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Dutch tapes, sunrise, vfp and more
40euro's for balled of death valley ;)

Video Screen - Dutch VHS - pink series
really like the videoscreen releases peter!

I allways imagened that gestapo and linda as ex-rentals are very rare and beloved tapes.

does pikant gevrij has an uncut sleeve?
the german square boxes are the same as the dutch ones .....two weeks ago a german ebayer sold 10 as good as new square boxes.....found them in a storage somewere!....boxes were sold for +- 35euro each.

if you really would oned one....i might be able to help you finding a box for your tape.

do the videoscreen pink series als come with the "allround" videoscreen sleeves?

im still looking for a spaghetti videoscreen with a sleeve like that.

My Indonesian Movie Collection
I have a couple of philipino vcd's.........but im not collecting them......bought them in manila two years ago......more as souvenirs. by coinsidence i saw that this philipino store in my neighbourhood were i life alsos ells vcd's.

de angy burry movie isnt really good......more interesting as a rarety.....believe its was the first western made in switzerland.....a few years a go a nother one was made (fremds land)
I presume since you are swiss that you know who angy burry is???

I dont even know if the movie he made was released on video.......

when you visit zurich, go to lazerzone, great dvd store!
they have an amazing dvd collection! something of everything, loads and loads of good movies! best dvd store in switzerland!

I have on vcd the philipino movie -the daughter of zuma- ...... zuma2 + some great darna movies......philipine wonder woman........for a good price i might led them go.

MONEZZA`S Collection
Love the cats :wub:

awesome sleeves cees!

please show the other beta tapes aswell! overview?

My Indonesian Movie Collection
Nov 19 2011, 11:14 PM
It's good to know that maybe somewhere in Zürich you got a chance to find some vcd's. I'm from 3 hours by train from Zürich but why not take a trip down there to find out. I think that's what I'm gonna do one of these days... Wanting some indonesian horror films so bad!

were do you life johell? (i life in zurich but im NOT swiss)

I just moved back to zurich........but i can remember that their was an indian rental store around schmiede wiedikon (dont know if its still their).

I dont think you should push your luck! dont expect to go to zurich and find rare nice indonisian vcd's........their arnt many indonesian people living in switzerland....so i can imagen their isnt a big market for these movies........can imagen thai,indian and philipino movies. I know a philipino store around my corner (oerlikon) and he just made a showcase with loads of philipino vcd's.........most of them new romantic movies.......but i think i can ask him to see if he can order other movies aswell.

maybe you can help me to find this video...swiss movies have it on dvdr.....but im looking for the orriginal tape.
Angy Burri (1975) The Wolfer

My Indonesian Movie Collection
I dont know if you life in a "big" city........but i knwo in zurich (that isnt that much of a big city :lol: ) alott of the asian and indian stores also sell vcd/dvd's
I think even when you start a talk with one of these store owners he/she might be able to help you finding some way to order disks.

dutch tapes with italian audio

Im looking for dutch tapes with Italian audio.

doesnt matter so much what gerne......vhs only.

I have a couple of them, and I really enjoy watching the movies in their orriginal audio. italian is a nice language....dont understand a word...so the dutch subs are of help :lol:

also if you have other foreign audio tapes with dutch subs I might be interested .... aslong as the foreign language is the orriginal language......so for example, not an asian movie that is dubbed in german and has dutch subs :blink:

can offer a trade or a modest price......sure we can work something out :cheers:

My collection
great collection anthony! been convincing my girlfriend for sme time that we need a videoroom aswell...........hopefully next year.

also respect for the Whoopi Goldberg collection! cool that you stay loyal to her, nomather what people say :hi:

Some Tapes for sale...
what language is Dont play with fire?

Getting back on track
even the discussion is closed ........ or not of order anymore, stillt hought it was a good idea to get rid of the auction style selling. nothing wrong with a fix price.

also dont understand why people have a problemm with it, if they like auctions, than sell the tapes somewere els. you cans tell buy and sell tapes here....so why would an active member wont log on the cinehound anymore? because their are no auctions going on?

anyway....doesnt matters anymore ;)

Getting back on track
I can trade you the tape for some money B)

or can I swap you this amount of money for that tape you are offering...... :lol:

Getting back on track
I love molded tapes :wub: no problemm! can still offer you a good price or trade :lol:

Getting back on track
how about trading - gringo the buzzards - with me teade? believe that tape is only catching dust in your collection.......and im sure you ahve seen it by now ;)

a few Dutch VHS for sale

thank you cees,

yep, their are some real fun movies among them!

smokey and his hot trio also looks like good trash.........some smokey and the bandit rip-off :lol:

Im very satisfied with this score to be honest, Battleforce 2000and Mad Mex are two tapes im looking forwards to watch. when I have watched the movie, I will post a review incl loads of grammer mistakes! :cheers:

these came in today :)

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
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Posted Image

Hemvideo / Nordic
got this one in today
Vengeance Is Mine :wub:

a beautifull tape that was on my want list for some time!

will try to post some pictures later this evening.

these are the other hemvideo / nordic tapes that are on my wantlist:
-Gunfight at Red Sands
-Matalo! - Kill Him

others are also cool..........but not a big musts for me.......for a nice price or a trade i might be interested in them aswell

Hemvideo / Nordic
cool andreas! thank you.

to be honest, I dont care so much form what country the rainbow releases are....can also be nordic or swedish releases.

hopefully i find something on the sites you recommended!