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Cut DVD list!
I wrote a lengthy piece on the cut UK DVD releases of HILL STREET BLUES here:


Hill Street Blues - censored on UK dvd!
This is really a blog post but it'll fit right in here as well:

The uncut reg. 1 DVDs:
Posted Image Posted Image

The UK DVD releases of HILL STREET BLUES season 1 & 2 are heavily cut!

One of the telly shows that I watched religiously when it was broadcast in the early 80s was HILL STREET BLUES.

HILL STREET was a cop show that diverted from most of the 1970s cop shows in that it wasn't about only one main character like Kojak or Columbo but it revolved around a whole police precinct. I don't know if HILL STREET BLUES was the first of its kind but I'm sure that at least due to its popularity it paved the way for the many shows of that kind. All the stuff that we see today should get down on their knees and kiss HILL STREET BLUES' dirty feet.

I haven't actually re-watched HILL STREET since it aired here in the 80s. It's was rerun on a different channel in the early 90s but I didn't watch it cos, well, I guess I was watching something else, LOL (probably some splatter movie as it was about the time when I first got into reviewing gore flicks for fanzines).

Anyhoo, the other day I caught an episode of the show on a local channel which I don't usually watch, and you know how it goes I immediately figured "Oh man I gotta get the entire series right now and watch again... right now", haha. I found two different releases on Amazon UK; a local UK five disc release containing the complete season 1, and a reg. 1 set also containing the complete first season but all squeezed down on only three discs.

Needless to say, I figured the five disc release would be better than the three disc one. Well, bad assumption, cabron!! Fortunately, I took some time and read the user comments on Amazon UK and it appears the video company is royally fucking the British HILL STREET fans up the ass cos the episodes are edited editions (i.e. censored!!!) for day time broadcast before the watershed!!! (i.e. 9pm in the UK). Can you believe that!!

And when you investigate a little further it becomes even more surreal as you learn these censored DVD aren't even the result of the evil deeds committed by the BBFC; It's simply the TV station Channel 4 who is to blame. Oh, and you think it can't get any more obscure? Think again! One of the Amazon customers commented that he wrote to C4 and complained about it but they replied it wasn't their fault! [insert sound file of hysteric, insane laughter] So who is to blame? The video company? No can do! C4 put out the DVD set themselves.

And a few customers mentioned they bought previous VHS editions that were uncut. My guess is this is a fucken slip up that C4 just won't face up to. C4 probably thought it would be easier to release their own broadcast versions on DVD than to get the new versions from the US. Too bad for PAL buyers.

"But NOW it can't get any worse... right?" Wrong! The SAME applies for the UK edition of the second season!!!

I checked the info on the reg. 1 sets and, lo and behold, they're not only fully uncut but the Americans actually put the series on double sided DVDs which means you get the episodes on six sides, not three (but I have no idea if three double sided DVDs are better than five single sided DVDs or not?). And the reg. 1 sets are even a couple pounds cheaper than the UK discs! I ordered them both right away.

Unfortunately, those two season are the only ones that got released. It seems they didn't sell very well (they came out in 2006) and the remaining five seasons were most likely scrapped. As I said, they're being broadcast on a local channel here but, uhhh, trying to tape full seasons is something I left behind with the video days - I taped most of The X-Files and every Millennium episode and Married... With Children, and, and, and... so many TV series! In the end I just gave it all op when video labels began to release all this stuff on DVD. Haha.

The cut UK DVDs:

Posted Image Posted Image

PS: Scandinavians who consider buying the series should stay away from Cdon.com: They are selling the UK DVDs!!! :angry:

Jan 29 2011, 02:01 PM
an absolute rarety!

found ths vcc player .....

with a videoscreen square box!

Posted Image

the tape is -het heroinecomplot- 1 of the Mark the Nark movies.......dont know yet whitch  part.

the tape is still with my parents in holland, but I hope to get some better pictures soon!
(these pictures are taken by the seller of the recorder)

Wauw, congrats with that! Was it expensive?

In your link it says:

This will play in black and white for the first 5 minutes then it will play in colour ok. After some time the loading motor starts operating a bit erratically.


Can we have..
Jan 29 2011, 01:19 PM
Miltos, you promised.. :unsure:

Dear sir,
Unfortunately we are not able to service you at this time. Thank you for your comment and interest in Cinehound. Please come again.

Jungle Virgin Force Danish tape
Actually I prefer green and pink rays.

Introducing Yourself !
Hey there, Ethan. :hello!:

Your latest laserdisc purchase
Too bad you didn't finish that film, Jinha. I wanted to see what happened! :lol:

Did be put her to sleep and chop her up? :blink: :unsure:

Your latest laserdisc purchase
Thanks for the info on THE KEEP. I'll make sure I look out for the widescreen version. I have the UK vhs of PEDICAB which is fully uncut, has new subs, and is lbx. A pity the film's apparently caught up in legal hoopla.

Your latest laserdisc purchase
Is THE KEEP a US laserdisc? I don't own it but I have several times seen it on eBay and always noticed the sellers list it as FS. Were they wrong or is your LD a different release? :ph43r:

Too bad with PEDICAB DRIVER.

Cinehound mugshots and personal vaults
Yeah Goblin is in OZ.

Cinehound mugshots and personal vaults
Mar 24 2010, 12:20 PM
Posted Image

Lately I've been hooked on getting one of these but I haven't managed to find one single seller who has them. I guess they all got chucked out when the video stores closed or turned to DVD. :(

Jan 26 2011, 11:49 PM
Bought 5000 DVD's from a closed down videostore for only ca 150 euro.

:blink: :blink: :blink:

I don't have the Czech version of ANGEL 3 but the handful of Czech DVDs that I do have didn't have burnt in subs. Two of them (Mattei's last two zombie films) had enforced subs but I got rid of them by making a copy with DVD Shrink.

And it would be awesome if someone (i.e. you) would sub it in English. B)

Ghost Nursing
Are we talking 'bout the Indo film WAR VICTIMS? What's the format of the Japanese tape?

Maybe it's not my all time Arkin favourite but I watched Last Warrior aka Son Savasci recently and that film is totally over the top! :wub:

Screen grabs here and a brief review:

Eternal Evil of Asia
Did you check the previous pages? There's all the info on the differences between the two DVD versions. The HK and Taiwan prints are alternative to each other; HK has more gore and "underhair", and Taiwan has more boobs. The HK print has more picture (check the link to the German "movie-censorship.com" page on page 2).

It seems no one has checked/compared with the HK LD or VCD.

Can we have..
cannibal man
Jan 24 2011, 05:14 PM
Jan 24 2011, 01:09 PM
.. and then there's always that one flying head that simply can't follow the rules.

Posted Image

that head looks like a certain jack J. :lol: :lol:
there is always one who does not toe the line.
ill be paying u a visit mr jack J. :lol:


Yeah, well, aren't you happy I don't need to go by the book very often. Otherwise ALL posts would soon be deleted! :hi:

Complete list of "Made in Hong Kong" tapes
Very cool! Thanks! :hello!:

Hmm, yeah maybe it does. Please let us know if you find out. Cheers.

Jan 24 2011, 01:43 PM
Jack J
Jan 24 2011, 11:26 AM
The rarest tape in the world?? It certainly doesn't come cheap!!  :blink:

and i just bought it!  :hello!:

:blink: You Danish douchebag, I really wanted that!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

Oi, that's not nice! :blink: And besides, you told me you live in the poorhouse so I don't think you'd be able to afford it anyway. :lol:

georgemag66, I got a "Report this post to a moderator" from you saying: ευχαριστω. :unsure:

I assume you pressed the wrong button, yeah?