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SUCHCOOLSTUFF Mexican Lobby Cards
Funnily enough I discovered this store only two days before your post! I wonder where he gets his lobby cards from. They seem all to be Mexican but he's in the US.

Did you see he has this Greek nudie flick:

Posted Image


Yah, the weather is screwing with us these days!

Hm, I'm thinking... could it be because of the weather that people are lazy and aren't up to posting? I mean it's like we get one or two posts here a day! It's not like there aren't any members here. :unsure:


Jun 28 2007, 11:37 AM
That's pretty funny Jack. Not to mention, a great deal of cunning on your behalf :D

Yeah, well, it's not like a ripped them off or anything, I paid for the DVD and all, but I just got so annoyed cos I've bought so many films from them, and I know a lot of people outside of the UK have, so when it appeared that they were going to shut down the distribution to costumers outside of those forsaken islands then... as I mentioned it pissed me off :lol:
Luckily they changed their ways soon after.


Jun 28 2007, 10:10 AM
I try to place an order with a Thai store right now. I have chosen http://www.thaicdexpress.com/
As You can see,the dvds are much cheaper than Ethai,but that's because it doesn't include postage.
I want to get this + a couple of Shaws
The problem with a lot of on-line stores is that they have selectable 'country of destination' and when You aren't on the list,You can't finish your order (I couldn't).
I also have to make sure they send Registered,not simple Airmail.

I don't know if this would work for you but there was a short period when Play.com had decided to only sell to customers who live in the UK. I got so pissed off about it that I ordered a DVD and just changed my address so it ended with 'United Kingdom' but the rest of the address was the same. And sure enough; at Play.com they just shipped out the parcel and didn't notice the slightly odd British destination :lol: and at the local post office they just crossed out 'UK' and wrote 'Denmark' instead, ha ha.

But if it would work for you, Andras, I don't know. Maybe you should try and have them send it to Germany and see what happens.


About a fortnight ago I found a rare Hong Kong cat III flick called DEVIL OF RAPE at eThai.com. The film is oop on HK VCD, but they had a Thai release of it. After I ordered it it only took a few days before I got it. They were really quick! And as far as I remember it was only $6 including postage!

So I can only recommend them.

Andras, tell us how it goes with your order from that other place.


Actually, today it's kinda chilly up here - and it's raining cats and dogs! Luckily I live on the third floor and not in the basement!


Well, I'm a he-man so I wouldn't frequent the gay bars anyway :lol:

Actually I have a film friend who stayed in Greece last week and being used to the Scandinavian weather he told me it was so hot he couldn't even go outside to look for DVDs :lol:

Tomorrow it'll be just under 20C up here.


Jun 24 2007, 06:59 AM
Jack J
Jun 23 2007, 07:45 PM
Uhh, someone didn't read the issue of Banned in Britain I sent them :P
Actually I reviewed SPIDER BABY in #2

Yep, thanx for the mag, it's a very nice indeed. I'll present it in another thread as I would like to show in the forum a couple of fanzines I received recently. I read most of it but SPIDER BABY is...near the end :rolleyes:

But I should have read it as you described as "The maddest story ever told" !!

That's fine, Miltos, I'm just teasing you. :D

A fanzine thread/presentation, eh! That would be cool. Unfortunately with the invention of the Internet (and thus e-fanzines) real fanzines (made out of paper) is a dying species :(

A friend of mine from www.uncut.dk always says: 'You can't take an e-zine with you to the loo' :lol:


Hm, I might as well just re-print my old review (which I published some three years ago). So anybody interested in a long pointless rant about SPIDER BABY, here it is:

or the maddest story ever told
Dir: Jack Hill (USA, 1964)
Cast: Lon Chaney jr. + Sid Haig.

Hot damn! I just got hold of Jack Hill's legendary cult movie Spider Baby from 1964 and what a swell little gem this is. Sheer ace-ness!! I must admit I wasn't even aware of the film until just a week ago when I looked up a buncha titles in Michael Weldon's two Psychotronic books. The titles came from a list of videos that a local collector, Mads Jensen, had put up for cheap grabs (due to having lost his religion with collecting cool movies on video! Gee man, it's just so fucken sad when that happens - but of course someone's pain is someone else's gain... ehh, mebbe that term goes differently but ya 'no wha' ah mean!!).
Anyway, the story goes like this: Somewhere in the midst of nowhere two sisters and their bro live in a big old house on a hill. And yes, it does actually look like the Bates house! Their mum and dad kicked the bucket long ago but the family chauffeur, played by Lon Chaney jr., made a promise to the kids' dad that he'd take care of them for as long as they lived. Nothing strange there... well, that is unless ya wanna stick yer head thru their open window!! Ya see, the girls have this game of playing 'spider' which means they catch an unfortunate visitor in a spider-like net and 'sting' the victim - with a coupla kitchen knives!! Their brother, played by Hill-regular Sid Haig, is totally retarded and walks around and looks, well, retarded! Lon Chaney jr. constantly tries to make them behave properly (at least properly enough to not attract attention from the neighbours!).
Unfortunately their idyllic life is interrupted when a couple of way out relatives, a male and a female cousin, along with a lawyer and a female assistant decide to pay a visit in order to take over the house and the kids. Lon Chaney tries to convince them to go back into town to stay for the night but of course they insist on staying at the old house...
It's useless to explain any more of the story line as it's one of those films you just gotta watch in order to enjoy it. The story is quite simple and clichd I guess: it comes across like a mix between The Hills Have Eyes and the original Addams Family TV-series (it's worth mentioning that Spider Baby came before these so if there are copycats in the house it's not the spider baby!) but the way the whole movie is put together and the way the actors play makes it a unique and very enjoyable movie. It's well-known that Chaney was an alcoholic but he wanted to make this movie so much that he managed to say off the booze all the way until the last day of shooting!
Apparently the film was kinda lost but as it usually happens with these kinds of old cult favourites dubious video versions with screwed up picture quality began to circulate the underground. Fortunately around 1994 (incidentally 30 years after the premiere, hmm) Jack Hill got hold of a proper print and the film was shown at a 30th anniversary in '94 and later re-released on video this time with a perfect, crisp b/w picture quality. The anniversary screening was filmed and made into a (short) documentary which was included on the tape. My Finnish video tape also contains a trailer for another Jack Hill flick; Switchblade Sisters!
Some of the interviews in the docu were done by a (apparently) famous geezer called Johnny Legend and the intro on the video tape also says "Johnny Legend presents: Spider Baby" but I've got no idea what his deal is or even who he is. The video cover does seem to give an explanation to who he is but since it's still in Finnish and since Finnish is a weirdo lingo only used by cavemen on the Lappish tundra I've got no way of comprending what the bloody hell it's all about. The only term that gives a slight sense is a line where it says: "...rockabillysankari Johnny Legendille..." so maybe Mr. Legend is some kinda rockabilly legend (tho with his long beard he more resembles one of those derelicts from ZZ Top than a cool rockabilly cat!)
Anyway, enuff said. I don't know how accessible the tape is now 6 yrs after it came out or if there's other PAL releases than the Finnish tape but I'm sure the flick is easy to get on DVD and I can only urge you to go and get it right away. It's a real cult movie and I'm gonna watch it again. You should do the same!

Version reviewed: Filmifriikki OY (Finland) [video] fullscreen / info: special edition incl. docu on the film's 30th anniversary with interviews of Jack Hill, Sid Haig and other cast members + incisive info on the cover reverse (unfortunately all in Finnish!). Trailer: Switchblade Sisters.

Jun 22 2007, 06:49 AM
I'm really curious about SPIDER BABY as this is the first time I hear about it...

Uhh, someone didn't read the issue of Banned in Britain I sent them :P
Actually I reviewed SPIDER BABY in #2 :D


Danish VHS Sleeves

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Danish VHS Sleeves
Absolutely! However, don't hold yr breath while waiting! I offered him cool stuff, I offered him money, I offered him my sister (joking of course, I don't have any :lol: ) but he kinda changed his mind. For now, anyway.


Jan 13 2007, 08:34 AM
DEADLY ANGELS (1977) had a Greek VHS release

I just received it from HKFLIX this morning and guess what... it's a bootleg!!! Off the Greek video!!!


The cover is soo nice - and then it's a bootleg with Greek subs and all!!! Boohoo :(

I was kinda looking forward to a perfect DVD release - but if nothing else, at least I can watch it now! I've been wanting to watch this since I first read about it way back when Asian Trash Cinema #1 came out!!!

Jack :(

Danish VHS Sleeves
Jun 21 2007, 05:47 AM
it looks like Denmark was some kind 'divided' during the 80's, some labels were primary released in Jutland and some was primary released on Sealand

For those of you in far-away lands lemme just point out that Jutland is the part of Denmark that is connected to the rest of continental Europe. Zealand, where Diabolik and I live, is an island (and when you're a horror film buff it's pretty neat to know that the mainlanders call it 'The Devil's Island :lol: ).


Danish VHS Sleeves
Jun 20 2007, 08:59 PM
that is a nice find indeed, why did it take u so long to track one down?...did it have a small number of releases?...

Videohunter, if you take at look at the yellow square, top right corner, it says 'M ikke udlejes efter 1987' [not to be rented out after 1987] so this tape would've been released years before that, i.e. it's an old tape ;) and so, yes, they are very rare. In contradiction to Diabolik I actually have this cover in perfect condition, only... it came with an empty cassette (as I mentioned in an earlier post).

I have BLOODY MOON too, or Sexmord p pigeskolen (Sex Murder at the Girls School) as the Danish title reads! Due to the cover the store where I found it had placed it in the porn section! :lol:

Posted Image

(uh, I copied the cover from your site, Diabolik, hope you don't mind, mate)


Jun 20 2007, 05:29 PM
at a place I can't even spell right now.Das Komp.....

What, have you been looking too deeply into the bottle? :lol:

Jack J (aka Gynther Meyer)

Jun 14 2007, 06:05 PM
No need to worry about having to pay hundreds of dollars for the out of print R2 release!

This is insane!!!

Check out what some amazon store charges for the old Pal release:

http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B...9917159-6617448 :o :o

436.78 = $870!!!


If anybody would like to read the Pete Tombs interview, here it is:



Although Mondo Macabro have closed their old UK site (with info on the old Pal releases) I accidentally stumbled over it while trying to find info on THE NUDE PRINCESS!

You can find it here:


If any of you still haven't got the early Pal releases it's due time (well, actually it's way past due time!) as they're getting difficult to find. I even had to give up trying to find ALUCARDA, and THE NUDE PRINCESS was 50 at Amazon!! In the end I located it second hand at some online porn shop in Copenhagen :lol: and it was just around $17.