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More old crap up for auction!
I'm autioning away a pile of my Japanese and Greek tapes. It's over on facie.


Ratu Buaya Putih / Suzzanna / Laserdisc
Feb 9 2017, 09:52 AM
the only Suzzanna movies that are available with an English dub are "the Snake Queen" and "Queen of Black Magic"

I don't have the tape but my info is that this Japanese vhs of HUNGRY SNAKE WOMAN is also dubbed into English.


Do you know if this is correct?

Devil Fetus
Auction: DEVIL FETUS (Ocean Shores PAL vhs)

I'm auctioning off the R-A-R-E alternative "more boobs, less gore" version of DEVIL FETUS.

The auction is over on Facebook so check out the link (my post is public and you don't need to have an account to view it).


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That's a bummer. :down:

Ratu Buaya Putih / Suzzanna / Laserdisc
I have the Greek vhs of SNAKE QUEEN. I've never heard of another English dubbed release. Have you?

Ratu Buaya Putih / Suzzanna / Laserdisc
Woah! Very cool comparison, Tom! Thanks, mate :cheers:

Isn't there an English dubbed Japanese vhs or did I imagine that?

HELP: German translation

Thanks, Okerlo! :hello!: