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rare dutch label
found this image in my photobucket.
found the tape on betamax (even the sleeve says vcc) a few years ago, no idea who I sold it too ..... think Jef from belgium.

never saw the tape again ..... and i cant remember seeing any other movies on the label.

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also the sfinx label is one I never see ...... I have 2 tapes on the label, but never seen any other titles on the label

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International Video
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bang bang kid 50euro
Nov 29 2012, 07:35 PM
I offer 60 :P

you can also pick up the us vhs for $4

Death Rides A Horse VHS
for trade

greek vhs of -Death Rides A Horse-
english audio with greek subs

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nice tapes Sef!

Dutch betamax
the doll squad 5euro

Been listening more to Disco lately B)

not the commercial stuff, more the electronic tracks that used to be played in discotheks ....... allmost sounds like house. the music is oft a bit gay, but the base and the atmosphere ist oft very "dopy"


Mainland China VHS
very nice :up:

enjoy the food! was allways a fest eating their! love the street food!!

Mainland China VHS
last time when I was in china I bought some old movieposter from an old man sitting somewere in the street ..... they were real poster, not new posters looking old.
I forgot the posters and leaved them in my hotel :( all were revolution movies

also bought several of these small a6 sized comic books! some have very mnice grafics!

Mainland China VHS
Cool you found tapes in chine!
I was several times in china, but never could find any tapes ...... only bootleg dvd's :P
Secondhand stuff isnt easy to find their .......

were in china are you now?
I have been in xiamen, quangzhou, nanjing, shanghai, bejing ....... think the first time i went to china was allmost 10 years ago.

CIC Esselte sale
ace high 7,50

vhs tapes
vhs for trade

I am looking for spaghetti westerns, euro world war 2, female combat tapes/ dvd's

tapes can also be bought

if you are interested in more tapes you can also pm me, perhaps we can arrange a price.

also possible to trade several tapes from me for 1 of yours ...... of course that depends what you have to offer ;)

vhs tapes
some tapes for trade sale ..... non have english audio or english subs

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beta tapes for sale

over 100 dutch vcc tapes 1 euro each
sorry Jo ...... the tapes allready have been trashed :(
but i did boxed the tapes for you.

VUH sale
how much do yo want for force four?

VUH sale
force four, 15euro .......

Dutch Vhs
what movie is that warner guy?

dvd ain't got shit on me
Your insane Anthony! :P in a possitve way ofcours :up:

CIC Esselte sale
3euro ace high ..... only need the sleeve