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"Nigh Jazz" recommendations?
It took you two years to come up with that response. :hi:

Starting to get into VHS
I'll be talking about European ex-rentals here. Apparently, rental and sell-thru tapes in the US are the same. But in Europe there's a difference between the two formats. The rental tapes were made to be rented out to a lot of customers and thus the quality of the tapes was much better, they were simply stronger and made to last. Some of the sell-thru tapes that I bought during the last days of the VHS era were crap beyond belief. The quality just wasn't very good. So that's one reason.

Then there's the rarity of the tapes. Finding old, rare rental tapes is a lot cooler than just buying sell-thru tapes that you could get anywhere. Needless to say, even sell-thru tapes are getting more rare now but I would argue it's nothing like the rarity of rare ex-rental tapes.

Also, a lot of films never made it to sell-thru tapes but only came out on rental.

How can you spot the difference? It's usually indicated on the boxes if they were rental tapes. Some countries would have a "Not to be rented out after this date 19xx" notification.

However, if you ask me, sell-thru tapes from the 80s are collectable as well. For instance, I have Jackie Chan sell-thru tapes from Denmark that are totally rare. I'm not gonna chuck them out just because they're not ex-rentals. And of course, sometimes rare films only came out on sell-thru or they had better versions.

HK/Thai SNAKE QUEEN movie?
Sep 17 2015, 08:24 PM
However I found out the VCD is this film:

HK/Thai SNAKE QUEEN movie?
Talking of which, have any of you heard from forum member Sweeney Todd (Jean-Claude Michel) recently? He had done extensive research on these films and was the go-to guy in regards to titles. He must be in his mid 70s now.

WOOF! the Magazine
Just a quick thumbs up on the two issues of Woof that I got, #2 & 3. Great stuff, Hans!! Well done.


email notifications
Miltos, the email notification thingy isn't working. I don't get any notifications neither in regards to threads nor pm's. Would you be able to fix it?

Moving to a New Server...!!!
The notification thingy isn't working. I'm not getting notified about new replies to threads that I subscribe to. :down:

Jack J's sales thread
Sep 5 2015, 10:45 AM
Jack J
Sep 3 2015, 09:55 PM
It's on DVD in Holland now..

It's not anymore, it went home. :blink:

I've finally got hold of the director's cut of RAMBO 4 (aka Rambo aka John Rambo) on DVD!!! I've been trying to find it for the longest time but afaik it's ONLY released on blu-ray and being my usual skint self I haven't got a blu-ray player yet. Makes me beyond blue. But, finally, the good, good people of Holland have put it out as a limited steelbook edition. Got it from Amazon UK and watched it last night. Awesome stuff. I love the original cinema version but I think it's fair to say this one is even better. :wub:


Jul 17 2014, 12:03 PM
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Black Mask uncut special version R0 Taiwan. :D
Niice! I've got that one, too. Just a pity it doesn't carry the original Canto dub.

Your latest VCD purchaces
Jun 22 2014, 08:09 AM
I just got my first VCD from Hong Kong and boy I really like the way it is designed.

Magic Of Spell (Fortune Star)

Maybe I'll watch the movie tonight, this is gonna be great.
I'm pretty sure MAGIC OF SPELL was one of the very first films I reviewed in the early days of writing for fanzines, a couple of decades back. :D

Did you like the film, Okerlo?

The Devil (1981) Dvd Release
"Limited Edition to just 500 units. Each unit is hand numbered".

How fancy. A hand numbered bootleg.

The Devil (1981) Dvd Release
Yeah, Apprehensive Films is a bootleg operation of the worst kind. I have nothing against bootleggers when they admit they're bootleggers but in the past this label have tried to convince customers that they're selling legit DVD's. I bought two HK films and they were the same LD/VHS prints that I had already.

HK/Thai SNAKE QUEEN movie?
Sep 7 2015, 08:29 PM
He didn't... Jack. ;) Look at the video clip Member X posted. That clip is from "Snake Queen" aka "Lady Master Snake" despite the fact his mainland China tape uses the "The Snake Girl" artwork. :D
Hahaha. I haven't watched any of these for too long. Must... watch... all... of... them... in... the... same... day - be able to differentiate!!! :D

However... the TITLE on his video does indeed say "Snake Girl". :blink:

Introducing Yourself !
Sep 6 2015, 09:39 PM
Jack J
Aug 30 2015, 05:49 PM
Uh, hello! :D

I'm not new at all but I've been away for quite a while (and not only that but I'm also the only Mod here, not counting the Admin) :P but I'd just like to say hi to any and all new members here. :hello!:

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- Hi...

HK/Thai SNAKE QUEEN movie?
Sep 6 2015, 03:38 PM
Different film, Miltos ;)
Different film to the one I originally posted about, SNAKE QUEEN, and different to the one in the lobbycards, but isn't it the same film as the one that Member X posts about? (I haven't watched these films since I first started this thread!) Hence the same English title and cover. But if that's the case, the question remains: why the hell does Member X post about SNAKE GIRL in a SNAKE QUEEN thread?? :D

Jack J's sales thread
Dec 24 2013, 08:15 PM
Damn. I'm always late on 'Final Score'. Do you have any other English friendly release that you could part with, Jack?
It's on DVD in Holland now. From a video master but I assume it's a legit release.

Jim Vanbebber documentary!!!
Too right! Unfortunately, I've put my tape away in a box somewhere so I can't even re-watch it at the moment. "oops!:

Mondo Macabro has released it on DVD:

"Onar Films" lives again
Sep 1 2015, 08:06 PM
And Murat told me h was walking just beside this other researcher when he saw his head exploding like Mr Majestyk's cucumbers because of this brick.


My gawd, that's just terrible. What an experience!!!

In any case, that rules out Demirhan. As I said he was in hospital for two weeks. That other person would have died right away I'm sure.

Bill always said he was jinxed! No matter what he did something bad happened. I remember how he posted about it on his website. One time someone who worked for him fell down an elevator shaft, and someone else got chased by gangsters, and one dvd had weird ghost noises on it that the technicians had never heard before.