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Lesbo (1969) AKA Lesbos, l'amour au soleil
I disagree with what you say Andreas. the film they is Greek or co-production with italy .
have does somebody from all your collectors film LESBO 1969 in vhs dvd-R or 35 mms?
I am however the unique collector which does have the film erotas dixos sinora no in periodically and photographs other in dvd-R from the film 35 mms does have somebody the Italian version of film erotas dixos sinora ? that in the Italian version of LESBO 1969 they are written in the titles and the filmography other names of actors and productions it does not prove that it is Italian production. it has been proved that a lot of films circulated in a lot of countries of world with different names in order to they hide their identity.
if you see the film erotas dixos sinora you understand very easily that the film they is cut they is not film which was added scenes with other actors than other films. the names of Greek actors kostas preka kai Giannis Voglis, Lia Malta why they have been changed with false foreigner actors other in the substance non-existent ?
they is acquaintance in us the collectors that also ERRIKOS ANDREOU turned a lot of Greek films with two versions.
LESVIAKOS AVGOUSTOS (Katia Dandoulaki, Giorgos Hristodoulou,Rena Kosmidou )
an other such film with gizela dali they is the The Wild Pussycat (1968) that is the hard version of film(I do not remember now him I will write the next days).
entire the truth him know only the derivative and actors.

Lesbo (1969) AKA Lesbos, l'amour au soleil
hi miltos
more important in this film I do not believe that they is Greek film, more important at my opinion they is that it is a Greek film which in order to it is hidden her real identity was created LESBO 1969 so that it is sold in countries of abroad entire with the bold scenes. they is unknown in Greece other unknown and in Europe after they believe that it is a foreigner production.
exist some Italian does German the French collector that would have copy of film ?

Lesbo (1969) AKA Lesbos, l'amour au soleil
after months from the previous subject that I had published in foroum searching film LESBO 1969
I am in the pleasant place to you I say that I found film LESBO 1969
and while all the bases of data report the following actors and factors of film

Posted Image

Director:Edoardo Mulargia
Cast : Gisela Dali ,Käthe Haack ,Peter Howells Carla Romanelli ,Steven Tedd
Runtime:France:98 min | Germany:90 min | Italy:90 min

the real truth they is that film LESBO 1969 they is the hard version of film
Erotas dihos synora (1970)

production JAMES PARIS
Director:Erricos Andreou
Writer:Panos Kontelis
Cast :Kostas Prekas
Gisela Dali
Lia Malta
Carla Romanelli
Steven Tedd
Giannis Voglis
Runtime:85 min

who did not never circulate in Greece in VHS or DVD
the joke they is that the film Erotas dihos synora (1970) him I have in dvd-R from the abroad in Greek language. her duration they is cut 68 thinly and it appears obviously that have cut 30 min from the erotic scenes
thus circulated the film with other title and only with common names in the two versions of her film gizela dali ,Carla Romanelli ,Steven Tedd
they is the second known case of Greek film that in order to they hide her hard version created other film with different title