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Eight years later and you finally get a reply. Thanks for the info, Sweeney Todd. Did you ever get to watch the film?

Are you still around, mate? Haven't seen you here for ages. How are you?

Auction for one 1000 Japanese video tapes!!!
I was wondering where that stench was coming from. o_O

Auction for one 1000 Japanese video tapes!!!
I'm selling off a huge chunk of my Japanese tapes (okay maybe not quite a 1000). They're all rare and highly desirable. Don't miss out, place bids now. Don't remain a loser, place bids now. Don't be the laughing stock of the collector community, place bids now.

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new fanzine PUFFY
Magnus, I received your mag (THANKS!!!) and posted about it on facebook. I'll post about it on my blog as well.

I actually received TWO fanzines on the same day. How often does that happen these days! (I'll tell you, NEVER. It never happens anymore!) :hi:

My post is "public", i.e. everyone can check it out, you don't need a fb profile.