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WARNER tapes
navajo joe & wanda nevada are also released on yellow warner.

also warner released some smallbox tapes with a yellow sleeve, the design is different

Posted Image

the sleeve of the good the bad and the ugly looks cut on the spine ... but it isnt.
they just added it really clumsy -e CLIN STWO- ester ????

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Nocturna`s New sale Thread

Nocturna`s New sale Thread

Nocturna`s New sale Thread

Nocturna`s New sale Thread
Charley One Eye on Draaiplezier 20

Video8 rental tape?
very cool rikard! never saw one before!

Dutch ex-rental VHS sale
Het Zwaard van de Islam - that ismy old tape! found that in zürich!

Big box dvd's X-rated etc
Castle Freak
Stuart Gordon 1995

Posted Image

German Big Box dvd release
Runtime 90:49 Min.
X-Rated (Hartbox #22) (Cover A)
DVD-5 (4,7 GB)
German (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
no subtitles

Extra's: 25:53 Min.
Animated and Music added Main and Submenu's (2:57 Min.)
US - Trailer (2:13 Min.)
German - Trailer (1:41 Min.)
Making of & Interviews (9:25 Min.)
Bonus: Seedpeople (9:25 Min.)

Big box dvd's X-rated etc
Mystery on Monster Island
AKA Misterio en la isla de los monstruos
Juan Piquer Simón 1981

Posted Image

German Big Box dvd release
Runtime 101 Min.
Limited Edition 23/84
DVD-9 (8,5 GB)
1,66:1 (anamorph / 16:9)
German (Dolby Digital 1.0 Mono)
English (Dolby Digital 1.0 Mono)
no subtitles

Extra's: all kind of moster trailers

Big box dvd's X-rated etc
for trade or sale

Big box dvd's

offers in thread please, trade offers through pm

all dvd's are in excelent condition.

this add is also on the pre-cert forum


Cesur Video review
?Anatolian Western? better call them Turkish Adventure Movies

I have been collecting eurowesterns for some years now.
the turkish westerns are very hard to find, and for some time I didnt know what I was looking for so I was just hoping for other collecters to help me out. I did some trades, bought some movies from people that said they had turkish westerns aswell. but once recieved the movies they turned out not to be westerns but so called anatolian westerns (dont know wo came up with this name?!?)

I was very disapointed to see these anatolian westerns, because they had nothing to do with the western gerne! most of the anatolian westerns are just plain turkish mountain drama's in "modern" time (nothing wrong with them....but dont expect to see some cowboys on horses shooting up people).

I think the misunderstanding here is that the word "western" is used in the discription "anatolian western". it should not be their!
I love the turkish westerns I invested 100dreds of euro's to get these tapes in my collection. but imo these so called anatolian westerns are not westerns and i think collecters are very misunformed when they see a discription "RARE TURKISH ANATOLIAN WESTERN" because they arent westerns...............in my book a western has a guy or a very bad girl on a hors in a desert or snow ;) shooting up bad guys, but the main caracter shoud have atleast a cowboy hat on!!!!! it can not be a pissed of truck driver who wants to revenge the murder of his girl friend!

there are a few turkish movies that I have in my collection that are not traditional westerns.....but have so strong western influences that I say.....oke they are part of the euro western gerne aswell.....these movies have spagheti western soundtracks or have so strong elements of the spaghetti western that you just cant deny it. these few are exceptions! the most anatolian westerns I got shufed in my hands have nothing to do with "the traditional" turkish western.

anyhow, this is my opinion....this is not the rule by now...... I just thought their was some clearing to do.

the movie I review today is Cesur (1971)
aka Çirkin Ve Cesur
directed by Nazmi Ozer

Posted Image

disk info:
Direct transfer from my video tape....so decent video quality
turkish audio
runtime 64min

their is also a greek release of the movie, no idea what the information of that release is. probably turkish audio with greek subs.

I have this movie in my collection because I find it very strong spaghetti western influenced. you could say it is a western, but the setting just doesnt fit. the movie plays in a modern (1970) turkish mountain village. the people are all peasants, and their is a rich evil land lord who is serounded by a group of outlaw. the movie uses alott of moricone music (good bad ugly). the turkish title -Çirkin Ve Cesur- means as much as the ugly vs the brave. the main character plays a stranger that comes in town and helps the poor to defeat the evil. the evil, town boss and his hoodlums, could come direct from a turkish western. perhaps the didnt have a budget for cowboy costumes? and they diceded to make a western without the costumes?
the main chararcter and the bandits do have costumes, yilmaz guney has some kind of sabata outfit.
even the landscape that is used reminded me often of a western.

believe this movie was a big sucses. saw alott of yilmaz güney movies, were they uses an image of this movie, to promote the "new" movie were he was in. even the new movie had absolutely nothing to do with cesur.

the movie only plays 64min, so easy to watch and anuff action and some nudity!

for introduction:
Good = :)
Bad = :angry:

Posted Image :) Yilmaz Guney = Yabancı

Posted Image :) Sami Tunç = Arabacı

Posted Image :) Sevgi Can = good girl

Posted Image :) Piraye Uzun = goodgirl2

Posted Image :) Birtane Güngör = goodgirl3

Posted Image :) Aliye Rona = Dul Kadın

Posted Image :) Altan Bozkurt = good guy

Posted Image :angry: Danyal Topatan = Kara Bıçak

Posted Image :angry: Nizam Ergüden = Çolak - the gimp

Posted Image :angry: Baki Tamer = Kahya

Posted Image :angry: Hayati Hamzaoğlu = Güneşin Oğlu

The Movie:

2 young girls are taking a bath in a lake. 4 man are observing the young girl and deside to rape them. the girls start screaming, 2 man from the village are near by and run to the resque. their is a big fist fight, and the 4 rapers run off. the rapers were part of a gang that is terrorising the village.

in town their is an election going on, who is going to be the new sheriff. the people are giving out their votes, until Kahya comes stumbeling in. he trows all voting boxes on the ground and declares himself as the new sheriff. all towwn people are afreed and dont dare to say anthing, they know Kahya is one of Güneşin Oğlu man, Güneşin Oğlu is tte town boss, the sourch of all terror. the only person that is opening her mouth is Dul Kadın, an old lady. she start screaming and yelling, saying that the bandits should leave town, they are not welcome etc. Kahya is getting anuff of the old lady so he is ordering Çolak aka the gimp, who is crippled to trow the old lady in jail, and let her starve to death.

a stranger dressed in black (Yabancı) comes riding in town. he sees the old lady in jail and hears here begging for water. he goes over to her and gives her some water. Kahya and his man come around the corner. they dont like that Yabancı is giving the old lady water. they try to scare and patronize Yabancı, but without any luck. Yabancı takes his pistol and tells kahya to open the prison door so the old lady can get out of the jail. he orders Çolak - the gimp, to put Kahya and the 2 other bandits in the jail, after that he orders Çolak to swallow the key of the the jail door.

Güneşin Oğlu hears that a Yabanci is making trouble for him in the village. So Güneşin Oğlu orders Kara Bıçak to go in the village and punnage the villagers. Kara Bıçak takes two young woman from the village to be Güneşin Oğlu slaves. the girls get rapes by Güneşin Oğlu man ..... and when the man are done, Güneşin Oğlu want to have the girls ??? also some other girls are being hold prison and are being rapes every now and than.

the villagers beg Yabancı to stay so he can help them to defeat Güneşin Oğlu. Yabanci stays, he does a halfday workshop with the villagers how to shoot a gun and how to beat a bad guy. the villagers are prepared to fight. Çolak - the gimp finally can poop out the prison key, he opens the prison so the 3 man can go to Güneşin Oğlu. Çolak - the gimp made a possy that will scare the villagers, he doesnt know that Yabancı is still their, Yabancı shoots one of the man in the possy, the others run away. Kahya and a few man arrive, they see the dead man on the road and stop ... what a mistake, now Yabancı takes them prisoner again.

Güneşin Oğlu hears about what is ging on, he has anuff f it. he leaves his mention/fort and calls all his man. they are going to atttack tte village. their is a huge shoot out, and people are killed by the second. didnt expect that, normally their are 1000th shots and no kills, here allmost everyshot is a kill. allmost everybody who had a small role in the movie till now is killed. Güneşin Oğlu can get away, and returns to his mention/fort together with some hostages. Yabancı is one of the few that is still allive. when he arrives at the fort the bandits just want to hang one of the villagers, Yabancı can just shoot the rope in time. a big shoot out takes place, Yabancı trows some grantes and man are killed everywere. Güneşin Oğlu is such a bad guy that on his run out, he even kills a girl he roped on a cross, the poor thing didnt had a chanse. Yabancı goes after Güneşin Oğlu and the final shoot-out takes place. Yabancı wins .... the terror is over. when hi rides of in the sun-set the memories or spirits of the villagers wink him goodbye ... the end.

I didnt make a dvdr sleeve for the movie...cause I have it on tape.....
Posted Image

Dutch ex-rental VHS sale
El Vasco
Nov 26 2013, 06:45 PM
Posted Image

I am looking for a spaghetti western with a front image like this.

this is the so called "all-round" sleeve

Cilalı İbo Teksas Fatihi Video review
the movie I review today is Cilalı İbo Teksas Fatihi (1971)
directed by Mehmet Dinler

Posted Image

disk info:
Direct transfer from my video tape....so decent video quality
turkish audio
runtime 77min

a movie starring turkish commedian Feridun Karakaya aka Cilalı İbo. Cilalı İbo is a combination of charly chaplin & louis de funès + turkish humor. I can imagen if you understand turkish, the guy is pretty funny in compare with kemal sunal who keeps repeating his same jokes. the movie takes place in "modern" times .... so 1971 partly in turky and new york. alott of scene's are filmed on the streets of new york. the movie moves very fast + it is a commedy, so it is difficult for me to make a detailed review. the movie is to hactic and spontane .... to write down everything that happens will just make a big confusion.

you might wonder if the movie takes place in modrn time, how come it is a western? .... well .... the first 15min of the movie take placer in texas, and it is just like a tukish western, even some famous turkish western acters are in the movie, and also the last 15min are western .... in between the movie plays in new york. the movie also uses soundtracks from italian westerns. the title song of the movie played by Selcuk Alagöz remendid me alott of the music of Guido & Maurizio De Angelis. I also believe Selcuk Alagöz were part of the turkish psychedelic rock scene. even that the soundtrack of this movie is very pop and sweet.

for people who like end 60 psychedelic rock, please listen to this turkish music .... it is so unknown and I can imagen the scene was very small in turky at the time!


I find it very interesting that the movie is linked to a very alternative turkish music scene. in the movie their are also so bands playing, they play pop music, their is NO psycedelic music in the movie.

the quality of the film is good, so is the sound. movie moves fast, scene's in new york are very refreshing in compare with the stiffness of other turkish movies. looks like all the scene's on the streets are filmed very spontane. their is also some nudety in the movie, overall a very unconventional turkish movie

I couldnt hear/understand/find most of the carachters names ..... maybe teh didnt had any? american actress Deborah Winters is in the movie! one of her first roles she ever played ..... she plays a stripper and is naked! think not many people know this :)
a few names are mentioned on the poster and I have no idea who they are; Gabriella Merlin & Rose Mary dont sound like turkish names, can imagen that they are the 2 girls thatw ere evry short in a new york street scene? Gülten Ceylan should also be in the movie ..... I couldnt spot her. their are 2 girls that I cant name, one of them is the girl on the poster of the movie. she is wearing a blonde wig and has blue eyes, no idea if the allready used blue contact lenses those days??

for introduction:
Good = :)
Bad = :angry:

Posted Image :) Feridun Karakaya = Ibo Cilali

Posted Image :) Feridun Karakaya = Ibo Cilali's Grandfather

Posted Image :) Feridun Karakaya = Ibo Cilali as Zorro

Posted Image :) Feridun Karakaya = Ibo Cilali as Django

Posted Image :) NubarTerziyan = Ibo Cilali's Grandfather Partner, The Texaner

Posted Image :) Turkish Hipster band

Posted Image :) Girlfriend = FatmaBelgen

Posted Image :) Singer / Covergirl = ?

Posted Image :) Singer 2 = ?

Posted Image :angry: Hüseyin Kutman = Jackson

Posted Image :angry: Kazım Kartal = Sabata

Posted Image :angry: sabata and his man

Posted Image :angry: Nesrin Nur = Bad Girl

Posted Image :angry: Atıf Avcı = Al Capone and his man

Posted Image :angry: Deborah Winters = Evil Stripper

The Movie:

The movie starts with a texas cowboy looking for ibo. ibo is praxticing with his 70's hipster band. the texas cowboy finds ibo and starts talking with him. he tells him the story of ibo's grandfather (flashback). how he started in the usa, how he didnt have any money. he had all kind of jobs, even as a construction worker. for some stranger reason ibo's grandfather ends up in jail .... think it had to do with 2 woman he harassed on the street. in jail ibo's grandfather starts gabbeling witht he other inmates. in no time he won all their money. one of the inmates tells him, he should try his luck in texas, alott of rich people their. as soon as he is out of jail he is of to texas. in texas he goes to a bar, were we arrive in a western ..... even some modern kids are also walking around. he gets in contact with some people who tell hi he should go looking for gold if he wants to get rich. so of he goes, in the desert he meets up with the texaner, he safes his life, some indians want to attack the texaner. together they go back in town with a huge back of gold. they start celibrarting, sabata wants to get his hands on the gold, but without any luck. ibo's grandfather and the texaner are now the big man of town. each time sabata and his man are thrying to attack, but without any luck. sabata and his man are working for jackson, but jackson allways want to stay in the back ground. Ibos grandfather and the texaner are having the time of their life, champagne non stop, food and girls every were.
ibo's grandfather decides to go back to new york, their he gets in contact with al capone and his man, soon also in new york he is a very big man. al capone is in contact with sabata. they put a bounty on ibo's grandfather and try to assassine him. and their the flashback ends.

the texaner wants ibo to come with him to new york.
in new york ibo gets a visit from the spirit of his grandfather. al capone's man are trying to get ibo, some benny hill scene's take place. some other funny scene's take place aswell. ibo coems in a room were Deborah Winters is half naked on abed, so tries to hopnotise ibo with her dance and some weird soun. she gives away a free strip-tease show, ibo's friend comes in and shoots Deborah Winters. they find a intercom in Deborah Winters room. they overhear a conversation of al capone and jackson. ibo has to go to texas to find out what is going on.

arrived in texas ibo is dressed as django enetring a cowboy bar. sabata and his man are checking out django ibo. soon some shot out takes palce. ibo has to run for his life and runs upstairs in hides in a room. in the room is a huge girl just taking a bath. ibo jumbs in the bath and hides under the soap foam. sabata's man are entering the room, but cant find ibo. they order the girl to get out of the bath. the girl takes a towl to cover herself and ibo. ibo hides in a closset and enters a secret room were a zorro costume hangs. ibo turns into zorro. entering the bar as zorro, ibo defeats sabata and his man. now ibo has to go after jackson, jackson went of in the desert. ibo captures jackson and as zorro, ibo ingraves a ibo signature on jacksons for head. than kills jackson.
so everything is good again, ibo is flying back to turky. again in the turkies airport, ibo is picked up.... and it looks like ibo's grandfather is also their???

the end

I didnt make a dvdr sleeve for the movie...cause I have it on tape.....
Posted Image

Kanunsuz Kahraman - Ringo Kid Video review
the movie I review today is Kanunsuz kahraman - Ringo Kid (1967)
directed by Zafer Davutoglu

Posted Image

disk info:
Direct transfer from my video tape....so decent video quality
black and white .... turned into brown and yellow
turkish audio
runtime 83min

A movie with turkish super star Cüneyt Arkin. Cüneyt Arkin plays Ringo, ringo is a clint eastwood character. Cüneyt Arkin can play anybody he's asked too, he can be luke skywalker, conan the barbarian, mad max, james bond you name it, he can do it. ofcours it has to be a nobel hero.

unlike most other turkish westerns, this movie has an intro. most of the olther pre 1968 spaghetti westerns, had this kind of graphik animation as an intro. this movie has it aswell. but it is not really animation, just black prints on paper that are added after each other. when scene's chanse their is some special eddeting, what I more know from old american movies. The movie has elements from a spaghetti western as from old american western. the soundtrack isnt spaghetti at all, but very classic us like. for some strange reason, the actors all wear very small hats .... you also see this in old us westerns. the master film is very strong damaged. in 1 or 2 scene the audio completely drops, and in some scene's it looks like the film is half dissolved. the sky has turned into a strange surrealistic landscape that is moving very organicly. first this looks kind off weird/cool .... but after 10 seconds it is really starting to hurt your eyes.
In general the movie leaves a good impression. say above avarage as most other turkish westerns. the charaters have individuall costums, their are some nice locations, the landscape works very well, camera work is also fine. but as I say in every review. dont expect too much .... these are zero budget movies, made by people with not many years of experience. so apriciate the films for what they are instad of giving them negative feedback like some people tend to do.

I never seen an other version of the movie as the video release. I wouldnt be surprised if the master film doesnt excists anymore .... that the complete film dissolved in a slimy soup.

for introduction:
Good = :)
Bad = :angry:

Posted Image :) Ringo = Cüneyt Arkin

Posted Image :) Ringos Wife = Peri Han

Posted Image :) Ringo's Son = ?

Posted Image :) Marie = Sevda Ferdağ

Posted Image :( Jimmy = Muzaffer Tema

Posted Image :angry: Tom = Oktar Durukan

Posted Image :angry: Ramon = Altan Guuminbay

Posted Image :angry: Çarli = Hüseyin Zan

Posted Image :angry: Sam = Necati Er

The Movie:

A goldtransport arrives in slvler city. the gards of the transport escort the gold to the bank, as soon as they entered the bank a group of bandits enters aswell. a big shoot-out takes place , and the bandits take of with the gold. one of the bandits is wounded and needs to be taken care off. the bandits look for a remote house were they forse a young woman to take care af the wounded bandit - ramon. when the bullet is taken out of ramon, the bandits want to rape the woman, a small child wants to protect his mom .... but ramon shoots the child without any discission in the head. the bandits rape the woman and klll her aswell.

Sheriff ringo rides in silver city, he sees dead bodies lying in the street. he goes to the bank, and ask the banker what has happend. the banker tells ringo that ramon and his man robbed the bank and went of direction california. ringo immediately jumps on his horse. his wife and son also life in that direction just out of town .... and yes ... the young woman and her son were ringos wife and son! ringo sweares revenge! he burries his wife and son and takes of direction california.

the first 2 bandits ringo finds in a barn. ringo pretends he is looking for a place to spend the night. than he confronts the bandits, that he is hunting down the man who rob the bank and murdered his famely. the 2 bandits want to grab their guns, but ringo is faster. he shoots both man between the eyes. very cool ringo drinks the cup of coffee of the man, lights up a sigar and goes to sleep lying next to the corpses.

the next day ringo comes across a farmers couple (marie and jimmy) that have some trouble with their wagon. the couple is also on their way to california. ringo helps the couple and escorts them on their way, since it is far to dangerous in this area to travel alone.
the trio arrives at a trading post. ringo has a conversation with some old drunk guy that has a very close releationship with his donky. short after 2 other bandits arrive carli and sam. ringo has a very long talk with sam and carly. sam is checking out marie. ringo doent like their behaviour and starts a fight .... this wouldnt be a turkish movie if the fight wasnt complete over the top. cüneyt arkin shows all his acrobat skills, jumps all over the screen. than ringo pulls his gun, out of the bleu the whole trade post is surrounded by indians. ringo gives the chief one of their horses and the indians are gone again. the fight also seems to be over, cause everybody is setting around the same table having dinner? the raveling trio is now a traveling quintet (5). the indians keep following our group, it doesnt takes long before a shoot out apears. carli and sam seemed to have sneaked out ..... the trio is shooting indians everywere, but the indians just keep coming.ringo is motivating mari and jimmy by teling them what good job they are doing by shooting these indians. ringo does some of his famous acrobat moves, kills indians with his bare hands, untill all indians are killed. carli and sam join the trio again just when the action is over. they found another lost cowboy (tom). ringo recognises a little decorative bell that is hanging from toms cloths, the same little bell he found next to his dead wife. without hasitating ringo shoots tom in the face. so quintet is back together again riding towards california. they make a stop to make camp for the night, ringo is going to check out the surrounding, marie is going to take a bath in the river. carli and sam want to take advantige of the situation and the try to rape marie, good luck for marie ringo just arrives back in time to stop them. at night ringo has a deep long conservation with marie, the 2 are really bonding. than 3 indians jump out of the bushess, start screaming and pulling faces like mad zombies, ringo shoots the 3 - end of the romantic scene?!?

the quintet arrives in california, and they splitt up, marie & jimmy, ringo , carli and sam all go their own way. it turns out carli and sam work for ramon, they inform him that ringo is in california and looking for him. ramon sends out all his man with the order to kill ringo. the man allmost capture ringo, but he can escape, he is slightly wounded and needs to take a rest. marie and jimmy find the ringo. marie want to take care of ringo, but jimmy has a different plan. he wants to handover ringo to ramon. he heared ramon putted bounty on ringo's head! marie is very disapointed to hear this from jimmy. ringo overheared the whole conversation. he tells marie and jimmy that he is going into town the kill ramon.
dressed as a poor mexican on a mule, ringo enters the town. ringo shoots, jumps, makes sallto's jumps, flies all over the place killing ramons man. ringo enters the bar were ramons headquaters is. but before ringo's knows, he is serounded by a whole bunch of ramons man. jimmy told ramon what ringo's plan was. ringo tries to escape, kicks, punches, flying kicks, uppercuts, but ringo has no chanse. ramons man kick the living day light out of ringo. jimmy ask ramon for the bounty cause he delivered him ringo, for thanks ramon shoots jimmy in the head. ramons man keep hitting ringo, they hang him by his feed leaving him for dead ..... but ringo can find the power to pull him selve up, and escapes. kills some bandits an jumps on a horse to chase ramon, who took marie as a hostage. ringo shoots jumps makes saltos etc untill he his out of bullets. ramon and marie are the only survivers. ramon is laughing cause ringo doesnt has any bullets anymore. what ramon doesnt know is that ringo has a hidding pistol in the back of his jeans! ringo stands eye in eye with ramon, the big showdown. ringo pulls his gun, shoots ramon between his eyes, saves marie, and rides of alone in the sun set ........ The End

I didnt make a dvdr sleeve for the movie...cause I have it on tape.....
Posted Image

very nice vienna, never saw that tape before!

Posted Image

good idea peter!

only saw a few of the slashers when I was a kid.

thank you marco for the titles, will see if I can find a few cheap on amazon :up:

Blu-ray player
thank you for the info, member caligula pm-ed me and gave me some usefull information aswell.

he also recommended a region free player, and not necessary to buy a very expensive model.

if you only wnat to watch movies, a sony or panasonic player will do the trick.

he has a Panasonic BDP-BD60, and positive about it.

see what I can find in zurich ;)

Dutch ex-rental VHS sale
El Vasco
Nov 17 2013, 01:29 PM
Nov 17 2013, 11:48 AM
is the sleeve of: Dracula's Bloedmysterie cut?

if its a complete big sleeve release, I would say you can get ALOTT of money for it!

I'm not even sure it's original, Tom. It doesn't have the smooth surface of the other sleeves, it's more like a thick carton. It measures 29 by 20 cm.

thoose are very old .... probably first generation rental tapes.
they were in huge square boxes that fitted vhs,beta,vcc,vcr & svr

their are sleeves with thicker paper and their are some with smooth thinner paper.
yours looks 100% ligit, bit it seems to be cut.

I have a few of these release with box ..... very rare!!

here are scans of uncut sleeves

with thin soft paper
Posted Image

thicker rougher paper
Posted Image

Dutch ex-rental VHS sale
is the sleeve of: Dracula's Bloedmysterie cut?

if its a complete big sleeve release, I would say you can get ALOTT of money for it!