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Complete list of "Made in Hong Kong" tapes
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Here's a bit of a surprise; ENCOUNTERS OF THE SPOOKY KIND was ALSO released in the MADE IN HK vhs line!! It's not on the "complete" list of tapes I was given and I've never come across this tape before. And a google search doesn't turn up the cover anywhere!

Was this a tape that got pulled back or maybe just released in very few copies? Anyhoo, I've ordered it and it'll be interesting to see if the number is right after the current highest one or if there's numbers in-between (which would mean more tapes exist).

Btw, the sequel was released on the Eastern Heroes label!! Fullscreen and subtitled in English. There's still NO English friendly dvd release of it. There's a VCD which, if I remember correctly, is somewhat letterboxed. There's a great looking French dvd but sans English subs (there's a bootleg with English subs and fan subbed versions).

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Complete list of "Made in Hong Kong" tapes

HK030: Tiger Cage II (lbx, theatrical subs) [2]

Horror, sleaze, action, giallo
Apr 21 2013, 08:14 PM

Your info could have been better! :lol:

The film isn't called "Mad Dog 2"! That's just the stupid Danish video cover. The film is called MAD DOG. The Danish video company try and sell the film as a sequel to Sergio Grieco's THE MAD DOG KILLER. And the "fake" credits on the Danish cover is acually the correct credits for the Grieco film!!


Info on Andrew Leavold's blog:


Code Red DVD
Christ, you gotta be joking!!! :o :o :o

Fharkkk!! I've just ordered it!!! :unsure:

Malaysian VHS
Apr 16 2013, 07:56 PM

Pertempuran segitiga is the indonesian version of Angel of Fury.

Interresting will be a comparison of the runtimes.

Those are very nice indeed!! :up:

The version called "Angel of Fury" is the American edit which is heavily CUT and RE-DUBBED!! I don't have the Indonesian version but the UK tape under the title "Triple Cross" seems to be UNCUT. And the UK tape carries the original English dub.

And to confuse things even further, Cynthia Rothrock was also in another Indonesian film called LADY DRAGON 2 which is ALSO retitled "Angel of Fury" in some markets.

How not to package a 500 Euro tape!
It always happens to me as well. I remember mentioning on this board that I hardly never get a tape from Greece where the case ISN'T broken. After I wrote that Bill began using TWO bobble wrap envelopes.

But, yeah, a seller who sells a 500e tape definitely ought to know his responsibility.

Wizard Video VHS Re-releases: Originals or Reprint
Yes, that's the one. I just quickly abbreviated the name.


If you're looking for posts about the Wizard videos you might have to go back one or two days. There are many news posts in that group every day.

Code Red DVD
Apr 15 2013, 01:36 PM
You did order 2 rare oop and more expensive ones Jack. ;)

Oh yeah, I realise that and that's fine. 118 dollars is still 118 dolllars tho. I could buy a new car in Poland for that kind of money!!

Thanks for the info.

Wizard Video VHS Re-releases: Originals or Reprint
Are you a member of the VHS Unite group on facebook? There's been a lot (A LOT) of talk about this there. Nobody there believes Band when he refuses that they're re-prints.

Code Red DVD
Apr 8 2013, 09:30 AM
Let us agree to disagree then. ;) :D

What!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I just ordered 4 dvd's from CR and they were 118 bucks including postage. :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:


Btw, I'm aware that NIGHT OF A 1,000 CATS is a short (as in really short!!) version. Apparently, it only runs just over an hour and the German dvd runs 78 minutes (and someone said the original version is listed in some reference books at around 90 minutes). Have any of you got the German (non-English friendly) dvd??? What's missing? Dialogue? Gore?

Code Red DVD
Apr 7 2013, 12:40 PM
"agree to disagree" is a polite way of saying you disagree,we're just having a friendly Sunday morning discussion after all. ;)

Yes, I'm aware of that - but what you said was basically that you agree to disagree with yourself. :wacko:

Usually people say "Let us agree to disagree". Two people can agree to disagree. It's a bit hard to agree with yourself (unless you suffer from multiple personality disorder). :lol:

Code Red DVD
Apr 7 2013, 12:20 PM
Jack J
Apr 7 2013, 10:44 AM
However, it is certainly Bill who decides that we can ONLY buy from him and therefore have to pay the high US shipping fees.

If he sold his dvds thru Amazon and Amazon UK like most other labels do then we wouldn't have a problem.

I agree to disagree since he only made a few $ per title from web/brick and mortar shop sales and got lots of unsold returns from most when Navarre quit the dvd distribution business causing CR to almost go under. ;)

You agree to disagree? :blink: Oh okay. Don't you usually have to agree with the other party? ;)

Anyway, yes I'm sure he lost money on Navarre going belly-up but I doubt every shop that he were to trade with in the future would go into bankruptcy as soon as they started dealing with Bill Olsen. I don't know this for a fact but I bet half his sale is with non-American customers and if half of those "foreigners" stop ordering because of expensive postage fees then I reckon he's still gonna be in trouble financially.

Code Red DVD
Apr 7 2013, 11:16 AM
No offense Jack,I know the postage is high (thanks to the USPS),but why are some people telling Bill to lower prices/get better distribution in Europe and not mentioning all the other companies/sellers? smile.gif
Look at the SWV site for example (even higher postage to Europe).
And not all of their releases (especially dvd-r) are available on Amazon...

I noticed BIll has been lowering some prices in the shop,maybe to compensate for the high shipping?

I know it's hard though with the high foreign postage...so I can understand why fans would get a little frustrated. wink.gif

None taken.
I don't think anybody is blaming Bill for the postage fees. However, it is certainly Bill who decides that we can ONLY buy from him and therefore have to pay the high US shipping fees.

If he sold his dvds thru Amazon and Amazon UK like most other labels do then we wouldn't have a problem.

SWV sell all their pressed dvd's via Amazon (except the oop ones, of course).

And in reg. to their dvdr's: I've just checked their postage fees; They still charge $14 for the first one and $8 for the second. If you buy two that means you pay $11 per film, that is like the OLD postage fee. And the dvdr's are only 10 dollars to begin with so I'd say they're quite a bit cheaper than ordering from Code Red. But needless to say, you can't compare as Code Red sell pressed dvd's, not dvdr.

Code Red DVD
It's great. And it's terrible. All these dvds are being listed NOW that the bloody US postal service has increased the postage fee by 300% to Europe!!! On the CR fb page members are saying they can't afford to order the dvd's anylonger. It's a pity. I would have ordered all the ones I don't have but - not now. I may get the cool old Euro horror films and maybe US horror films from the 70s (real ones, not made on video stuff) but that'll be it. :down:

Bill Olsen ought to SERIOUSLY consider getting shops around the world to sell his DVDs as special import DVDs.

helloŁ¬friendsŁ¬i come from china,i like here.
Hi there, welcome to Cinehound, mate.

Do you live in Mainland China or in Hong Kong? B)

Very sad indeed. RIP, Jesus Franco.

Code Red DVD
Have you watched BOARDINGHOUSE? I was tempted but 24 dollars (which becomes like 35 incl. postage) for a film that is described on one site as a "homevideo" is maybe a bit too much for my wallet. And I have no interest in his softporn films. :lol:

That's awesome. Thanks for posting, mate. And I see the trailer is back up (I checked a while ago and it was gone). :up:

Any news about when we might see the release?