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Looking for Empire, Sunrise and Cinehollywood
greek cinehollywood - the last gun aka jim il primo

Turkish Western Video Covers
Thank to yesilcamvideo I finally got a copy of the movie Belalilar sehri (Ahmet Sert 1972)

Looking for Zorro Tapes
Hi I am looking for zorro tapes.

doesnt matter so much in what language or from what country the tapes are, prefer english audio and vhs format.

but betamax and vcc/video2000 are also welcome

their is a dutch eagle 6 tape "the sign of zorro" that is higher in the want list.

In Jakarta now - I can find some VCD
I stopped collecting movies, besides spaghetti westerns and spaghetti related movies.

but for other members ..... this is a real nice opportunity! all these vcd's are out of print and very difficult to get ....... don't think you will find them this fast again!
indonesian horror movies are crazy! and very entertaining! chanses are very small these movies will be released on dvd or bluray.

so get them now while you can!!!!! :cheers:

In Jakarta now - I can find some VCD
if you can find these orriginal vcd:
-3 cewek indian
-3 Djanggo

I am interested. also in other indonesian westerns

how much do you want for them?

Dec 20 2014, 08:36 AM
Howdy, Canisius writing here. Due to lack of space and time, I'm going to downsize my collection. I'll keep the Spaghetti-Western (I'm sorry Tom:)...)

Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! you are just doing this to piss me off aren't you :angry: :ph43r: :angry:


when I opened the toppic I saw your name and pictures of alott of tapes and thought ..... "cool maybe philipp is selling some of his spaghetties" ..... than I read your text


here is another snake queen from indonesia ... as far as I know the movie is not released on dvd or vcd

movie is NOT with suzzanna

Ratu Ular

Year: 1972
Director: Lilik Sudjio

(title translation: Snake Queen)

Siti returns to her village, to the house of her aunt, Nyi Aminah, a rich widow. In the house, Siti becomes suspicious of her auntís wealth, because she sees a necklace that belongs to someone else in her auntís closet. Meanwhile, Sulaiman, a young religious devotee, is assigned by the village head to investigate the death of voluptuous women with a wound on their breasts, and also missing corpses. Sulaiman suspects Jipeng, Nyi Aminahís right hand man and carriage driver, who wants to leech off his employerís fortune. In fact, Nyi Aminah is rich and everlastingly beautiful due to satanic worship. Even the spirit of her dead husband, who was a criminal, always asks for a corpse as offering and is angry when Aminah wants to commit adultery or when he hears Siti praying. Aminah is the snake queen. One scene has her suggestively depicted having intercourse with a snake. And when her henchmen die, they become snakes, as seen in the last battle against Sulaiman. Aminah then becomes ugly and dies in her cave of worship as it falls apart.

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