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indonesian vcd's
I am expecting these 3 suzzanna vcd's miltos, so you wont have to look for them:
- Bangunnya Nyi Roro Kidul
- Nyi Ageng Ratu Pengikat
- Samson dan Delilah

indonesian vcd's
would you be interested to trade it against a suzzanna vcd?

all vcd's in the Picture I have at home.
the list was not updated.

indonesian vcd's
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indonesian vcd's
I can get a couple of indoensian vcd's.
postal costs are a real killer $60 for 20vcd's

a couple of the vcd's I want to keep (suzzanna movies), the remaning indonesian horror vcd's I want to trade or sell.
for what kind of price could I sell vcd's?
never payed any interest into this format untill reasent.

these are the titltes I am expecting:
01. Dukun Beranak
02. Ratu Pantai selatan
03. Setan kuburan (horor-comedy movie)
04. Wewe Gombel
05. Misteri Sumur Tua
06. Beranak Dalam Kubur
07. Ngipri Monyet.
08. Sangkuriang
09. Dukun AS
10. Lowo Ijo
11. Siluman Clurit Perak
12. Misteri Alam Gaib
13. Setan pocong
14. Siluman kera
15. Petualangan cinta nyi blorong (the adventure Of Nyi Blorong Love)
16. Peti mati (the coffin)
17. Misteri janda kembang (the mistery of flower widow)
18. Ratu buaya putih (the white crocodile queen)
19. Nyi blorong putri nyi loro kidul (Nyi Blorong "the daughter Nyi Loro Kidul")

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