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Asian DVD/VCD stores & sites
Nov 30 2012, 08:12 PM
Here in Malaysia a lot of VCD are almost impossible to find now...expecially the indonesian ones as they're out of print since ages. I think I bought the very last copies ever of some title like "Drakula Mantu" or "Gundala putra petir"...I went to 5-6 distributors based in KL and I saw only 15-20 indonesian movies in stock and they said there are the very last copies ever available. Most of them were printed bewteen 2000 and 2001 and they sold out during the years. And I gave the deadly strike to most of them :D

Also a lot of malaysian movies (Gergasi, Toyol, Nora Zain agent wanita, Detik 12 malam...) are impossible to find nowadays.

You're in Malaysia? Cool. Too bad they're so hard to find now. I think I was lucky to get into the Indonesian films just before they went OOP. I got a few of those Barry Prima films.

Btw, you wouldn't happen to have this vcd release of the Indonesian edit of RAMBU, would you? I have a dvdr of it but I've been searching for an original vcd for a few years now. :( :wacko:

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PS: I found this scan online and that guy needs to cut his finger nails. :lol:

There are cut and uncut vhs releases of THE WARRIOR AND THE NINJA! A scene at the end where a woman pull's another woman's face off is cut in some versions (the scene is still there but shorter). :blink:

Asian DVD/VCD stores & sites
Thanks, Member-X. Now, spend a little time and add info on where they are located. What sort of films do the carry. Are they expensive. Difficult/easy to deal with. Are they crooks. Do they ship internationally. Are they English friendly. :hello!:

FOR SWAP: (mostly) Dutch rentals...
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BLOOD HUNT, argh!! Very rare film and very rare tape. I'm the happy owner of another copy and it took me aeons of time to get it (lost out on one copy on eBay). :wub:

Code Red DVD
Nov 14 2012, 09:15 PM
Here's the link to the Nightmare USA forum over at Latarnia,I think you'll find your way around. ;)


Thanks, Bruno. :up:

Asian DVD/VCD stores & sites
It seems CINEMASHOPS in Malaysia has closed. Too bad. I got a lot of great vcd's from there. :(

Thanks to Miltos for the info. Hmm, in the old day they used to kill the messenger of bad news. :P

Turkish Diabolik
Nov 23 2012, 02:26 PM
..all the Cuneyit Arkin movies have no english subtitles, also the ones featured in the box set that are not available for single sale (the 3rd chapter of Battal Gazi, for example, not available on single DVD edition)

There were some films in that Cuneyt Arkin release series that weren't included in the box either. For instance I have KILIC ASLAN (aka LIONMAN) which wasn't included, and like the other ones it doesn't have subs.

introducing myself!!!
Those prices are crazy but then again some stamp collectors are willing to pay much more for a little piece of square paper with dried up glue on it. :lol: It's worth close to nothing on its own but as a collector's piece it's valuable. It's all in the eyes of the beholder. The most I've paid for a video tape is around 200 dollars.

Stephen Gladwin
I'm not really keeping in contact with Stephen but he's on my FB friend list and I can see that he posted on November 6 so hopefully he's alright.

We've actually had another search thread for Mr Gladwin a while back and he posted this response as to why he's not so much around here anymore:


I'm sure it'll please him endlessly that there's yet another search for him. :lol:

Nov 14 2012, 07:10 AM

Yesterday I found a complete videostore .. I bought over a 1000 tapes !! All ex rental .. Much horror, western, martial arts etc etc ..

The Asphyx on Draaiplezier is one hell of a rare tape !!
Couldn't believe my eyes .. Loads of vhs, vcc and Betamax !

Will post pics after work and naturally loads well come for sale :-P

Check this thread around 17.00 Dutch time and first pics should be posted

My god!!! Tell us a bit more. Was it a closed down video store, or are they in the process of closing? Were the tapes cheap? A 1000 tapes!! Do you have room for them?? :lol:

Well, in any case, big congrats!! :cheers:

Code Red DVD
Bruno, I'm not a member of the forum Bill posts on. Laterna, or whatever. Do you have a link to the CR thread?

Code Red DVD
I ordered it earlier today. I already got the UK dvd but the CR dvd has a 90 minute documentary film in the extras and I want that! :lol:

Got something to say about Asian movies
Nov 11 2012, 01:10 PM
I've been converting my vcd's to mpg's today so I can play them from a hard disc via my bd player (it can not play vcd's).

I often burn my VCD's onto a DVD-r, not least the rare ones. Simply in order not to wear them down and cos it saves me having to swap disc halfway thru.

Got something to say about Asian movies
Asking the Hongkongese video companies to follow such standards as to keep the Canto track either left or right would probably be a bit much to ask for. :lol:

In other words, no, there's no default track. You'll have to find out every time.

The Best Hong Kong Movies Ever + more!
Nov 10 2012, 08:41 PM
Voting now open @ www.lovehkfilm.com. ;)


Thanks for the tip!

And I love that they keep films from HK and China separated. I much dislike film sites that list old HK movies as being fom China. :rolleyes:

I got a box full of AWE titles yesterday (except one Bruce Lee box from the Atlantic label in Sweden)

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Who is still watching those laserdiscs?
Mads Jensen
Nov 8 2012, 06:36 PM
I started to collect LD's when I bought a huge VHS collection last year, as it turned out there was also around 100 LD's in that collection. Nowadays I buy 2-5 discs every month, love the format! And I watch everything that I buy of course.

Do you get them from overseas?

They're a bitch to order from eBay I think. In contradiction to DVD's they kinda stand out when the customs people go thru our incoming mail. :angry:

Nov 8 2012, 01:19 PM
leptirica i have seen some while ago on tv ..(rts) screened on afternoon!

i am afraid there wont be a proper official dvd in better quality

Which station screened it? Dubbed/subbed?

How come you don't think there's gonna be a dvd release at some stage? :unsure:

Someone in Greece just sent me a link to this music video. The band uses the footage from LEPTIRICA. Check it out, it's pretty cool! :)


Btw, the full movie is now subtitled in English on YouTube. I don't think there's any official dvd's though.

Very nice, Bruno! I've got the old VCD releases of all five. :lol: