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Introducing Yourself !
Hey there, John. Welcome to Cinehound! :hello!:

BAD TASTE! I remember when that first came out on vhs in the UK. Everyone was surprised that 1) it came out! and 2) that it was completely uncut! I think it must have been cos it's so "cartoonish" the censors let it pass uncut. LOL. I bought the sell-thru right away. :D

Alternative City of the Living Dead ending?
It seems I'm no better than my "followers". "oops!: "oops!: "oops!:

I watched the start of your video and didn't read the text properly. Because I'm a clown. :down:

Hey there, John.

Good of you to post a proper intro! :hello!:

We have an intro thread, maybe you'd like to repost it there as well, as not everybody collects Dutch tapes and they might not see it here.



Alternative City of the Living Dead ending?
Diabolik has just posted a video comparison between the Danish vhs and the French dvd and it seems the dvd carries the same alternative ending:


Also, Diabolik tells me credit for the discovery shouldn't go to him but to Videohunter who made him aware of the alternative Danish vhs. :cheers:

Flea markets: what is worth saving?
Very cool finds there, Candela!

Angel Fist is Cirio H. Santiago's second remake of his own film TNT JACKSON. He must have loved the script to shoot the same film three times (or he was too lazy to write a new script!!). :lol:

Danish VHS Sleeves

We haven't got quite a history of bootleggin' here in Denmark like in the US or the UK. Not that all of the rental stores were pure angels and only rented legit copies, but we had/have a kind of copyright police called Videogramforeningen who had detectives roaming the country looking for bootlegs in videostores... Especially one of their detectives Hans Jørgen Laustsen, was a real 'killer'; He drove around visiting the videostores 'in cognito', renting the most popular and newest releases and then checking if they were legit copies... If they were not, he called the police and the store was shut down immediately.
I remember one time, while I was working at Bjørn's Video in Aarhus, I rented Back to the Future, part II at a rentalstore in Trøjborg... When I returned home I noticed that was recorded on a E180 tape and when I put it in the VCR the picture was all flickering, so I went back to the store and told them that I wanted my money back because they'd rented me a bootleg... They told me it was legit and to go f*ck myself... Next day, my boss and I called Videogramforeningen and the day after the store was closed!!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Did they re-open at some stage? Did you ever go there again (did they hate you)? :hi:

Victor Lamp's Ninja Killer (Karateciler istanbulda) ... Some say that Victor Lamp is an alias for Godfrey Ho... Can anyone cornfirm this?

No idea!! But as I'm sure you know the film was released in a different version in Turkey and Victor Lam [not "lamp"] is listed as the director of the Turkish edit as well. If it were Godfrey Ho he would most likely only have "directed" the HK/international version.

EDIT: I checked YouTube and, lo and behold, someone uploaded the original Turkish version!! I checked and sure enough Victor Lam is listed as director (1:24).


Danish VHS Sleeves
As always... AWESOME finds there, Diabolik!!!!!!!!! :wub:

Roger Corman's House of Usher ... Roger Corman's House of Usher; According to IMDB; "A new version premiered on August 6, 2010 [...] This version, presented on DVD, featured numerous psychedelic overlays and superimposed and inserted flash-forwards, including an early appearance of the famous blood-covered hands shot and other moments from the climax earlier in the film."
I haven't done a frame-by-frame compare of the film yet, but when looking for the shot of Madeline's bloodstained hands (which allegedly were cut by the BBFC for the UK cinema version), I noticed that the danish video release also uses some 'psychedelic overlays' at the films climax when Madeline kills Roderick... I compared this to some of the full versions available on the net e.g. dailymotion and none of these had the 'psychedelic overlays'..

Hmmm, innn-tresting! :ph43r:

I have that tape too but I have never watched it.

Sgt Clarin Bullet for Your Head VHS/DVD
Unfortunately, I'm not able to help this time around. I hope you find a copy. The only English friendly release I am aware of is a Japanese VHS.

Alternative City of the Living Dead ending?
A member here mentioned to me that also the Spaventoso video no 5 has the same ending. Thanks, mate.

Any more versions that carry this ending?

What's the best vcr ever made?
If anybody is still on the look-out for one of the good JVC HR-S9911 (NTSC version) you might like to know there's one listed on German eBay right now. Beware, the seller only accepts pickup and transfer payment.


If you check the bottom of the page the seller lists some of his other vcr's for sale.

Alternative City of the Living Dead ending?
The Danish ex-rental vhs of Fulci's CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD contains some extra footage not found in the ordinary version. Diabolik ripped the ending from the Danish VHS and you can watch it here:


It is way too dark on the tape but after the spider-web effect the camera pans over the graveyard and there's an online text.

I only own one dvd of the film and one VHS (the Danish tape) so I was wondering if any of you know whether this footage exists on other tapes. The NL or Greek releases maybe? And if it does, is it presented less dark?

our german betamax stock

sorry folks I´m too stupid to use this forum

next time I will quote in my own Topic


:lol: No worries, mate. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Otherwise just ask. :hello!:

Awesome collection of betamax tapes.

zombie ww2 movies
Tom, if you haven't watched them you ought to watch the old WCS trailers here:


trailer #2:

zombie ww2 movies
Hmm, according to Wiki it seems they're two different movies. WORST CASE SCENARIO was cancelled and never finished, after which the director made FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY. Well, according to Wiki.


zombie ww2 movies
The Ericist
Aug 27 2013, 04:12 PM
Worst Case Scenario is the working title of Frankenstein's Army. Well, it's a bit more complicated than that, but WSC doesn't exist as a zombie nazi horror movie.

You mean this film has actually been completed??? :blink:


Gee, wauw!! I never thought that would happen. Has it been released? Is it good? Does it look like those 10 year old trailers?

zombie ww2 movies
Yeah. I have the dvd but haven't watched it yet.

Sorry, I don't know. You could try and email the guy behind the label. Address in one of Spannick's posts a few posts up. He's nice enough, I ordered my copy directly from him.

FILM-RETRO-SHOP.DE - awesome german VHS shop
Aug 18 2013, 10:02 PM

my shop is located in D 32584 Löhne near Bielefeld. There´s a small but fine shop with dvds, hartboxes, vhs, betamax, vcc video 2000 tapes and much more

... and (i´m so proud of it) a huuuge storage room (will be finished soon) with 100sqm including more than 5000 Tapes on the same site (Lübbecker Str. 78 in Löhne)

see ya soon?!? :hello!:

That sounds like a cool shop. I would certainly drop by if I'm in the neighbourhood some day. :cheers:

zombie ww2 movies
There is a new Norwegian film called DEAD SNOW (Død Snø) about Nazi zombies. But it may be too new a film for you. I don't think it's on vhs.

Have you trashed them yet? :blink: