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I'll make the claim that the IMDb info about the international version being called "Pembalasan Rambu" is incorrect! The international version has (afaik) never played in Indonesia or Malaysia but only overseas and only under its English (or translated) title. Hence, the international version is ONLY called THE INTRUDER. PEMBALASAN RAMBU is only used for the Indonesian version.

Btw, the Indonesian actor (in Peter O'Brian's place) is rather flat. Not over the top fun as Peter!

Also, I have a dvdr copy of the old release of PEMBALASAN RAMBU and it's missing quite a bit of violence compared to the international version. For instance, almost the entire rape scene is gone. I guess it was too much for Indonesian (or Malay) sensitivity.

No, nothing yet. :hello!:

I can see it has arrived at a distribution centre in DK.

McCLOUD complete (season 1-7)


MICHEAL STROGOFF (aka Tsarens Kurer) (1975) (uncut French version via Scandinavian dvd - the German dvd is reportedly heavily censored)


My Indonesian Movie Collection
I guess there are people in this world who don't read my Asian blog. :P

I've several times mentioned an online store in Malaysia where you can order the Dragon Jester DVD's.

Here's a link to 225 of their DVD's (som are sold out):

They take PayPal

Malaysia is the only place where ONCE UPON A TIME IN TRIAD SOCIETY is released on DVD. It's letterboxed even, and optional English subs. I was lucky to get a copy but it's sold out now.

MONDO MACABRO upcoming releases
I changed the thread title. Let's use this thread to talk about new (and old) MM releases.

MONDO MACABRO upcoming releases
A friend sent me Mondo Macabro's entire 12 episode series of EUROTIKA recently. It is the tv series they made before the Mondo Macabro tv series - and it's fabulous. And no, it's not just "erotic" movies but just as much horror movies as well. I wish they would put out an official set. Hell, I wish they would put out a complete set of the Mondo Macabro series as well so you could have them all collected in one release.

Looking for some dvds...
Oh, I see. Thanks. B)

Looking for some dvds...
Jan 16 2013, 12:32 AM
Slumber Party Masacre part 2 & 3(new concorde)

Just out of curiosity, how come you're looking for the old New Concorde releases? Isn't the new set from Shout a better one? Or do the old DVD's contain something the new one doesn't? :unsure:

Cannibal Mercenary
The NTSC tape is on eBay now:

Arrr man! That is too bad! :(

Dead cover scans
A member mentioned to me the problem with many dead scans in the threads - and sure enough there are many of them. Dead scans are not cool to look at and they make wading thru a long thread quite annoying.

Now, I do delete dead scans quite often... and yes I could of course spend 7 hours every week going thru and deleting each and every one of them... but it would be nice if you fellas could also delete your own old posts once you notice they've died (you don't need to edit them, you can delete whole posts). Cheers.


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Dec 2 2007, 12:47 AM
Dec 1 2007, 11:15 PM
Dec 1 2007, 11:04 PM
Some amazing scans petcor and dan.be

Great to see some names I recognise - I've just spent 40 minutes going through all your scans. Wonderful stuff!  ;)

I have been searching for movies almost full time this last month. And had a few amazing finds. I feel incredibly lucky. And Dan just has the best collection I have ever seen! :blink: :D

Thanks , But then I was at the source ;)
And I collected over the last 10 years almost anything, sometimes just for the sleeve. I still have to much films - 2000 i say but it could be more <_<

Das boot on VFP , a rare one , because most stores got the columbia vhs

well here is private little videostore :lol: , this is not my house , but in my back yard I have a building that once was a stock room . There is heating & electricity. So this is my little video house. I must say that there is a lot of films ( Vestron) laying around in my house too , like I said I have to much

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the Vestron Invasion :blink:
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And my (not so sweet) pussycat Morcheeba
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Never touch her as a stranger , because she will give you some nice scars :unsure:
She Is also the " guardian" of the tapes :lol:

I'm just going thru this thread in order to delete old dead scans, and I came across this cool post from Dan.be. I see he hasn't been here since 2009, are any of you still in touch with him. Such an enthusiastic collector ought to be here on Cinehound! :tapelove:

Danish VHS Sleeves
Jan 15 2013, 04:43 PM
Must've taken weeks to go through all these! :blink:

And HE WAS VERY SECRETIVE ABOUT IT!!! I kept asking but "Uhh, I'm *somewhere* in Jutland" was all I got. :lol:

My Indonesian Movie Collection
Maybe even 500 is too much. You don't wanna get burnt with 400 unsold copies piled up in your cupboard for years on end. I hear Fred Anderson hardly sold any of his KILLER ELEPHANTS dvd and has apparently closed the label (Attackafant) now. Don't let that happen to you. Make sure you don't print way too many copies and try and get as many distribution deals around the world as you can. Don't rely on only one shop.

another way to clean mold...
Cool, thanks! We were just talking about how to do this in the best way over on Uncut.dk forum. :cheers:

Danish VHS Sleeves
Welcome back, good to see you here again, Diabolik. :up:

And as I've said before, that's an awesome collection you've been able to scrape together the past year or so. :cheers:

My Indonesian Movie Collection
Jan 14 2013, 03:08 PM
and also a big thanx to Jack...

You're welcome, mate (I didn't actually do anything). It seems you're having a whale of a time travelling and finding friends in those places. :cheers:

You hooked up with the Jester guy!! I've got quite a few of their releases. Good stuff (mostly). And some HK films that aren't on dvd anywhere else!

And your plans for a release sounds awesome!

CANNIBAL MERCENARY is on eBay!!! I guess I don't have to tell you how rare this tape/film is. And this is the only uncut release anywhere.


The rare UK PEDICAB DRIVER vhs is on eBay. I've read that this film might never get an official dvd release as it's caught up in copyright nonsense. There's a bootleg dvd but I'm told it's off the old HK laserdisc with is cut and has crappy subs. This tape is uncut, lbx and has proper subs.


Introducing Yourself !
Hi there, Matango. Kick yer feet up and feel at home. B)