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Merry Xmas & happy new year !!!
Late as always. :P

I hope you all had a merry Xmas and all. :hello!:

And a happy new year, fellow Cinehounds. :cheers:

Big news...
Big congrats, Mike, and all the best. :hello!:

Wauw, are you selling your entire collection of rare films? :blink:

Dec 14 2012, 11:22 PM
Here's a picture of how Jack felt.  :lol:

Not far from it! :lol:

Operazione Bianchi
Dec 14 2012, 05:31 PM
PRICELESS !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Jack and Kurt , you guys really need your own TV show !

Please don't encourage him any further, otherwise every tape that I'll be receiving from him in the future will look like it was sent from the headquarters of the Third Reich. My reputation in this city is gonna be ruined forever. :unsure: :blink:

Dec 14 2012, 03:57 PM
Jack J
Dec 14 2012, 11:01 AM
I received a box of tapes from Member-X today.  :blink:

Posted Image

Kurt, why can't you just send boxes like everyone else. Posted Image

What do you mean? I didn' send you anything. Your box is still here. :blink:

Posted Image

Dec 14 2012, 02:04 PM
...is this for real? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sure is!

Dec 14 2012, 02:39 PM
Jack J
Dec 14 2012, 12:16 PM
Dec 14 2012, 12:37 PM
Seems pretty regular cardboard to me...(?) :unsure:  :ph43r:

:o :wacko:

Ow no! :o

Three huge boxes fulla VHS made of simular cardboard just hit my frontdoor! :blink:

Must be an invasion!
Posted Image
Guess these are planning on staying as they even brought some lecture to pass the time!



Dec 14 2012, 12:37 PM
Seems pretty regular cardboard to me...(?) :unsure:  :ph43r:

:o :wacko:

I received a box of tapes from Member-X today. :blink:

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Kurt, why can't you just send boxes like everyone else. Posted Image

Dec 11 2012, 02:07 PM
Jack J
Dec 10 2012, 06:43 AM
CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST on Danish ex-rental. English dub. Fully uncut. I rented a copy almost 20 yrs ago and have never since found another copy. VERY happy with this tape. Big thanks go out to Diabolik.  :cheers:

Posted Image

:wub:  :wub:  :wub:

Amazing tape, coolest sleeve ever!

Thanks, Mike. And yes: ABSOLUTELY!!! :wub:

Dec 13 2012, 09:15 PM
Nice ones Jack,surprised you didn't comment in the vcd thread.
I won't be needing that dvd-r anymore I guess. ;)

Cos I'm a slow fuck that's why. :lol:

And congrats on the vcd. :P :up:

Congrats, buddy. I've got AWAKENING but not the other one. B)

Is GONG TAU now OOP? Gee, sure glad I got it when it was released. :D

Good movie. Did you know that it's a homage to the original BLACK MAGIC film and that the Chinese title of BLACK MAGIC is the same? It is.

I bought these two very entertaining (kind of) sequels to the SCANNERS series:

SCANNER COP (reg. 2, Denmark)

Posted Image

SCANNER COP 2 (reg. 1, Canada)

Posted Image

And this nice little set:

Posted Image

I've already got the English subbed box set but this one has tons of extras (that were omitted from the newer set). B)

As far as I can see AWE haven't cancelled it as such. It's still listed on their page and release date as TBA. But then again, who knows what THAT means. :unsure:

Scroll down:

Posted Image

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST on Danish ex-rental. English dub. Fully uncut. I rented a copy almost 20 yrs ago and have never since found another copy. VERY happy with this tape. Big thanks go out to Diabolik. :cheers:

Posted Image

:wub: :wub: :wub:

Introducing Yourself !
G'day Mark and guten tag Stefan! Nice to have you both onboard. Welcome to Cinehound. :hello!:

And no, Mark, this is the one place where you can tell us about your odd/obscure/wild VHS stories and no one's gonna think you're strange. :lol:

Bullet in the Head TAIWAN VHS
I don't have it but this might interest you. It's a rundown of the different versions of the film. I didn't write it. It was originally posted on the now defunct forum Asian DVD Guide. I re-posted it on my blog.

Bullet in the Head
All DVDs contain the long 131m (125m) version, featuring the extended car joust/bicycle juxtaposition ending.

The long OOP Mei Ah VCD used an abridged edit (also seen on the Cinema City LD and Tai Seng VHS) lasting 100m., and featured an alternate, single bullet ending set in Waise Lee's boardroom.

A suggested director's cut (with deleted urine drinking sequence) was shown at festivals pre-release; but this 136m variant has never been made legally available. A list of relevant scenes follows:
1. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai walks through some numbered footprints taped to the dance floor to demonstrate a dance. (8s).
2. Tony gives some dance instructions to his students. (7s).
3. Tony watches as Jacky Cheung's mother beats him with shoe and is subsequently thrown out by his parents. (32s).
4. After Tony and Jacky tell Waise that they killed "Ringo", the scene wipes to another of Tony's wife, "Jane", at home alone. (36s).
5. After the bomb disposal worker gets injured there are a few extra shots of protesters clashing with police. (12s).
6. After a Vietnamese youth is shot in the head the boys ponder what they've just seen; Jacky vomits. (37s).
7. The camera pans Simon Yam's room. (16s).
8. More of Tony watching the riot. (8s).
9. Extra shots of demonstration. (4s).
10. A protester is beaten bloody. (2s).
11. The protester is dragged away. (2s).
12. People hang on the consulate gate. (1s).
13. Tony saves the HK singer from a riot; He has a flashback to his wife in HK and realizes that both places are in great turmoil. (29s).
14. After Jacky drinks a whole bottle of liquor the boss makes the boys drink a glass of urine each. (1m, 41s).
15. Once the gunfight breaks out, Tony pours a glass of urine over the boss' head. (6s).
16. A quick shot of Waise's foot on top of the box of gold. (1s).
17. Paul observes the gun fight; grabbing the box of gold. (3s).
18. A car drives towards the beach; into the camera. (3s).
19. On the beach Waise yells at Simon; Jacky yells at Waise. (43s).
20. Jacky encourages Tony to run faster towards the boat. (3s).
21. More of Tony running towards the boat. (9s).
22. When the singer's passport falls into the water, one of her songs plays.
23. Waise attempts to grab the gold before he jumps off the boat. (8s).
24. The solider with the bazooka reloads and fires. (8s).
25. More of Simon using an M-16. (7s).
26. A G.I. attempts to escape from the POW camp and is killed. (36s).
27. Soldiers run through a field in search of the POW camp; The actors run towards camera. (12s).
28. Waise flees in a boat after shooting up a small village, leaving Tony for dead. Tony is rescued by Monks, who nurse him back to health. (2m, 4s).
29. After Jacky's 'hit', he buys drugs, shoots them, and returns to his dwelling. Simon and Tony find him. (1m, 50s).
30. Tony tries to get through to Jacky, talking about being "brothers" and relating to their experiences and Jacky's parents. (2m, 34s).
31. Tony returns to HK; He walks in a crowd, tanks and people all around. (This scene is in the HK version but is shorter. (1m, 19s).
32. In the boardroom Tony grabs Waise and shoots him in the head.
33. Tony waits for Waise in the parking garage, gently patting Jacky's skull. When Waise appears, Tony kills all of Waise's men. Waise drives out of the garage, Tony following. (1m).
34. The racing cars are intercut with flashbacks of the three friends racing their bikes. (54s).
35. Credits (1m, 35s).

131m "bootleg" tape has every scene except 18, 27, and 32;

Mei Ah VCD is the only version that has scene 32;

Taiwanese tape is missing around 10m of footage;

HK DVDs are missing scenes: 1, 2, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 32, and 36;

MIHK VHS (UK) is a PAL transfer of the 131m cut, as per the HK DVDs.

Scene 32 - The alternate ending: Tony returns from Vietnam to find the traitorous Waise is now an important man. Tony visits Waise in the middle of a board meeting. Waise introduces Tony and they pretend to like one another for a moment. Waise tells everyone in the room that if it wasn't for Tony he wouldn't have gotten out of Vietnam. Tony asks Waise why he doesn't give Jacky any credit? Waise fumbles his words and concocts a lie about what happened to Jacky. Tony bursts the bubble of deception, reminding Waise that Jacky was shot in back of the head. Tony places Jacky's skull on the table, claiming he kept his promise to bring him home. Tony pulls out the bullet and shows it to Waise, asking why he didn't make sure to shoot to kill. At this point Waise gets defensive and rude. Tony forces Waise's head on to the table and pulls out a gun. A scared Waise begins to pound the table frantically with his hands. "Don't shoot," he screams. Tony looks at Jacky's skull on the table. He then pulls Waise's jacket over his head (intercut with Waise doing the same thing to Jacky previous). Tony gets a faraway look in his eyes. He gazes at the skull and we see a flashback of Jacky being shot. Tony imagines Jacky's screams. Close up of the gun resting on the back of Waise's head. (BANG). Fade to black.

It's alleged that John Woo prefers this ending. It is the one that was the one shown on opening night in HK. After the movie received terrible reviews, the decision was made to re-shoot the finale. The bootleg version has a different soundtrack.

[EDIT: you could argue, and many do, that since this "boardroom scene" was the ending that was shown when the film premiered in HK it is indeed the original ending, not an alternative ending. And personally I tend to agree, how can a later shot ending be the "original" ending. It doesn't make sense.


Nov 9 2012, 06:30 PM
Looks like your viewing is sorted for a couple of weeks. ;) :up:

I'm still watching! :lol:

Dec 2 2012, 07:59 PM
Well, I just read those posts about those "Turkish DVDs" :D :lol: :ph43r:

:P :lol:

I said they have great covers! B)

Onar's last stock for sale!
Newsletter from Kunt Tulgar and Ali Murat Guven. It was first posted on the ONAR FILMS facebook page:

November 20 at 7:01pm

Dear fantastic Turkish movies’ lovers from all around the world,
As you know with your former transactions or telecommunications, we have been selling the last remaining DVD’s of Onar Film company. To date, we sold more than 1500 DVD’s from USA to Hong Kong, from Canada to Italy or from Brazil to Turkey.
All these DVD’s bringed by plane or car from Athens-Greece by a friendly Turkish action film star, producer-director Mr. Kunt Tulgar to us. Naturally, it was a very great effort. Both for him and us. They were totally useless in our -passed away- friend Vassilis ‘Bill’ Barounis’ home and probably would go to the trash box in a near future. So, we created an economical source for Barounis family and provided unique pieces for your trash movie collections.
We sent every customers’ orders honestly, carefully and as fast as possible. Sometimes, some intercontinenatal shipments have lost in the cargo, we sent them again. Sometimes, DVD’s have broken/strached, then we sent them again. Sometimes, some older customers of Onar Film company mailed us and informed about very painful orders which they couldn’t receive after Bill’s loss. We tried to send all the new/old orders and solve all the problems in last 6 months. You are the witness of this period.
This was a “Frienship Project” and we transferred all the proceeds which came from our sales to Mrs. Julia Barounis step by step.
Now, we will close this case in the beginning of new year. Our DVD sales will be end in December 31 2012. Because, this is not our main work and we have to go on to survive for our lives.
If you need one more DVD or DVD’s from Onar collection, then you must be hurry. Because, in the new year we will close this friendly service with its official e-mail address and return to our main works.
Here are the last remaining DVD’s in our limited stock from Onar Film company.

We have these titles on stock now.


1- Kadın Düşmanı / Woman Despiser / AVAILABLE / 12 Euro or 15 USD

2- Karanlık Sular / Serpent's Tail / AVAILABLE / 12 Euro or 15 USD

3- Demir Pençe / Iron Claw / AVAILABLE / 12 Euro or 15 USD

4- Kızıl Tug / Genghis Khan / AVAILABLE / 12 Euro or 15 USD

5- Kaptan Swing / Commander Swing / AVAILABLE / 12 Euro or 15 USD

6- Ölüler Konuşmaz ki-Aşka Susayanlar / Dead Can't Talk-Thursty for Love (Double movies) / AVAILABLE / 15 Euro or 17.50 USD

7- Tarzan Istanbul'da / Tarzan in Istanbul / AVAILABLE / 12 Euro or 15 USD

8- Kilink / Soy ve Öldür-Uçan Adama Karşı / Kilink: Strip and Kill / Kilink Versus Flying Man (Double movies) / AVAILABLE / 15 Euro or 17.50 USD

9- Altın Çocuk / Golden Boy / AVAILABLE / 12 Euro or 15 USD

10- Süpermen Dönüyor-Demir Yumruk / Turkish Superman Returns-Iron Fist (Double movies) / AVAILABLE / 15 Euro or 17.50 USD

11- Casus Kıran / Spy Smasher / AVAILABLE / 12 Euro or 15 USD

12- 3 Dev Adam / 3 Mighty Men / (Totally sold out)

13- Cellat / The Executioner (Totally sold out)

14- Kilink İstanbul'da / Kilink in Istanbul (Totally sold out)

If you are in continental Europe and UK, then registered airmail price from 1 to 5 DVD is 12 USD / OR / 10 EURO / from 6 to 10 DVD is 15 USD / OR / 12 EURO

If you are in USA, Canada, Avustralia etc. in a very distant land, then registered airmail from 1 to 5 DVD is 15 USD / OR / 12 EURO / from 6 to 10 DVD is 20 USD / OR / 15 EURO

Our Paypal account is olgunozcan@gmail.com

If you decide to buy some titles, please inform us on the matter after payment (With your full mailing address)

Our e-mail address is: onarfilms.lastfilms@yahoo.com

Best regards,