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HELP: German translation
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I discovered the Belgian comic books about Inspector Canardo last summer. The series began in the late 70's in the French comic book (a suivre) and in 1981 they began to publish an annual album (graphic novel). I'm located in Denmark and the series was published here in the early 80's but got cancelled after #5. I don't read French so there's no point in getting hold of the French/Belgian comic books. However, fortunately the good people of Deutschland have been publishing the series all the way through and are up-to-date so I've begun to order the German books via Amazon (they're an arm and a leg - they're totally ripping me off!). I read fairly well German (don't ask me to write the bloody lingo, though - too much funny grammar!) but once in a while there's a term that gives me a headache. Usually, I'm able to look it up or I skip the phrase. Yesterday, I received a new issue ("new" to me anyway) and there's a piece of dialogue I simply can't capisce! And it's the very last comment in the story even so it's pretty annoying. Can any of you help me out here? Thanks.

The Dialogue goes like this:

Wollen Sie nicht wissen, ob sie beissen? [You wanna know if they bite?]
Nein [no]
? [?]
Eine ist wie die andere, was!? [They're all the same, eh!?]
Alles schnepfen!! [???]
Jaja, das ist wahr! [Yeah, that's true]

"Alles schnepfen"??? What's Canardo actually saying? What would be a good translation?

My dictionary says: Schnepfe = Woman, hooker, snipe (bird).

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Ratu Buaya Putih / Suzzanna / Laserdisc
Very nice cover!

Ahh, okay. Thanks, Godzilla 2000. Yeah, it's a cool tape to own. And I love the cover!

Some Filipino films do the same; domestic version = more dialogue scenes than internationally released version.

THE KILLING OF SATAN has 20-30 minutes extra footage in the Tagalog language version! (it's on YouTube)

Indonesian Suzzanna Movies
Probably too raunchy for modern day sensitive Indonesian morality.

"Verfluchte Liebe Deutscher Film"
Jan 10 2017, 08:11 AM
Sorry this went way off toppic.
No worries, mate. At least we're having a conversation on Cinehound which sadly isn't the norm any longer. :hello!:

indonesian vcd's
Really? No more labels to reissue old titles in neither Indonesia nor Malaysia??? That's just terrible. I guess downloading really did kill the dvd star. :(

The Official Movie Viewing Log
Oct 30 2016, 10:06 AM
Barry Prima fight the Dutch again ( although they don't look Dutch :p )
LOL. Sometimes they say a few words in Dutch here and there - "Dat is ferkracktung" or some such. :hi:

"Verfluchte Liebe Deutscher Film"
Jan 9 2017, 07:18 AM
Yes... They probably want something close to this particular film's budget for a DVD-R copy :P

I used to really like Arte, but since they labelled films like "Tombs of the Blind Dead", films by Dario Argento and Mario Bava or any given Mexican horror film as "trash", I have nothing but hate left for them.

I noticed you talked about your disdain for the term elsewhere recently. I think a lot of fans use it affectionately, not as a derogatory term. And I did tape a couple of the Mexican cult films off the channel, and if they call them "trash" I can live with that. I'm not aware of any other tv stations that show these films (lbx'ed and subbed even, not dubbed).

Okerlo, really? That's just terrible. Kinda like Mystery Science Theater 3000 aka MST3K in the US. A lot of fans seem to like that show but I've never wanted to laugh at the films I love. I don't get the appeal.

Even if there's no important difference here, it's very interesting to learn about these differences. Thanks for doing the leg work, Shootgringoshoot!!! :hello!: :cheers:

I own the Belgian vhs and I remember reading years ago that it has bits and pieces that aren't on the dvd. But I have never done an actual comparison between the vhs and the mm dvd. I wonder if the Belgian vhs and your Indo Betamax present the same version.

"Verfluchte Liebe Deutscher Film"
Jan 6 2017, 04:54 PM
"Brandstifter" was apparently produced by German TV channel "Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)".

If they have it in their archive, it might just be possible to send them an inquiry regarding a DVD-R copy of the film (it may be costly though - if it's possible at all).

For this type of films, it may also be helpful to observe the daily program of TV stations like 3sat or SW3 (Südwest 3) in addition to the mentioned ZDF, Arte - or just send an inquiry to all of them.

Okerlo - excellent description and I couldn't agree more...

I'm aware you can write to Danish state tv and buy copies of old shows/films but they're very expensive. I reckon it's probably the same with German tv, too expensive unless you're loaded.

Recently I've tried to keep track of daily programmes on the main channels, ARD, ZDF, 3sat, ARTE, and a couple more ... but apart from ARTE it's very discouraging. :(

"Verfluchte Liebe Deutscher Film"
Jan 6 2017, 10:19 AM
Jack J
Jan 6 2017, 12:08 AM
Jan 5 2017, 09:53 AM
It's strange. It's like they've made a doc about German new wave films that are basically ignored by German tv. On Arte they frequently show French, Italian and American films from "the olden days". Apparently not German cinema. :blink:

Why is this - do you have any idea, Okerlo?
Well, of course I'm not 100% sure about this misery but I'm trying to explain it anyway.
In my opinion the German public doesn't really have a deeper interest in movies. What suits them is the newest dreck from Hollywood or the weekly Krimi on Sunday evening. German television (and I'm looking both at the goverment funded channels like ARD or ZDF and the private funded channels like RTL) literally melted the German awareness of cinema for the last 25 years or so.

Just take a look at this intro for the Phantastic Film screening on the ZDF from the 70s to the 80s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQyoiFknPrw
This avant-garde was once possible in the German television.

Somewhere between 1985 to somewhere during the 90s the German channels found a way to fuck things up. The love for experimentation, the love for Cinema and the medium television itself with its accomplishment to combine mass entertainment with avant-garde was replaced by mere greed for profit. Private channels flooded the German television with bullshit and the goverment funded channels suddenly saw the need for competing against them in market reach and startet to weaken its program themselves. The German television nowadays is only a mere shadow of its glory past with only a few highlights here and there.

Now, this is what I had to write about the German television, now to the German cinema:
the reason is rather simple I guess, people just don't know about these movies and most of the people, frankly speaking, don't care. They are satisfied with the newest crap from Hollywood and whatever lame movie ARD shovels them down the throat every Sunday. Now take this in consideration with the situation I described above: a television system that managed to screw up the taste for interesting cinema and the medium film itself, a German public that doesn't really has a deeper rooted love for film like the French for instance and a German intellectual elite who are running most of the film archives in Germany who think that only Silent Era Fritz Lang movies are important artefacts of German culture lead to the point that most of the German movie output is simply forgotten.

Of course there are a few fans in Germany who have a passion for these neglected movies, writing about them, trying to release them on DVD (and fortunately sometimes succeeding in it) but overall we're in a sad state at the moment.
Okerlo, thanks for your explanation!

I have a satellite dish for the Astra channels on my balcony so I have access to a lot of German channels, ARD, ZDF (and their extra channels), 3Sat, some of the "channel 3" stations like NDR, and a pile of the commercial channels, RTL, RTL 2, etc. etc. My fave is the French-German channel Arte. And you're right, a lot of it is dreck. I quite like old 70's Tatort episodes and Polizei Ruf 110 from East Germany. It's sad that the German public doesn't have an interest in older German genre movies (other than Winnetou!).

And it's a pain up the rear that stuff like BRANDSTIFTER isn't broadcast!

"Verfluchte Liebe Deutscher Film"
Jan 5 2017, 09:53 AM
I missed it, too or ... lets say I thought it would be put on the arte website but nope, it was just the TV screening :unsure:
Fortunately the German DVD/Bluray label Subkultur Entertainment is going to release the full documentary as a single release sometime in the future.

Klaus Lemke seems to be a unique, there are some controversies to the things he is saying and sometimes it can get annoying but non the less he definitely has his place in the German Cinema.
Unfortunately I don't have a copy of Brandstifter, if ANYONE has, please let me know, too :D
This seems to be a general problem with Lemkes movies: they are not really available, most of his newer stuff for instance gets aired on the German television somewhere in the night once and then it's gone in the archives.
I'm new to Klaus Lemke but yeah that's my experience as well. I've tried to track down his films and all I can find is the most recent stuff (on German dvd). He said in one interview that he loves ZDF cos they let him do what he wants. Well, good for him, less good for us cos apparently ZDF doesn't release the films on dvd.

Also, after watching the 30 minutes or so (that I did catch of the tv version) I've begun to check the German channels for 70's films and ... none of the stations show ANYTHING in regards to old German films! It's very odd. Old German films on ARD and ZDF is like ... 2001 :blink:

It's strange. It's like they've made a doc about German new wave films that are basically ignored by German tv. On Arte they frequently show French, Italian and American films from "the olden days". Apparently not German cinema. :blink:

Why is this - do you have any idea, Okerlo?

Thanks on the info about the upcoming dvd/bluray. Unfortunately, I reckon it probably won't come out till after it has had its festival run.

"Verfluchte Liebe Deutscher Film"
There's a new documentary film about new German cinema of the 1970's and 80's. Kinda German new wave cinema. I would love to see it. It's still playing at festivals in Germany so no chance of a dvd at the moment.

However, the French-German tv channel ARTE TV screened a 60 minute tv version of the film (the full film runs about 90 min) in December but unfortunately I missed most of it. What I did manage to see makes me want to watch all of it. And to track down some of these films. Klaus Lemke was in the doc; he's like 75 years old and super cool. Or rather Zuper cool! There were clips from his film BRANDSTIFTER from 1969 but it's a telly movie and I can't find ANY dvd or vhs releases of it. And it's not on YouTube.

Did any of you tape the doc off Arte???

And do any of you have BRANDSTIFTER?

Here's the trailer:


HK/Thai SNAKE QUEEN movie?
Jan 4 2017, 07:02 PM
I should have received another snake queen tape. Indonesian betamax of a thai movie.
Once i am back home i will post a picture of the tape.
Cool! :up:

HK/Thai SNAKE QUEEN movie?
Sweeney Todd, that sounds very cool. I hope you'll be able to get thru to her.

HK/Thai SNAKE QUEEN movie?
Sorry, no. I haven't watched this for so long. Very cool you've found it. Too bad this forum has died and nobody cares anymore. Are you on fb? We should maybe create a new forum on fb?