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MONDO MACABRO upcoming releases
Oh crap! :o

Nightmare Code Red DVD + Covervision Box
Feb 18 2013, 08:28 PM
No "joke banner" at the bottom of the front cover and different text on the back cover.

Thanks. It's the reprint I've got then. :( I might as well chuck it in the bin right away. :unsure:


Nightmare Code Red DVD + Covervision Box
Feb 17 2013, 11:53 AM
That's the first pressing of the CR dvd btw. ;)

How was the reprint different?

Things in the real world
Thanks, friends. Sometimes life is grand and sometimes it's shit. Unfortunately, the present time is the latter. My dad passed away on Wednesday night, a little over a week ago, and the past week has just been one big blur. At least I was with him and that matters a lot.

Thanks again.

Things in the real world
Feb 11 2013, 05:45 PM
I hope nothing really serious!

Unfortunately very serious.

My dad died. He had cancer. Thanks for your comments, Miltos and Mike. And yes, life is cruel. :(

Things in the real world
Due to circumstance beyond my control I'm off-line for the time being. :(

I just thought I'd mention it here as I owe some stuff in trades. Everyone will get their stuff, don't worry.

Primitives/Primitif VHS
Feb 5 2013, 03:00 PM
Jack J
Feb 5 2013, 01:41 AM
Cyclone82, you posted two similar threads and I deleted both, this one is also going to be deleted.  B)



Feb 4 2013, 01:46 PM
Feb 3 2013, 11:48 PM
The Swedish tape is also letterboxed:
A clip from my old one.

Can't remember the run time of that tape. The Japanese tape has a run time of  107 Minutes. A rip of the Greek tape clocks at 1:47:38 (CG).

Now I remember, that was a bizarre Norwegian release with Swedish subs. :wacko:

"Bizarre Norwegian"?? :blink:

Please don't offend the Norwegians. They've got Trolls you know. And I don't mean forum trolls. :lol:

Primitives/Primitif VHS
Cyclone82, you posted two similar threads and I deleted the other one, in case you wondered. B)

I can't tell you how, when, or if, things are going to get better, Kurt, but at some stage things will change. It's like that woman, I forget her name, towards the end of The Watchmen comic, and she says to whatshisface that maybe it's easy to give up if you fall over the cliff, and the other guys says, no you don't give up, you hang by your fingernails.


There's an English dubbed tape from Denmark as well. I haven't watched it for years and years but I seem to remember it's lbx as well. The cover says 1h47m.

Code Red DVD
Feb 3 2013, 12:43 PM
I don't know if we'll see much more of Maria after this one btw...

Why not? Have you invited her over to your house? :lol:

Thanks for the info. It's too bad he saw that dvd as a fiasco. I'm certainly happy to have it in my collection, cut print or not.

Introducing Yourself !
Hi Luedwigvan, welcome to Cinehound.

Good to see a new member who's here because of the films themselves. :D

If you check the Asian section we have a threat about Asian shops (atop, in the pinned section) and you can maybe find some cool places to order from. And it doesn't matter if you don't buy a lot of films all the time, a few is cool. And your collection is gonna grow eventually.

dddhouse is my favourite shop for HK films and eThaiCD is good and cheap for Thai vcds.

HK/Thai SNAKE QUEEN movie?
Yeah, I suspected you'd be more info the fantastic genre.

Yes, the Japanese vhs is the best version of the international edit (and yes, I've got it). B)

If the Thai edit is released I'm sure it's only on a Thai vcd.

Code Red DVD
She looks nice and all but I wish Bill Olsen would make proper covers instead. How about putting each film poster on each their side, i.e. having two front covers (and no tacky chick). And then use a see thru case and print the info on the inside of the cover. Much better. B)

I wonder if he gave up releasing LEGACY OF SATAN. I really with that film would get a proper release (the only dvd release is off a betamaster).

Jungle Heat (Last Breath) - Thai version
Posted Image


I'm aware of thee different edits of the trashy and gory Taiwan war movie LAST BREATH.

1) The original version (under the Last Breath title) is released on VHS in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Chinatowns in the USA.

2) The international version, JUNGLE HEAT (a different EDIT, n-o-t a cut & paste version!) is released on VHS and DVD around the world (only the video tapes are uncut).

3) And finally we have the VCD from Mainland China that basically is a different edit of the Taiwan version but missing 20 minutes of footage but also has new footage exclusive to this version. I own all three versions.

And then... someone in Thailand tells me there's also a Thai edit!!!!!!!!!! :blink: :wacko:

He has never seen the film but he owns a poster (see above scan) and you can clearly see a famous (but I forget his name) Thai actor on it. And the Thai collector claims that the actor is so respected in Thailand that they wouldn't have dared to put him on the poster if he weren't in the film!

I'm hoping this version has at least made it to video-cd. Has any of you got this Thailand version???

HK/Thai SNAKE QUEEN movie?
I was actually thinking of this thread the other day, so cool to get final confirmation about the film. :cheers:

Btw, have you watched the gory Taiwan war flick LAST BREATH aka Jungle Heat? I'm aware of no less than three different edits, the Taiwan/HK version, the international version, and the Mainland China version. But someone in Thailand claims there's a Thai version as well - with at least ONE famous Thai actor in it. But I haven't been able to find any proof of this (and he hadn't seen the film, just the Thai poster). Have you heard of any of this?

I'll make a separate thread about it.