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I am interested in these:
- colt concert
- zorro at the spanish court
- acquasanta joe

what is your reserve price for them and do the tapes have original cinehollywood boxes?

6 tapes for 10euro
who will take these last 6 tapes from me?

death journy is a betamax tape
had to remove 3 boxes from the package so the 6 tapes fir a 2kg package.

postal costs are 8,90euro

6 tapes can go for 10euro + postal

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6 tapes for 10euro
sold to member x
magnificent W
Tides of
Daredevil D
Alice G
Taboo Am
Indio 2
Rip off
Kampuchea Exp
Last Reunion
Ultimo D
Price of D
Le Marginal

6 tapes for 10euro
Mar 31 2013, 12:56 PM
Ill take price of death for 3,50

5 each
5 for 15
15 tapes for 30

6 tapes for 10euro
all remaining tapes 5 for 15euro + postal costs

She-Devils on Wheels
for trade or sale
german glasbox dvd from the label cmv
(include the bonus movie - missle too the moon- on the same disk)

She-Devils on Wheels
english audio
optional dutch or german subs
runtime 84min

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women in prison - the concrete jungle
offers please

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greek key video
I am looking for these movies on the greek key video label:

Il Figlio di Django aka Son of Django
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Una pistola per cento bare aka Gunman of One Hundred Crosses
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BTTF V2000
your welcome :up:

Finland tapes
Mar 27 2013, 10:22 PM
Just curious to know if there's some Finnish tapes travelling around the world.
And what are the titles.

maybe he ment, finnish tapes circeling in free space around the world?

that finnland sended tapes in space, so if life from other planets find the finnish tapes ..... they know what movies were released in finnland?

and he would like to know, what were the titles of the movies finnland sended in space ....... so when we have contact with the aliens, we atleast have the movies to talk about??

vhs - sartana does not forgive
tape can go for 20euro delivered

6 tapes for 10euro
Mar 28 2013, 08:23 AM
Codename wild Geese Please


6 tapes for 10euro
are gone

The Mack
Violent City
Bare Knuckles
Jungle Raiders
Rebel van palawan
Sicilian cross

6 tapes for 10euro
Mar 28 2013, 05:17 AM


Italian Crime & Horror Hartbox dvd Sale!
The Executioner gone through a trade

Cola, Candy, Chocolate - dutch vhs
offers please

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6 tapes for 10euro
5 euro each
5 for 20euro

8,90euro postal costs for the 5

vhs - sartana does not forgive
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for sale
spanish audio no subs
sonora aka sartana does not forgive
Alfonso Balcázar (1968 ) Sonora

a pretty rare tape
I am not so happy with the playback ... specially near the end.

I offer this tape for sale .... the playback isnt the best, but I have seen worse.

I am not expecting to get the money back I paid for this tape.

the sleeve is uncut without any stickers
still in the orriginal box
the tape is missing the toplabel, but it is the orriginal tape.

I am accepting bid starting from 10euro

I just love the black eagle of santa fe tape :wub:

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6 tapes for 10euro
Mar 26 2013, 01:45 AM
Mission Casablanca for me

yours mario!