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Got something to say about Asian movies
Thanks! I just checked Yesasia and they have it!


Where did you hear about the producer destroying the prints? That sounds so weird it's almost surreal. :o


Mar 30 2008, 09:51 PM
Where can I find information on SAHIT? I can't find it on the IMDB. Thanks again.

Try and PM Ayman. Although he's in OZ he knows everything in regards to Turkish films.


Mar 30 2008, 08:42 PM
And I got a copy of that film from you. Many thanks my friend :D

My pleasure, mate. Hey, I'm gonna pester you once more about this (and never again :rolleyes: ) but that guy in Sweden (Malmĝ I think) who was going to put out a zine about Turkish films (I even sent him a copy of mine as a swap) did he ever finish it?? You wrote some stuff for him didn't you?? Reviews.


Mar 30 2008, 08:08 PM
Mar 30 2008, 07:51 PM
Yumurcak kücük sahit 1972, directed by Guido Zurli. Is this the same film?

That is not the same film. Kücük Sahit is also known as The Little Eyewitnes and stars Ilker Inanoglu and his real mother Filiz Akin. One of the films inte Yumurcak series.

LITTLE EYEWITNESS is also called THE BOY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH and is out on vhs in Holland from EVC. I reviewed it five yrs ago in my mag Stay Sick! and it's pretty entertaining and gory at times (and silly too but that's what you get when you watch a film that stars Ilker Inanoglu :lol: ).


Wise Kwai's Thai Film Journal
Wise Kwai's Thai Film Journal
Yesterday I discovered this cool blog on new Thai horror and action movies. It's well written and very informative. The guy behind it is an American journalist who lives and works in Thailand so he's right where the (Thai) action is!! (I should point out though that he's not a film critic as such. Film writing is his hobby and not what he does as a journo).

Check it out:

[Satan og helvede!!!!!! I forgot the capitals!! Sorry, Miltos :lol: :lol: ]


Mar 29 2008, 08:36 AM
Jack, you're not being very fair. What about that time in Copenhagen when the best you could do was take me to the Museum Erotica to see some boring paintings and sculptures when you easily could have organised the real thing! Some friend you turned out to be!


:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Hey Linus,

You tried to make a post but instead of 'quote' you obviously clicked 'report' cos your post ended up in my email inbox, ha ha. :lol:

Jack J,

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I agree that they are pretty average to Spell and Blue movie. But there
is something Cavallone's movies that I find intriguing. There are
something creepy about them even if it's mostly a drama.
I even found La Gemelle Erotica to be quite good:)

Wauw, thanks for remembering, Miltos! And I must say it looks nothing like the Pakistani poster I bought :lol:

Nothing indicates it's a Tarzan girl film :rolleyes:


zagor movies
Mar 28 2008, 06:01 AM
thanks cinehound !

i've received this message :

Hi, I have one ZAGOR movie. If you interest you could pay by Paypal. Cheers, Miltos

how can i make a contact with him ?

Hello ciollissimo, and welcome to Cinehound,

Ha, it's funny, you make a reply to "Cinehound" and ask him how to get in touch with Miltos. As it happens "Cinehound" is Miltos (our head-hound). Just send a PM to Cinehound.


Introducing Yourself !
An official welcome from me as well. B)


Mar 28 2008, 06:44 AM
Yes Jack, what a fabulous review.

I agree with other members. Great review! 

Thanks Ayman and Linus!!! :D
I'll see if I can do another one within the next couple of yrs.


Mar 28 2008, 06:44 AM
If you don't write more I won't be your friend  :ph43r:

Oh, you should have thought of that before! I clearly remember that night in an Istanbul night club when I was getting onto that redhead and you kept saying 'Jack, we gotta go home, come on'. And where's the twenty bucks you owe me?

Jack :lol: :lol: :lol:

I just had a quick look at your forum there and I agree with you: I dislike the 'Eurocult' term as well. European trash cinema it is! :D
Thomas Weisser should've kept that title as well for his mag: Asian Trash Cinema! I always felt it was like he tried to make exploitation movies look better to people who weren't into them in the first place anyway by retitling it Asian Cult Cinema (or maybe I'm putting too much into it :lol: ).


Got something to say about Asian movies
Mar 28 2008, 01:02 AM
I do not know how far back your (plural) interest in Hong Kong movies go, but I still remember well a Shaw Studios Production film entitled BEYOND THE GRAVE, made in 1954 and starring Lucilla Yuming. The story is based on the one in Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio about a romance between a man and a ghost, and was remade later as both THE ENCHANTING SHADOW and A CHINESE GHOST STORY.
Here are some scenes from the film that I have found on the internet.

Hi Singaporeguy,
Personally I don't limit myself to a certain period or genre. I say if it's good it's good. Thanks for those stills/pictures. I have seen both THE ENCHANTING SHADOW and A CHINESE GHOST STORY (and the sequels and some of the rip-offs too) but never BEYOND THE GRAVE. I've read about it thought and would love to see it. Do you know if it is available in any format?

Btw, did you see this film back then, I mean at the cinema?


Mar 28 2008, 12:02 AM
Great review, Jack. You should write more for us!

Arr you! *blushes and puts his paper-bag over his head again*

aka Red Mask
dir: Cetin Inanc

KIZIL MASKE is a pretty fun Turkish superhero flick from 1968. The English title is apparently Red Mask but I have no idea if this played under that title outside of Turkey. Since it's both an un-official version of Lee Falk's comic book hero "The Phantom" and has quite a bit of stolen score music in it (it starts off with tunes from James Bond for crying out loud) I guess it didn't play in the west.

I'm not gonna try and explain the story line as there's way too many talky scenes for me to capisce what it's all about (since I don't speak Turkish). But there are super-guys and crooks aplenty! According to IMDB one of them is called "Fu Mançu" (which I kinda missed due to the aforementioned lack of Turkish lingo skills) but it's all kinda fun. The first part drags on a bit, way too talkative, but the second half is fun. One scene that is interesting though is a scene that shows an indoor gathering of some Kuk-klux-klan wannabes (I'm not kidding) set somewhere in Europe, in a country that has flags that look Danish (the film is in black & white so the colors could be different) and you see a city square that could easily be from Copenhagen.

One interesting bit is that although "The Phantom" is supposed to be a good guy he doesn't refrain from being crude to other people; for instance when two crooks are tied up he slaps them in the face (and his sidekick right out smashes one of them in the face), and in one scene a bad guy is trying to escape along with his girlfriend but Kizil Maske just shoot her in the back (thus killing her)!! There's also some amazing stunt scenes that the actors perform themselves (no stunt guys here); in one scene Kizil Maske and his sidekick jump down from a bridge onto a rolling train!! Try asking any Hollywood actor to do that!!

All in all a pretty entertaining and fun superhero movie. The print I watched was a beautiful restored print with good clear subtitles in ten different languages. There are interviews with the director and the star cast members and... who am I kidding!! The print is scratched beyond belief!! There is not ONE frame that isn't scratched beyond belief! There are no subtitles, and many scenes are way too dark (I believe this has to do with a lack of good equipment when they shot the film and not so much the transfer or the DVD).

KIZIL MASKE is out on a VCD from Turkey but amazingly enough this VCD is missing the last part of it (about ten minutes)!! I have no idea if we are talking a missing reel here or if they just cut off the end to make it fit onto a single disc VCD but I must admit it's pretty retarded to release a film where the end is missing. Comes down to greed I guess.

The version I got hold of is an American bootleg DVD and fortunately it is the complete film, however, you can clearly see that my print is taken from the same print as the VCD (maybe it IS from the VCD - it doesn't have the usual VCD pixilations though) and the last ten minutes have been spliced on from another source, it looks like it's taken from a VHS release. I got my DVD from Shocking Videos.

Apparently there were three KIZIL MASKE films; curiously enough one of them is from the same year ('68) and is also called KIZIL MASKE (and also aka Red Mask). It was directed by Tolgay Ziyal and the last one, KIZIL MASKE'NIN INTIKAMI, came out in 1971.

A fun flick, check it out (but SOMEBODY pleeease fan-sub it!!!)


Mar 27 2008, 09:29 PM
Love the portayal of Fred Williamson as white protagonist of the movie, I have similar picture in Italian locandino, but it's even weirder here as one can see the true Williamson in one of the stills.

That's so funny (and stupid!). Why would they make Williamson white (I saw him interviewed on Swedish television a few yrs back and he's the kinda guy who'd have a fit if he found out :lol: (I don't blame him).



Okay, much info in those two big posts there about these 1950s and 60s Malay horror movies so I've tried to make a more comprehensive list of the films. Jean Claude (or anybody) feel free to correct the list or add missing films:


ORANG MINYAK (Oily Man) (1958), directed by L. Krishnan, released by Cathay Keris Malay Film Studios.

SERANGAN ORANG MINYAK (Attack of the Oily Man), dir. by ???, Cathay Keris Malay Film Studios

SUMPAH ORANG MINYAK (The Curse of the Oily Man) (ca. 1958), dir. by ???, Shaw Malay Film Studios, starring P. Ramlee.


PONTIANAK (1957), directed by B.N. Rao, starring Maria Menado

DENDAM PONTIANAK (1957) (Revenge of Pontianak), starring Maria Menado

SUMPAH PONTIANAK (The Curse of Pontianak) (1958), starring Maria Menado

ANAK PONTIANAK (Son of Pontianak) (1958), Shaw Studio, starring Hashimah Yon and Jins Shamsuddin.

GERGASI (Giant), dir: ???, Shaw Studios, starring Hashimah Yon

PONTIANAK KEMBALI (Pontianak Returns), (1963), dir: Ramon A. Estela, Cathay Keris Malay Film Studios

PUSAKA PONTIANAK (The Legacy of Pontianak), (1964/65), directed by Ramon Estela, Shaw Malay Film Production.

PONTIANAK GUA MUSANG (Pontianak of the Civet Cave), (1964), dir: Balkrishna Narayan Rao, Cathay Keris Malay Film Studios

MAT TOYOL (Cathay Keris, 1969 - directed by and starring Mat Sentol).


HANTU JERANGKONG (The Skeleton Ghost)

HANTU KUBOR (The Ghost of the Graveyard)

ANAK SEITAN (Child of Satan)


HANTU RIMAU (The Tiger Ghost) (part of detective stories series called Latiff Investigates)

What country are you from?
Less exotic Denmark. Have also lived in the UK and OZ. :ph43r:

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HOSTEL 2 (UK dvd). Disturbing and gory.