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A previously banned South African horror movie! Interesting. :ph43r:

200 indonesian ex-rentals
Just don't tell, Kothar. He'll want them all!! :lol:

Great that you're getting them all, Tom! :cheers: :tapelove:

Hongkong Movie Collection
Yes, from our *friend*. I actually asked him about it yesterday and he replied that a lot of them are from his own collection and some he has got from rental shops. All the ones I've got from him were in good nick.

And yes, the postage is a pest. :(

Kücük Kuvboy video review
Mondo Pete
May 9 2012, 12:56 AM
Yes, his dad was Türker İnanoğlu, founder of Erler Film, and a big name in Turkish film, TV and media. He even co-produced films with Dick Randall (Karate on the Bosphorus)!


Pete, do you have any info on the HK footage in the English dubbed edit of "Ninja Killer" (aka KARATECILER ISTANBULDA/Karate on the Bosphorus)?? I've compared it to the Turkish version and there's a lot of new scenes. Do you know if they were shot for the international version or are we talking cut & paste Godfrey Ho style here? (in which case which movie are those scenes from?)?? :wacko:

Hongkong Movie Collection
Bought this beauty today:

KILLER ANGELS (the tape is subbed in contradiction to the HK VCD)

Posted Image

:wub: :wub: :wub:

May 8 2012, 08:51 PM
May 8 2012, 07:17 PM
There is no Yugoslavian subtitles on this tape, right?
I have an english dubbed copy of this film, and I guess my copy comes from
this tape.

indeed its an ex-yogoslavian tape that has english audio but no subs :up:

one of these rare expensive tapes that you only get offered once!

Big congrats on the tape, buddy! :cheers:


fucking shit
May 6 2012, 12:47 PM
I was hoping for an excellent haul, because the mom from a girl I know had a videostore from the 80ies until the beginning of 2000.
ALL tapes were there, untouched by other  collectors, so I was psyched to go on treasurehunting today.
An hour before I had to go she texted me, saying that her mom threw all the tapes way last week :( :( :(

all the fucking tapes!

My day (and beginning of a new week) is ruined.

Arrr, man!! This is the most fucked up shit I've heard in a long time!!! So sad!!! You must be devastated. :( :( :(

And I agree with you, these treasures are getting very hard to find. Brucecampbell just seems to have great luck with tapes in Belgium - but it seems everywhere else is fucken dried up. :(

A (non-Asian) dvd which I ordered last night. It's a new(ish) documentary about Jim Wynorski. His LOST EMPIRE is one of my all time fave films. :wub:

Posted Image

May 5 2012, 11:56 PM
This thread should be renamed YOUR LATEST ASIAN DVD PURCHASES.

Jack J seriously, since there is a room dedicated for Asian films why don't you dedicate a thread like this there.

I see your point. It's true that some members here do post a lot of Asian DVD's. But I don't agree with you out of a couple of reasons:

1) the Asian room is about Asian FILMS. This room is about FORMATS and since this is a thread dedicated to DVD purchases it does belong here. If you check the VCD thread it is also located here in the FORMATS section - even though 99% of the VCD's contain Asian films.

2) the reason there are so many Asian DVD's in this thread is because not too many other members are interested in posting about their new non-Asian DVD's. However if you check this page there ARE non-Asian DVD's too. It's not just Asian. It would be unfair to exclude members who post Asian DVD's just because they buy a lot of those.

The "latest DVD purchase" thread is what members turn it into. I don't think I should start allowing some types of films and ban other types. What if a new member came along and only posted about his Russian films, do I show him the exit sign too? How many DVD's from one place are too many? Really, I can't make that decision and like I said I don't think it would be fair.

Where is Lars Jacobsson? Where is Petcor80? A lot of old members have stopped posting. If they (and you) began again it would be a more diverse thread.


May 4 2012, 11:02 PM
Jack J
May 4 2012, 09:54 PM
Where did you get it from?

a cinehound member offered me the tape :up:

:tapelove: :cheers:

May 4 2012, 04:42 PM
Finally got me a copy!! :wub: :tapelove:

love this movie!

Posted Image

Very cool, Tom! :wub:

Where did you get it from?

Did you get these today? It's a public holiday here. :hi:

Cool stuff. GREEN SNAKE is great.

Jackie Chan's POLICE STORY 4: FIRST STRIKE. This is the ONLY English friendly release that has the original audio where they speak different languages thru out the film!! Very rare now.


Ocean Shores
May 2 2012, 03:26 PM
BTW, was that you (or someone else?) who, many moons ago, was looking for "Calamity of Snake" and "The Snake Girl" on Ocean Shores VCD? (I cannot use the search function at the mo, but I've seen it in an old post.) I think I've seen them on HK auctions not so long ago, though they are not my cup of tea...

Sorry, I missed your post two days ago. :wacko:

Yeah, that was probably me. I was looking for both those movies. I've already got other versions of them so I won't pay ridiculous prices though. Which auction site did you see it on? eBay?

PS: the search function is toast. You need to use Google search: Cinehound + "whatever you're searching"

Fortune Star: DVDs vs VCDs
I've got between 80-100. That includes both vcd's and dvd's.

The Official Movie Viewing Log
Inspector Tanzi
May 4 2012, 01:46 AM
Jack J
May 3 2012, 05:03 AM
The international version has been released on vhs in Denmark, Holland, Japan, and maybe other places.

Still confused? I hope not (but you probably are). :wacko:  :lol:

Is the International one the grittier one?

I've got a Dutch tape.

Of the HK version and the international version? They're equally gritty as the only difference is the dubbing and the credits.

I've got the Dutch tape too, it has a great cover. Unfortunately it's FS. The Danish vhs is lbx but was surprisingly taken from a cut Spanish print (a boardroom scene is missing. Very strange. All the violence is there!).

Introducing Yourself !
Welcome to Cinehound, David. B)

Onar's last stock for sale!
Well, I'm not in contact with them directly but here is a post that they put on the Onar Facebook page two weeks ago. They mention how many they had sold by then. I think the sale is going alright (without being fantastic).

You said Julia was going to sell all of Bill's tapes and I think she would get more out of that than trying to sell his DVD's here. Most people here have probably already got them or will get them from the Onar FB guys.

The post from FB:


Here is teh offial press release for the Dvd sales. If you wanna share this on your website, forum and blog we would be very happy! If you want i send you some photos as well.
Dear Turkish cult movie fans and friends of Onar Films,

We had a friend who was searching for the old fantastic Turkish movies, who dedicated his life to dig these lost jewels… We lost our dear fellow Vassilis Barounis or as we all know “Bill” in age of 48 in October 2011.

I met Vassilis Barounis in 2006 thanks to cinema historian Metin Demirhan who is another hero we lost couple of years ago. He was collaborating with Metin and asked me some technical help. So started our friendship...

First, I prepared interviews for “Tarzan İstanbul’da”, “Süpermen Dönüyor” and “Ölüler Konuşmaz ki…” Metin and we send them to Athens so we had a very nice way of working together.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Kunt Tulgar -famous Turkish producer, director and actor- went to Athens, Greece as a friendly representative to Bill's widow, Julia Barounis.

Julia knows us very well because we all helped to Bill for his commercial efforts many times.

Mr. Tulgar and his wife took many DVD's from Vassilis' home-office and carried them with their luggages as much as they can carry with themselves and returned to Istanbul two days later.

Now, we are trying to sell these first party of the Onar DVD's one by one.

This is not a commercial activity for me or for Mr. Tulgar. We, the Turks never forget our good friends and Vassilis was a very good friend. Everybody thinks that Turks and Greeks hate each other. But, we were "brothers". My nickname for Vassilis was always "brother" on his e-mail messages. Novadays, I try to deserve this emotional nickname.

All the payment which is coming from the sales is collecting in a bank account. We earn "zero" on this procedure. Everything is for Julia and her little daughter.

You may check this info by writing to Julia, to Athens. If you wish, I can send her e-mail to anybody. She knows everything on this sales operation, my friendly aim and trusts me. Therefore, you are buying this DVDs for "Bill's family", not for me.

After releasing these adverts on the trash film websites, everyday, I receive more than 20 messages from all around the world and reply all of them one by one.

I sold 120 DVD’s to date, in the first 10 days. And I sent all of them via registered airmail post to their owners from USA to Australia. And I added to all personal signed photos of Mr. Kunt Tulgar and Mr. Aytekin Akkaya. For only one DVD or for 10 DVD's, I always added 2 A4 color posters inside every parcel. This is our little present as the sales team for the supporters of this operation.

You must know this firstly... Only "Cellat" (The Executioner) finished... It was really and certainly finished. As the honorary representative of Onar Films in Turkey, I have only ONE COPY from "Cellat" in my library now. And Julia has not got this title in Athens. There was only 9 copies in Athens and Mr. Tulgar bringed them to me. And if we don't print a new 500 legal copies with Onar label as an independent work, it will never be again.

In the other side, "Kilink Istanbul"da is almost finishing. Last copies of this title are in Istanbul, in my office and I have only 25-30 copies from this title.

Another important info for you... "Karanlık Sular", "Kadın Dusmanı","Demirpence Korsan Adam" is AVAILABLE. But, their copies are in Athens now. Mr. Tulgar will fly to Athens again at the beginning of next May and will also bring me these titles.

I will keep you up to date via Murat Tolga Şen and Utku Uluer from Öteki Sinema (www.otekisinema.com) and Sinematik Yeşilçam (sinematikyesilcam.com) websites.
If you need any titles and want to support this operation, then write to me via:


Best regards to all,

Turkish film critic / Cinema historian
Onar Films’ Honorary Representative in Istanbul-Turkey

Huge posters
Thanks. B)