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Interesting eBay LD auctions
I've read that the cut version (on the new FS dvd/vcd) contains extra dialogue scenes not found in the uncut (uncut for gore) version. So in reality both versions have something the other one doesn't have. So how does the laserdisc fit into this? Does it have all the scenes from both versions (apart from that sex scene you mention)??? :wacko:

Mad Mission Danish tape
"and are apparently heavier on the puns than the European cuts [...] so I doubt I'd prefer the Asian cuts."

It seems to me he or she hasn't even watched the HK print!! If that's the case how can they make a comparison. :rolleyes:

Mad Mission Danish tape
From Asian DVD Guide:


Mad Mission International Edit (Anchor Bay DVD) is missing two scenes: One with the photographer who leads Karl and Sam to the taxicab dispatcher; the other, the romantic musical interlude that follows Sylvia and Karl's "romantic" dinner scene. Unlike other the films in this series, there doesn't seem to be any additional material added. HK version available from Universe as Aces Go Places.

Jun 11 2011, 11:07 PM
Many thanks to Henrik (Samlersind) for a box full of tapes :cheers: :tapelove:

Henrik used to publish OBSKURIØST zine and all issues that are oop are available for free DL:


It's part Danish/part English. B)

En kvinde kaldet Jack med hår på brystet
Jun 12 2011, 07:07 PM
I still haven't gotten a gizmo that takes care of the macrovision signal. :blink:

I've got one. Send the tape to me and I'll make a copy. Mange tak.

HK / Taiwan slasher list? Suggestions?

HK / Taiwan slasher list? Suggestions?
Even by very very loose standards I wouldn't call THE BEASTS a slasher. :D

It sure is a video nasty, though.

Ocean Shores
It was their Taivan line. :lol:

My Indonesian Movie Collection

Thanks, Kothar!

Jun 9 2011, 06:32 PM
Jun 9 2011, 04:40 PM
In his site Bill mentions COMING OUT- HOPEFULLY- LATE JUNE

I asked about it on the pre cert forum, and he was as sour as a lemon. :lol:

Why? What did he say? :unsure:

My Indonesian Movie Collection
Congrats with the new tapes, Kothar. And that's right, I don't have scans of them (I do have the vcd's!) so yes please! :D

SP or LP?
When I bought my Panasonic I figured it would be able to record from ntsc tapes. How wrong I was. :(

SP or LP?
I have a Panasonic dvd recorder. My tv is 28" so I guess that's why you don't notice the difference between SP and LP too much.

And yes my recorder can record in XP and EP as well. I made a couple of dvd-r's with two films on each, i.e. circa 3 hours in total, and didn't think there was much of a difference but now I've changed my mind: It irritates me the quality is worse than SP when it's a good film that I want to keep (and may not be able to get in English or Danish friendly versions). Mainstream "crap" doesn't matter so much, if you want proper versions they're easy to buy on dvd.

By the way, I wanted to buy a new Pioneer dvd recorder (I've read they're the very best) but recently I found out Pioneer don't make dvd recorders anymore! It's difficult to even buy a new one, they all seem to have vanished from the stores.

Ocean Shores
Awesome! Just downloaded the catalogue. :wub:

Thanks, Spannick!!

Your latest laserdisc purchase
Good grief!!! Check out this blog post from a guy who does a HK film blog called "Bullets Over Chinatown". He just scooped up... 700+ Hong Kong laserdiscs!!!

:blink: :blink: :blink:

Read his amazing story here:


SP or LP?
Oh really? Hmm. It's just that I tape so much stuff like culture shows and shit and I couldn't put all that on dvdr in XP quality. Two 30 min. programs would take up a full disc. :ph43r:

I doubt there was anyone who hadn't heard of the Cult Videotheek video shop back in the VHS days, even those of us who didn't live in Holland! I clearly remember the owner of the Copenhagen video/record shop "Rock Uglen" showing me the Cult Videotheek catalogue with "500 uncut tapes" as it said on the cover. This was 10 years ago. They did mailorder all over Europe.

There's a homepage:

Maybe you should watch STABILIZER then. :lol:

SP or LP?
Insanely important question: :wacko:
Do you fellas ever dvdr films off tv and if yes would you use SP or LP? On my crappy tv set it seems like there's no difference between the two recording speeds but is it noticeable when you watch it on a bigger screen??

Jun 4 2011, 09:00 PM
don't ask me to spell his full name ;)

Why not, are you drunk? :lol: