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DRAAIPLEZIER vcc tapes Dutch rentals
Feb 26 2013, 03:20 PM
Might be true Tom, have a pile of Draaipleziersleeves and except for the Samson logo being there or not they also have different pics for some sleeves...

what western sleeves do you ahve teade?
I have:
- hannie caulder - no samson
- they called me amen - no samson
- they called me amen - with samson
- his gun was his god - with samson

DRAAIPLEZIER vcc tapes Dutch rentals
do you know if all draaiplezier tapes were released with 2 different sleeves?
1 are like the once you are offering. the others dont have samson on the front or spine .....

wow! cant wait to get the dvd! what is the german dvd title?

another one that can be scratched of the want list!

still looking for 6 sets :unsure:
The Macaroni Western Bible - Vol. 3, 6, 7, 9, Final Duel Box and the Giuliano Gemma Box

Posted Image

very nice! how many cinehollywood releases are their?

For a few Django's more
update :)

Video 2000 player
google the vcc model and add manual or "handbuch"

believe their are some german forums that have all vcc players listed ........ but too be very honest ...... if you never work on a video player before, i think the chanses are very smal too find the problemm unless its an mechanical problemm.


Blue EVC's as far as the eye stretches..
great job george!

very nice collection you have their.

you also started too collect the dutch delta label?

Spaghetti Western Collection
Feb 17 2013, 01:33 AM
Which VTR one's do you have? Ive seen a few but none of them were westerns

I only have on VTR:
- reason to life reason to die
- django the avenger

and I know somebody that has - pecos cleans up

Spaghetti Western Collection
incomplete dutch videoscreen

all titles are their, but some sleeve variants are missing.
dont know if all movies had 5 sleeve variants

1- sqaure box allround sleeve
2- square box specifik sleeve
3- allround normal sleeve
4- normal sleeve (complete)
5- normal sleeve second print

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Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Spaghetti Western Collection
complete dutch video49

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Spaghetti Western Collection
Dutch EVC

believe the serie is incomplete. should be a few second generation releases that I dont have.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
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did these movies get a video release?

Mondo Macabro
still looking

Looking for German tapes
this one:


dont know if it has a video release

Looking for German tapes
I am looking for the following German tapes.

can be vhs beta or video2000

* Gnadenlos Geheimbund gelbe Rose - VPH
* Wir werden das Kind schon schaukeln - ?
* Wo geht's hier nach Westen - Vilm (?)
* Der Fluch des Goldes - ?
* Johnny schießt quer - ?
* Fluch der Rache - Award Video

these only vhs ..... are not rare tapes ... except the arcade ..... some are very cheap on ebay, would prefer to buy them from 1 seller to save on postal costs
* Tödlicher Ritt nach Sacramento - BMG/UFA
* Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi - Videobox / Taurus
* Winnetou 3 - Videobox / Taurus
* Die Söhne der großen Bärin - Bavaria
* Djangos blutige Spur - Arcade
* Tecumseh - Bavaria
* Blauvogel - ?

Dutch Betamax tapes - 10€ each
what movie is "de woestijn gieren"?

Dutch betamax tapes - 5€ each
Feb 12 2013, 12:31 PM
George was first with that blue EVC on pre cert.
That videobox tape is yours!

no problemm guy ..... I was at work reacted too fast ...... at home I noticed I have a vhs with uncut sleeve of the evc.

I thought I had a vcc of the videobox, but it turned out my version is beta aswell ..... no need for a double copy ..... sorry to take both bids back :(

Dutch betamax tapes - 5€ each
video box for me :o

also evc vier vuisten

Video 2000 player
in my opinion vcc was the worst of the 3 systems. beta was the best!

the problemm with an old machine like you bought (think the machine is oke) but because of its age ..... the rubbers are streched or devolving!

you need too find somebody or a website/forum were people can help you with spare parts, and how you should replace them.

I bought several vcc players, and they all turned out to be crap after a few weeks.
so i bought a new vcc player with a scart plug exit. costed me a bit more, but now i know i dont have to worry about a vcc machine anymore.

did the same with my beta player, bought an expensive restored one, with garantee.