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Wanted: Jacques Rivette
Imdb says "Out 1: Spectre" is from 1974.

Aug 31 2010, 10:51 AM
Thank ya for the great delivery Member X! Got the tapes yesterday!  :tapelove:

And thanx to you.

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday GJ! :cheers:

Huge thanks again to Gialloboy. :hello!:

Huge thanks to Jönas! :tapelove:

german tapes allmost for free!
Aug 29 2010, 07:11 PM
Aug 29 2010, 06:28 PM
Why don't you list the titles. :)

because im giving them away for free!
look at the picture and see what tapes are available!

Just thought you might get rid of them faster that way. German tapes usually have alternate titles and you have to do some searching before you find what the original title of a movie is.

german tapes allmost for free!
Why don't you list the titles. :)

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Spannik!! :cheers:

Sell The Torture Chamber of Baron Blood .....
Sodoma's ghost - in italian?

german tapes allmost for free!
Ever planned a cycling trip to Finland? :P

New Room possible?
Jack J
Aug 28 2010, 05:10 PM
Aug 28 2010, 09:20 AM
Aug 23 2010, 03:55 PM
You might want to split the trade-section into two sections: Sale and buy.
Occasionally I stumble upon new topics thinking, wow, he's selling that tape! But when I take a closer look, it turns out somebody wants to buy stuff.

If nothing else people: At least, put "wanted" in the headline if you are buying stuff.

I'll stop babbling now. :lol:

Thinking again about it I really find it a great idea. In fact "Trades" room seems too big with many updates and sometimes you cannot recognize the "Wanted" posts easily so I think seriously to seperate sales & wants in two rooms soon :D

Oh nooooo!!!!

Please don't. Give Member-X a finger and he's gonna take the whole arm as we say here. Now he's gonna nag about all kinds of crazy new things. :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:


I thought about collecting fingers first, but I realized that giallo tapes are cooler.
Besides, who the hell has ever heard about anyone called "Fingerboy"? Nah, didn't think so.

Most of my ideas are good, except that inflatable dartboard I invented, but that's another story.

various rare tapes for sale
Another try, let's see if I'll get it right this time. :lol:

various rare tapes for sale
Pm. B)

Thanks to Gialloboy for all the lovely, well packed tapes. :tapelove:

A whisper in the dark M. Aliprandi
It's a giallo? :blink:

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday my friend. :hello!:

New Room possible?
As we have a "Interesting ebay auctions" thread, shouldn't we also have a "Boring ebay auctions" thread?

Some rare Giallo tapes for sale!
Pm Mike. B)

Last black metal demo sale - 1 €/per tape
Jack J
Aug 24 2010, 08:27 AM
Hands down, you're right. Nothing beats that.  :blink:  :o  :o



Livet er et kort sekund
et med både godt og ondt.
Tror man, eller håber man, så skuffes man.
Livets viser drejer sig, man mødes og skilles.
Først en sød og yndig leg.
Ak, så går man hver sin vej
Jeg er gået fra dig nu,
skønt jeg holder af dig, du
derfor siger jeg til dig:

Glemmer du, så husker jeg det ord for ord
Alting brast, men det gør heller ikke spor.
Minderne har jeg da lov at ha
dem kan du aldrig, nej aldrig ta.
Husker du de glæder, som vi sammen fandt?
Husker du, de tanker, som os sammen bandt?
Hver en dag - og hver en time har jeg talt.

Glemmer du, så husker jeg alt.

A few tapes from CrazyGoaBoy's Collection!
Aijaa is usually a good picture host, might be something temporary with the server.