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Dec 29 2009, 10:25 AM

Don't say you'll keep it in a vault Eddie! You will anger the "real" collectors!
Better to give it to a "real" collector asap, quite possibly for free as these "real" collectors don't have "an ass full of money"!  :ph43r:   :P


I see your remark was written almost ten hours after Lars Jacobsson wrote an apology in the thread you link to. Maybe you could at least address his apology, whether you accept it or not. It takes a man to say sorry. But of course, it's more fun to keep the snide remarks coming.

bad news
Sorry to hear this, mate.

Tape search blog & rant
Dec 26 2009, 02:52 PM
What makes you think I don't appreciate the films? I probably know more about the genre than anybody else here!

The comments on that blog were about a Thai horror movie. You may very well know more about that genre than anybody else but if that's the case I must admit you hide it very well. I have never seen one single comment from you in regards to Asian horror movies.

The ultra rare tape in question was an Asian movie. Were you really interested in this because you are an avid fan of Flying Head movies from Thailand? My speculations at the time were that you wanted the tape because of its rarity, not because this is a genre you collect. Am I entitled to decide who is allowed to buy which tapes? Does this mean you're not allowed to buy this tape? No, of course not; you can buy it 25 times if you want. You can buy all the rare tapes you want. However, I'm entitled to voice my opinion and that's what I did; I merely said I hoped someone who is a fan of the genre would get the tape instead of someone who wanted it for its mere rarity. There's no jealousy here.

And besides all, I fail to see why you make such a big fuss out of a couple of nerdish geeks who rambled on a blog 6-7 months ago.

Tape search blog & rant
Mike, take a deep breath and read my PM.

Merry Christmas!
Thanks. :hello!:

Yeah, well, you know how it is, the longer you collect the more good stuff you're likely to find.

That all looks very nice. :cheers:

Merry Christmas!
You DVD snob! You too good to join the rest of us vhs'ers in our regular thread! :angry:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

All the best to you too, Kenneth. How's the new house? You got shelves up yet to put them rarities on? :cheers:

merry new-year and a happy christmas
Dec 24 2009, 11:28 PM

Am I the only one celebrating christmas in summer?

No, there's a couple of Aussie members here too and it's pretty hot down under right now.

Funny story; I don't know if they still do it but the Danish club in Melbourne used to hold a Christmas party in June because it was during winter and thus more like a "real" Danish Xmas. It was pretty weird though being at a Christmas party with traditional Christmas dinner, Christmas tree and all, and then late in the evening you'd be walking out into the Melbourne streets where everything else just looked completely normal. Haha. :lol:

merry new-year and a happy christmas
Dec 23 2009, 11:38 PM

Glad we have our own little peacefull world on Cinehound! :)

Too right! So here's some more Xmas goodies (or is that XXXmas :D ) to enjoy in our peaceful corner of Cyberspace. B)

(they're from a Brazilian web mag and I have no idea what the Portuguese text says but somehow I doubt it matters :rolleyes: )

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image

merry new-year and a happy christmas
Dec 23 2009, 06:19 PM
What a great Christmas that would be :o :o WTF :lol:
Don`t tell me that`s a photo you made at home :ph43r:

Well, if the pic in his link was made at home I'd start running over with envy. :blink:

merry new-year and a happy christmas
Marry Xmas to everyone. :hello!:

While everyone else here in Denmark is gonna be watching IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE I'll probably try and force-feed my family with either SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS or the Mexican SANTA CLAUS (with a quest appearance by Beelzebub himself), both cool psychotronic films. :hi:

Dec 23 2009, 08:47 AM
I got TWO copies of Black Devil Doll from Hell

I so do not envy you on that one. Not at all. "oops!:


That was truly, truly an amazing find. :wub:

Ocean Shores
Thanks, Miltos. I got a bit worried when I saw that the seller doesn't normally send outside of the US but fortunately I could convince him to sell it to me. :D

Dec 22 2009, 04:17 PM
Jack J
Dec 22 2009, 05:13 AM

Zimatar - Jap. vhs

where did u find this one ?

I bought it from Megatone (Max).

Ocean Shores
Ahh, will be getting this soon :wub:

MIRACULOUS FLOWER aka Wolf Devil Woman 3 / Phoenix the Ninja. According to OFDb the German, French and Greek tapes are cut which indicates it may very well be the dubbed, international version which is missing something. The OS laserdisk is uncut (still according to OFDb) so it'll be interesting to see if this tape is uncut. I don't even know if it's dubbed or subbed.

Posted Image

It's been a really good year and I've found many rare tapes, not least trashy Filipino films which are difficult to come by. But some of the ones I've been hunting for years were:

The Rape After on HK vhs
Cannibal Mercenary on US vhs
The Beasts aka The Flesh and Bloody Terror on NL vhs
Zimatar - Jap. vhs
The Boy Who Knew Too Much aka Little Eye Witness on NL vhs
Hugh Gallagher's gore/necrophilia triology (Gore Whore, Goregasm, Gorotica) on US vhs
Wolf Devil Woman - subtitled version on US vhs from Ocean Shores.

- and altho it's not a tape I'm also very happy about my Japanese Zombi 3 dvd.

And right now I'm heavily considering coughing up to get an original vhs release of SEYTAN but, uh, I've spent far too much this month already and I see financial problems ahead. :lol: :(

Dec 20 2009, 10:55 PM
Jack J
Dec 20 2009, 07:48 PM
A reader on my blog wrote today that he also has it and also that he found CANNIBAL MERCENARY in California and paid less than a dollar for it. Yeah, just rub it in. :/
I paid Member-X many, many times $1 for that tape.  :( 

:lol:  :lol:

If it makes you feel any better, I'm willing to buy it back for less than $1. B)

Ehhh... no. But feel free to send me some dollars and change.

Dec 20 2009, 03:09 PM
Jack J
Dec 20 2009, 01:06 AM
Japanese tapes from Swedish seller (one of you guys?):


I believe it's Betakiller from (filmsamling) Sweden.

Oh okay. Thanks.

More of VH's old tapes. LOL. You must have had quite a few tapes thru your hands, VH. Do you let all tapes go after a certain period or are there ones you would definitely not part with?

Best of luck to you Metalian. :hello!:

Cool cover there, I've never seen that one before. Oh, and btw, I think you've actually joined the very only film site where everyone actually do know the difference between Danish and Dutch. :lol:

Posted Image

A reader on my blog wrote today that he also has it and also that he found CANNIBAL MERCENARY in California and paid less than a dollar for it. Yeah, just rub it in. :/
I paid Member-X many, many times $1 for that tape. :(

:lol: :lol:

Dec 20 2009, 01:41 AM

Hey Jack, just watched it again and your SPOT ON, It's def. more violent and because it's english subbed, it makes it even more gruesom for sure. Yeah, i'm holding onto it for a little while for sure, unless SOMEBODY heh, heh, makes me a offer I can't refuse! I was watching it and thinking, I ve seen it before but not like this...

Kudos for this great find. :wub: