Dutch ex rental tapes for sale.
Any chance you'd happen have "The Phoenix" (1981)?

Japanese tapes with prices
City of the Living Dead Japan Sony 60

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Japanese tapes with prices
Important information for anyone that wants to to see the pictures: You need Winrar or similar program to unrar/unzip the picture archive. If you want, I can just email you the pictures.

Japanese tapes with prices
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The Devil's Sword AKA Golok Setan
Beautiful letterbox 60 + shipping.

Japanese tapes with prices
I have about 450 tapes up for grabs. Just PM me and I'll send you a link to a zip file with pictures ofa ll my J tapes that are for sale.

The Official Movie Viewing Log
Jun 10 2017, 08:25 PM
Been watching Twin Peaks season 1 and 2. Great fun ofcourse! Looking forward to the new series.
When are they going to aired in Europe...? :unsure:

Wanted: Al Bradley's Sci-Fi flicks
Jack J
Jun 8 2017, 07:40 PM
I've got no idea of which of his films that came out in this Sodom and Gomorrah that is the south of Scandinavia.
Diabolik (HJ) would know.

Btw: are there any Scandinavian releases of "La bestia nello spazio" on tape? B)

Yes, If Finland counts. List of Al's movies released in Finland on VHS.
If a movie was released in Sweden and Denmark, it was usually released in Finland too.

Japanese tapes with prices
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Paperhouse (1988) 15e
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974) 15e (damaged sleeve)
Kick or Die (1987) No Hard Feelings LETTERBOX 22e
Karate Cop (1991) 20e
Escape from Safehaven (1989) 15e
Steel Arena (1973) 17e

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Popcorn 19e
Midnight Cabaret 15e
The Godsend 21e
Mystery Monsters 15e
Forced Witness 18e (Israeli thriller that deserves cult status) English dub
The Oasis AKA Savage Hunger (1984) Plane crash survivors, sleaze, cannibalism etc. in the desert 22e

I'll provide you better boxes if they're so called rental boxes.
Playback is ok. All in English with japanese subtitles unless otherwise noted.

I have hundreds of other Japanese tapes that can go, I don't collect VHS anymore.

Just drop me a PM and I'll have a look at shipping charges, shipping charges outside Europe can be gory.

Wanted: Al Bradley's Sci-Fi flicks
You can check what was released in Finland with the help of: fixgalleria.net
Unfortuntely it's down at the momemnt. but it'll be up again.