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anybody bought those 10 dutch vcc vfp 5 on 1 tapes on marktplaats? last week?

were 2 parts I was interested in ..... seller didnt except my bid, only wanted to sell the whole bunch in 1 time.....

Video Screen
we are no angels, with michael coby and paul smith

you can see a picture of te tape here, last image

the movie plays in the "modern" old west

Video Screen
Mar 31 2012, 02:47 PM
My favorite design is probably the old school Empire variant. Only two spaghettis on that one, right?

3 spaghetties on empire
- the colt is my law
- de groeten aan de duivel
- vier vuisten vallen uit de lucht

Video Screen
videoscreen was the first dutch videolabel that I wanted to have a complete spaghetti series of.
It is still my favorite dutch video label, probably because the low budget sleeve design that is typical 80's.

think its also one of the oldest dutch video labels.
as far as i know its the only dutch label that released square box vcr movies.
videomedia also released vcr tapes, but the boxes they used only fitted vcr and svr.
the videoscreen boxes fitted vhs,vcc,betamax and vcr/svr
you can see some images here in a topic i started before:

I should have all spaghetties that were released on the label. but their are still sleeve viarants that are missing and that I would love to have.
On the providers list it says "the legend of frenchie king" was also released on video screen ...... but i never saw that release ..... only know the dutch vcl release of the movie. I think its a small error in the list, its known that their are a few ;)

these are the spaghetti westerns I have on the video screen:
7910 Trinity en Sartana
7927 Voor zeven dollars meer
7929 Sabata de "killer"
7936 Trein naar durango
7952 Red Sun
7982 Zijn naam was Pot
7983 Bid en sterf
7985 Sta of ik schiet
7986 Execution
7990 Zorro aan het hof van Navarro
7992 Een vreemde in Sacramento
8092 Django enSartana
8101 Shango
8102 De wreker
8133 Een waardevolle vriend
8134 Django ontmoet Sartana
8154 Komt voor elkaar Amigo
8580 Django strikes again

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only till a few weeks ago I found out that trinity en sartana was also released with a sleeve variant i didnt know of. only knew that red sun was released with two different sleeve design ....... so it can be that their are more titles with sleeve variants.

red sun is released with the traditional sleeve and the more collered variation

trinity en sartana has the traditional sleeve and one with a more collered sleeve. Im still looking for the colorfull sleeve.
Posted Image

also the earliest video screen tapes were released with an "all-round" sleeve.
that are the square box releases with an image like this on the front ...... Im still looking for a spaghetti western release like this
Posted Image

the same square box releases also were released with the related images on the front of the sleeve
Posted Image

Than they released the same movies also with a standard sleeve size in boxes that only fit vhs beta and vcc.
but here aswell the tapes were released with the allround sleeve design and a design with an image that relates to the movie
Im still looking for a spaghetti with an all round sleeve design like this
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So it can be that they released 5 different sleeve design for 1 movie!

I have 3 spaghetties with square box in my collection :tapelove: and dont know any other dutch collecter that has 3 sets in his collection :rolleyes:
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So if you have a spaghetti western on video screen and you dont see an image of the movie in my pictures, please contact me. even when you dont want to do the tape away....still would love to see an image.

still on my want list:
-Big square releases with related image on the front of the sleeve.
-Big square releases with all round image on the front of the sleeve.
-Normal size video with allround image on the front of the sleeve.
-Trinity and Sartana with the clorfull image on the front of the sleeve.
-Any spaghetti western video screen tape that isnt in the pictures above

Mar 30 2012, 05:21 PM
license to steal/angel enforcers(uncut, eng sub)/drugs area/raiders of loosing treasure/killer angels/angels mission :wub:

:o look very interesting !

Have these EVC Tapes for sale

all tapes come in an orriginal dutch big box

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Italian world word 2 tapes
italian cinehollywood (italian audio no subs)

-sette baschi rossi = SOLD

-5 per l' inferno = http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062807/
uncut sleeve, all stickers on tape

Thank you Harm for the 2 lovely tapes :wub:

Posted Image

Thank you Harm for the 2 tapes and the stock of dutch plastic bags!

Anyone collect Something Weird tapes?
If they have a smv of "brand of shame" i would be interested ;)

Jack J
Mar 25 2012, 12:16 AM
Mar 24 2012, 08:28 PM


will put them on my list aswell!

Trinity & Sartana
The sleeve looks a bit the same as the second red sun release on videoscreen..

Posted Image

"Todeshand Lifangtu" wanted!
I life in an other city now....dont come their anymore

and i stopped taking german video's hoem with me...... I allways ended up giving these tapes away. only german tapes I have now are spagheti westerns .....

Cool! will put "Bleeder" down on my dvd list!

Finally got this fantstic trilogy back on dvd!
had it a few years ago, borrowed it to somebody, but the guy left the country....and so did my dvd probably aswell.

I love this trilogy! and i would love to know what other scandinavian movies were made with a simelar quality!

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Trinity & Sartana
I just found this low resolution image of the movie Trinity & Sartana.

It looks like the front of a videoscreen sleeve. I allready have 2 copies of the movie on videoscreen, but i never saw this design.

does anybody has the tape? or a better image of the sleeve?

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Förlåt först, skjut sen
did i won the auction?

Anyone collect Something Weird tapes?
I never owned a swv tape, but i allways thought it was a bootleg label :unsure:

came in today

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Adios Sabata
Im looking for this Greek Warner video release of the movie -Adios Sabata-

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can offer money or a trade