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TIGER JOE + TORNADO Japanese vhs
I'm selling two awesome Japanese vhs releases of the "Anthony M. Dawson" flicks TIGER JOE and TORNADO. Both are fully letterboxed and in English. For the auction go to facebook (you can check the auctions even if you're not a member):


Don't be a complete loser. Place hefty bids and become popular with women!


Four Japanese tapes
JUNGLE VIRGIN FORCE, MAGDALENA VOM TEUFEL BESESSEN, EROTIC JOURNEY are gone (sold to a Cinehound member even) :hello!:

HANDS OF STEEL is still available.

My Wantlist - Who can help me find these tapes?
I've got BODY MELT on Japanese vhs. Shoot me an offer if you're interested. It's the only copy I've ever seen.

Four Japanese tapes
I'm auctioning off four rare Japanese video tapes: JUNGLE VIRGIN FORCE, MAGDALENA VOM TEUFEL BESESSEN, EROTIC JOURNEY, HANDS OF STEEL. The four auctions are on facebook (you can check the pix even if you haven't got a profile there)