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Fan Project of To Burn The Sun
3 copies left

Fan Project of To Burn The Sun
I was off for 2 weeks lat month so I had time.
the next project will take me more time. dont have much free time left at the moment, but there are atleast 10 other titles I would like to make a fan project of.

Fan Project of To Burn The Sun
For Sale
15euro each + postal

Fan Project of To Burn The Sun / 20 copies limited
widescreen / english and bahasa audio options

I used a widescreen remastered print, sadly it has a watermark through the screen. still a much better presentation as the greek vhs release that has burned subtitles in the greek, cropped image, and very dark.

Indonesia 1982
Barry Prima (Primitif, Devils Sword, The Warrior)
Eva Arnaz (5 Deadly Angels, Lady Exterminator, The Warrior)

The Movie
Barry Prima finds out that his girlfriend (that cut contact with him from one on the other day) is working as a whore in a club in jakarta. after confronting her, she tells the story how her famely was murdered, she was raped and than sold to the whore house in jakarta. together they decide to take revange against the pimps and drug dealers that ruined their lives.

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