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Your latest laserdisc purchase
Anyone bought anything LD related lately?

Laserdisc Player
The artwork is stunning, no doubt. The japanese tapes have awesome art, but with LDs you'll get much bigger covers. And from what I've understood, japanese discs are also very high quality.

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dbcult.com gone?
Isn't this their YT page? https://www.youtube.com/user/DBCultube/featured

Bargain thread
Any new offers?

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Jul 24 2015, 04:25 PM
You sure you wanna go there ;)
Yes. Already bought a NTSC player. ^_^

The End Of An Era?
I also made a donation. :hello!:

Laserdisc Player
Anyone here have a (Ntsc/Pal) LD player for sale or perhaps know someone that has one for sale? Just looking for a basic player to begin with.

The End Of An Era?
I'd sure as hell would miss CH. I've made so many good friends here. "oops!:

I have the JVC HM-DR-10000, it's a great top quality vcr. :up:
Are those tapes pre-recorded or empty? I've been looking for D-VHS tapes but no luck.