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Dead cover scans
Apr 6 2014, 12:46 PM
Say, another thing that would be nice. Some kind of feature that lets you know if the recipient of a pm has read/received his/her message.
Thank you for your comment, Member-X. Unfortunately, we cannot help you at this point in time. Feel free to write again if you wish to comment on Cinehound in future.

"Onar Films" lives again
Demirhan was hit by a falling brick??? I've never heard that story before. There was a thread when he got ill and both Bill and Ali Murat Guven said it was a "brain bleeding" but of course that could have been caused by a severe hit to the head. It was just never mentioned before. He was in hospital for about two weeks.
Here's the old thread:

I agree with you on the 500 sold and the goal is reached if only 500 were released. And no, it doesn't make much of a difference whether you press 500 or 1000 compared to how many potential buyers are in this world.

About newer, less rare films (Turkish Star Trek, etc). Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I wouldn't be interested in them. I certainly would buy all of them! I'm just explaining Bill's stance in regards to them and why I think a new label ought to be a new label, not a continuation of ONAR. And I think it's good they have a new name.

Final Score DVD
It's cool it's out on DVD! Someone said it's from a VHS master. Is it from an old video release or from the copyright owners in Indonesia?

"Onar Films" lives again
No, they weren't in ONAR. ONAR was a one-man label. They were friends of Bill who helped out with his releases, but they weren't team mates and they had no say-so in deciding which films that were put out. Bill once said the only person who came close to being part of the label was Metin Demirhan (who also sadly passed away shortly before Bill). But in any case, like I said, I'm happy there's a new label to take over publishing Turkish cult films and I wish them all the best. But I'll maintain they're not ONAR. That label died with Bill.

Here's how Bill described Guven in the Demirhan thread:

"I just received fresh BAD news from Ali Murat Guven, a famous journalist who has helped me many times."

Introducing Yourself !
Uh, hello! :D

I'm not new at all but I've been away for quite a while (and not only that but I'm also the only Mod here, not counting the Admin) :P but I'd just like to say hi to any and all new members here. :hello!:

Wanted: Rape After
Jan 7 2015, 06:30 PM
From what I learned reading the "The Rape After uncut and subbed" thread, there is only one VCD (Ocean Shores) and it is uncut; while there are two VHS versions, the uncut Japanese and the cut HK. None of these have English subtitles. Although I would watch the VCD and certainly enjoy it, I am also an avid HK VCD collector and this is one of the hardest to find. I've yet to see a copy of the VCD for sale.
Not correct. The HK VHS has English subs (I own the tape) and the cover for the VCD states it has subs as well (but I can't confirm this as I don't own the VCD).

Asian DVD/VCD stores
Good on ya, mate!

Like Miltos said they must have known about this (for some considerable amount of time). I'm sure it's been at least a full year or so since I first noticed this.


Studio Video tapes (Denmark)
A few months back I found these two tapes from the Studio Video label (Denmark). I don't collect porn but these tapes are harder to cum by, I mean come by, than anything else. And they look awesome in their pink covers and photos on the reverse. Unfortunately, the case for "Italir" isn't the original see-thru case. I know Diabolik has at least ONE other release from this label, maybe two, but I forget which titles they are. I think DEEP THROAT might be one of them.

I racconti sensuali di cicciolina (Danish title: Italir). S: Ciccioina aka Ilona Staller. Italian audio, Danish subs.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES (dir by Gerard Damiano)

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

Alternative Cut Of Pengabdi Setan
Miltos, you have posted a link to the Indonesian PENGABDI SETAN (aka Satan's Slave) in the Cinehound Theatre (Asia) thread. I'm very surprise to see the beginning of the film! It's has a different beginning and cuts away five minutes of the original version that I know from VCD and Japanese VHS!!

The beginning is of a funeral and maybe it's the Muslim stuff that has been censored out (and the YT upload doesn't have any sound btw!).

The original version (from VCD) is also on YouTube:

The best version is the Japanese VHS that is fully letterboxed. There is an American bootleg under the aka title SATAN'S SLAVE from Brentwood (BCI) that uses the Japanese VHS and adds English subtitles (but it's not on YouTube).

"Onar Films" lives again
Let's have a serious debate about this, void of wishful fanboy thinking.

I run the semi-official ONAR facebook page. I wholeheartedly think it's awesome that someone else is trying to put out old Turkish cult films. And I understand and appreciate how these people loved Bill for his work with ONAR. But this isn't ONAR. ONAR died with Bill Barounis and nobody else could run the label like he did. I welcome a new label but ditch the "Aztek Production is former Onar Films", please.

Quite a few of the titles on that list are titles that Bill would have dismissed flat out. He had no interest in releasing things like "Turkish Star Trek", "Turkish Exorcist" or DRACULA IN ISTANBUL (which he specifically pointed out on this very forum that he didn't want to release). He said it over and over. He wanted unknown, lost gems. Not well known stuff that every bootlegger has already.

I don't know what budget Bill had to work with, but he fought with nails and claws to get those DVDs out. And when I read they need $10,000 for each DVD I'm thinking it's not realistic at all. Bill fought so hard even though hardly anybody was interested in Turkish cult films. Are there more fans of Turkish cult films now? Are these people gonna do the same as Bill? Go thru the same hard work and lack of funds? At one point Bill only had O-N-E distributor, i.e. one SHOP, that wanted to sell his DVDs. He put them out even though he didn't make his money back. You would have to be a hard-assed fanatical fan to do that. Are these people prepared to walk the same line as Bill? I hope they are but I'm afraid I'm as pessimistic as Bill was (his middle name was Pessimistic). They're gonna fold within the year.

Bill about selling ONAR DVDs in 2007:

Bill Barounis

So, TARZAN ISTANBUL'DA DVD is finally out. "So what?" must have been the first response of "fans", provided they even knew about it.
It came out last Friday, October 12th and since then I was forced to re-think about Onar's future.
To cut a long story short, sales dropped even more.
I managed to sell a few copies the first day of release and since then, ZERO, NIX, NADA, CAPUT, etc.
My older releases used to have a particular dynamics. I kept selling a few items every day for about a month and then things slowed down.
Now, I sold a few dvd's for 1 day and then everything stopped.
Even worse, half my wholesale clients quit buying from me and the few that remained just ordered 3-5 dvd's for the sake of appearances.


Selling my giallo collection

WOOF! the Magazine
Aug 29 2015, 06:38 PM
Issue 1 is sold out, but 2/3 are still available. It's 2x4 + 5,75 shipping. Good you find your way back! ;)
Thanks. :up:

Sold out!? Bummer! I was reading old threads and came across the one where you complained about nobody buying the first issue, LOL. :D

Asian DVD/VCD stores
Maybe they're not even aware of how slow it is. I bet they're going, "damn that recession!"

Selling my giallo collection
How come you're selling your giallo collection? o_O

Your favorite Film Books
Here's a book that has quickly become one of my faves! XEROX FEROX is an 800 page tome about the horror and exploitation movie fanzines that most of us used to read in the old days. There's about 50 chapters and each chapter has a piece on a different zine and interviews the original editor. Needless to say it's fun ready interviews with guys in their 40s/50s talking about zines they did 20-30 years ago. It's a great read and I highly recommend it. I got mine from Amazon at 14 + pp.

Posted Image

Unidentified Hong Kong DVDs - Any help?
The third one actually has the original title written in English on the cover: KAIRO.

WOOF! the Magazine
I've been away from Cinehound for too long. Your zine looks awesome, mate. Have you still got all three issues? If yes can you please lay-by them for me and I'll shoot you some dough next week when I get some cash.

[Suggestion] Darker theme
As an alternative, try and dim the brightness on your computer screen.

Moving to a New Server...!!!
Hi there, Miltos. :hello!:

Hope all's well. :cheers:

Asian DVD/VCD stores
Good thing you've updated the thread (dddhouse had been on the old list since the start, though, so if it wasn't on the new one I guess "someone" forgot to copy it over). ;)

Somebody ought to let Johnny and Sze know it's so slow, maybe they're not even aware of it.