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Dark Day Express * English dubbed VHS
Wauw! So rare!! I think I must have missed this post originally. So who bought your tape?

Ratu Buaya Putih / Suzzanna / Laserdisc
I'm 100 % certain the Japanese VHS of THE HUNGRY SNAKE WOMAN and the Greek VHS of THE SNAKE QUEEN are two different films.




Oh, and someone sent me a dvd-r of THE HUNGRY SNAKE WOMAN and this minute I wanted to check the film ... and after having had the dvd-r for maybe 10 years I find out that the other guy screwed up and never recorded the film on the dvd-r, hahaha.

THE RAPE AFTER - auction
I'm auctioning off my Ocean Shores VHS release of THE RAPE AFTER. I don't have to explain what kind of awesome Hong Kong horror this is to you guys. :cheers:

The auction is on facie:

Also, you can send me bids for anything I've got in regards to non-Danish releases. I don't have any lists. And no, I'm not done with being a film fan or collector, I'm just selling off a part of the collection for now.