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Asian DVD/VCD stores
Hmm, I see the old dddhouse website is still up. I assume it's the same shop. o_O


Cut-Throats Nine BLU RAY (Code Red)
He gets annoyed over the littlest things and take sit out on his customers. In the past he's been willing to ship to outside of the US but if two or three customers complain about something he'll get pissed off and decide to ship within the US only. Then seven months later he'll change back. And he'll complain about how nobody wants his DVD's and at the same time he won't use distributors. And he bitches about his customers, films, his own releases on facebook, etc etc. It's to the point where it becomes comical.

Cut-Throats Nine BLU RAY (Code Red)
Jun 25 2016, 06:58 PM
It's just incredible how hard this code red idiot makes it get hold of his releases
I shake my head in disbelief over his trade policies over and over and over again. It's almost as if he wants his business to fail.

Asian DVD/VCD stores
DDDhouse has a new website!


And I like their new shipping policy:

All free shipping to local and worldwide from the second item, no handling fee. Hong Kong Post provides 24 hours transit online tracking websites


The Mutant (Chinese movie?) Anyone recognize this movie?
Jun 22 2016, 04:00 AM
I don't wanna hear about dvd!! ONLY VHS IS REAL!!! Posted Image
You edited your original comment :o :down:

10 years of Cinehound!
Jun 9 2016, 09:57 AM
Jun 8 2016, 12:41 PM
I'm married for 15 years and a half..so 10 years is nothing :hi:
Uuh, be careful. Maybe it's been a 15 year long nightmare to Miltos. :blink:

WOOF! the Magazine
Jun 12 2016, 10:39 PM
All by themselves? :blink: :D

The Mutant (Chinese movie?) Anyone recognize this movie?
Thanks for the info, Fiol. Now, that trailer looks WEIRD!! lol

"Onar Films" lives again
Jun 17 2016, 04:08 PM
A reasonable pressing quantity shouldn't be more than 300 pieces.
But if you got the wrong picture that the whole world is hungry for turkish movies just because there are 2-3 forums talking about them, 3-4 blogs talking about them and all of them are ran and visited by the same 200 people....then, you have a wrong perception of the market's real dimensions.

If I will be ever able to release my project about the indonesian superheroes DVD, I won't press more than 300 items...ad they're already too much.
I fully agree. In their fb group I posted about how Bill had to reduce his print run to 600 and that he couldn't even sell 600 (this was months ago). It was dismissed with a comment about how they were going to distribute the films thru all sorts of channels and all over the world, and that 2000 wasn't unrealistic at all. A professional businessman listens to people who have gone before him instead of chucking away a piece of good advise. There's no way you can sell 2000 copies of rare Turkish cult films. Bill Barounis tried to sell these films all over the world and yet hardly anybody wanted them. And now we learn that the DVD's are in DVD-R format even. And we find out about this how? Thru proper, open info on their fb page? No, thru a comment on an unrelated message board! (i.e. this board) Actually they don't even have a facebook page (i.e. an open page). Only a closed fb group for members in order not to attract the wrong crowd (a fb group that doesn't allow most Turkish applicants according to their own info). I don't run a video label but if you ask me I'd say that's "probably" not the most efficient way to run a label. Bill Barounis ran a website, a blog, a webshop a-n-d an eBay shop. It was easy to get his DVD's. These cats do nothing of the sort. if you wish to find info on their releases, let alone place an order, you have to dig out old posts in a closed members only fb group. Oh, and someone mentioned to me that PayPal has stopped operating in Turkey now! (from June 6). Not a word about this on their fb page, uh, I mean in their closed, secret fb group. I just asked about it and apparently they can't sell any of their DVD's for the time being because they don't know of another easy way to receive money. Also, they forgot to do a test pressing of their first (and so far only) release. Bad move. Seems the subtitles were crook and they had to chuck a 1000 DVD-R's away. What was the plan again? A new release each month beginning in October 2015? Sorry if I sound cynical but, no, when you mentioned that someone was going to continue Onar ... no, just no, they aren't. This isn't Onar. Not by a long shot. I wish them well but I'm not holding my breath.

Irtiottoja (2003) Finnish TV series
Jun 14 2016, 01:50 PM
Jun 6 2016, 02:53 PM
Hm... the imdb doesn't even has a plot, what is the series about?
Like any iother Finnish drama serie it's about people having a shitty life and arguing.
...while drinking vodka and carrying a knife. :hello!:

Cine hounds on facebook
I'm not trying to get y'all away from CH and over onto facebook but if any of you are over there anyway we might as well be friends there, too. Yesterday, I discovered that Hans (Woof magazine) is there and I didn't even know. So, anybody from here who isn't on my list can send me a friend request here:


I hear even Member-X is over there :silence!Ikillyou!:

Hong kong VCD & DVD collection

So you're a Mainland Chinese, not HK Chinese? Are old HK films still popular in mainland China or is that just you because you love old HK horror films?

Hong kong VCD & DVD collection
Jun 11 2016, 12:36 PM
I have VCD,DVD(Japan)and ld for dead curse.

Are you in China, Spring? B)

Hong kong VCD & DVD collection
I thought I had a photo of DEVIL SORCERY but it's actually a photo of BRUTAL SORCERY that I've got (I do own the other film as well, though). And yes, I've got two copies of it. :D

Hong kong VCD & DVD collection
Wauw, you have a lot of rare stuff there, buddy! :blink:

I have the Japanese VHS release of DEAD CURSE, fully letterboxed. Also, I have the Ocean Shores VHS of DEVIL SORCERY.

@Miltos; look carefully there's actually English titles on most of the VCD covers.

National VCR Day
Every day is VCR Day on Cinehound.

WOOF! the Magazine
Jun 10 2016, 06:23 PM
Holland isn't the Netherlands :hi:
It's on purpose. First I call them Belgian, then Holland, next I'll call them Afrikaaners. :hi:

It's all revenge for having lived a lifetime of having Americans tell me I speak Dutch. :silence!Ikillyou!:


WOOF! the Magazine
Hey, I promoted your mag, Hans. :hi:


"Onar Films" lives again
Jun 10 2016, 06:48 AM
There's no "new" Onar Film, there is only Aztek. They are related in that Turkish film journalist/historian Ali Murat Güven sold off parts or most of the remaining stock of original Onar DVDs after the sad loss of Bill Barounis (founder/owner of the original Onar films and former member of this forum). Bill Barounis and Ali Murat Güven knew each other.
Now Güven founded Aztek as a DVD label to continue Bill's legacy. Let's hope he enjoys some success...
Miltos most likely knows much more details regarding their business/film relations.
Thank you!!! People keep saying this is the new Onar and, no, it isn't! It's a different guy, in a different country, with a different attitude, who has set up a label to release Turkish cult films. They knew each other but that doesn't make Ali Murat Onar.

Interesting to learn Aztek is releasing their films on dvd-r. I had a feeling that might be the case. I've seen a couple of people ask about it on fb and their comments being ignored.

"Onar Films" lives again
Jun 9 2016, 11:38 AM
I told him many times....500 copies are enough. But he thinks the market is more and more hungry for turkish movies. Everybody want turkish movies.
2000 copies will probably not evel sell out in 20 years....
I'd say the market gets less and less hungry for Turkish cult films! On facebook he posted about how the first dvd has only sold 170 copies in pre-orders.