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Indonesian Horror & Action Tapes
- putri utar
- pendekar tangan hitam
- guna guna isteri muda
- mistery 8 pendekar

Indonesian Horror & Action Tapes
For trade or sale

indonesian ex-rental - malay no subs

VHS - pal - can add a dvdr

full cardbox

here you can read an english review of the movie

5 Cewek Jagoan (5 deadly angels)

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Ratu Ular / Snake Queen
also on facebook

Flea markets: what is worth saving?

Mondo Macabro Sale nr.2
sale ends tonight

Mondo Macabro Sale nr.2
all dvd's have 10euro bids till now :up:

10euro - Satan's Blood - Karamurat
10euro - Diabolical Doctot 'Z' - Karamurat
10euro - Girl Slaves of Morgana La Fay - Karamurat
10euro - Panic Beats - Karamurat
10euro - Living Doll - emieloftherose
10euro - The Watcher in the Atic - emieloftherose
10euro - Snake Dancer - emieloftherose
10euro - dont deliver is from evil - resonator05
10euro - Mill of the Stone Women - candela

Gangsters70 aka Days of Fire
the same tape is sold for 249euro on an italian website.
and on an other italian website for 140euro.
think 249 & 140euro is a bit over priced, but I was hoping to get minimum 70euro for the tape.

dutch vhs tapes for sale 5-10euro each
dutch vhs tapes for sale

They Call me Lucky - VHS
For Sale

very rare spaghetti western (South Africa)

They Call me Lucky - Sequel of Three Bullets for a Long Gun

never released on dvd .... and probably will never be released on dvd, how much I would like to see both parts on dvd

English Audio with Swedish subs
Sleeve uncut

Postal costs 3.45euro, unregistrated mail

Reserve 25euro

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Mondo Macabro Sale nr.2
Oct 20 2014, 05:54 PM
is stone women availabe? its on the photo but not in the list

10 then

yes mill of the stome woman is also available ....

Mondo Macabro Sale nr.2
10euro - dont deliver is from evil - resonator05

Mondo Macabro Sale nr.2
Some guy didnt want to pay for the dvd's he bought from me ... so these dvd's up for sale again!

each dvd has a reserve of 10euro

all dvd's are as good as new, only watched once!

- Satan's Blood
- Living Doll
- The Watcher in the Atic
- Diabolical Doctot 'Z'
- Girl Slaves of Morgana La Fay
- Snake Dancer
- Don't deliver us from Evil
- Mill of the Stone Women
- Panic Beats

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Flea markets: what is worth saving?
great tapes :up: :up:

israeli filipino/indonisian action vhs

when you copy the img code, people can see the image direct in your post

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ps bought several tapes from ozeebar and I am very happy with the tapes I got from him :up:

Skandinavian vhs sale, hemvideo, vtc, trix etc
the imdb link of the movie deadlock


Skandinavian vhs sale, hemvideo, vtc, trix etc
For Sale

selling to the highest bidder, so please NO PM'S ASKING HOW MUCH I WANT FOR A TITLE!

Offers in euro's please, tapes are also on Filmsamlung and pre-cert

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Death at Owell Rock - Sweden

Posted Image
Run Man Run - Sweden

Posted Image
Posted Image
Sabata the Killer Sweden

Posted Image
Django -Sweden

Posted Image
Posted Image
Mannaja - Sweden

Posted Image
Deathlock - Denmark

Posted Image
W-Django - Sweden

Posted Image
They Call me Lucky - Sweden

Posted Image
Return of Shangai Joe - Finland

Posted Image
Commando's - Sweden

Posted Image
Desert Commando - Denmark

Posted Image
Corbari - Sweden

Posted Image
From Hell to Victory - Denmark

Posted Image
Hell in Normandy - Sweden

Mondo Macabro
thank you for your bids,

sale is over :cheers:

VHS Catalogue
For sale

South African Impact Video / Concorde Film and Video Catalogue

31 pages

reserve 15euro + postal

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Mondo Macabro
sale ends tonight

Mondo Macabro
Bids until now:
Karamut - 30€ -French Sex Murders
Karamut - 15€ -Sinner
Karamut - 20€ -Blood Rose
Karamut - 10€ -Lorna the Exorcist
Karamut - 10€ -Countess Perverse
Karamut - 10€ -Seven Women for Satan
Karamut - 10€ -Blood of Virgins
Karamut - 10€ -Mansion of Madness
Candela - 30€ -Nude princess
Candela - 20€ -Alucarda
Candela - 20€ -Awakening of the Beast
Danisky - 16€ -Mill of the Stone Women
Danisky - 10€ -Satans blood
Danisky - 10€ -Panic beats
Jönas - 21€ -Assault: Jack the Ripper
Jönas - 10€ -Prosperities of Vice
Jönas - 10€ -Born of Fire
Jönas - 10€ -Female Prisoner: Caged!
Jönas - 10€ -The Girl in 2A
Jönas - 10€ -Strip-tease
Jönas - 10€ -Aswang
Jönas - 10€ -Don't Open till Christmas
Jönas - 10€ -Gradiva
Jönas - 10€ -The Sadist With red teath
Jönas - 10€ -Naked Rashomon
Nocturna - 10€ -The living corpse
Nocturna - 15€ -Satanico Pandemonium

No Bids:
0€ -Don't Deliver Us from Evil
0€ -Living Doll
0€ -Snake Dancer
0€ -The Watcher in the Attic
0€ -Diabolical Doctor ´Z´ (Jess Franco)
0€ -Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay