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8mm porn
do you have by any chanse a vhs of the movie: Um Pistoleiro Chamado Papaco

a porn western from brazil.

Indonesian Lobby Cards
Up for sale or trade.

I can role these up ..... have to check what the postal costs are.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

got several tapes in over the last weeks.

this one is very rare. a spanish releas.

Posted Image

VERY RARE: Bay of Blood (Argentina)
beautifull box!

Indonesian Poster Buaya Putih /The White Crocodile
up for sale

very rare indonesian movie poster.
I can add a dvdr (betamax transfer) of the movie

size: 61.5/91.7cm

Buaya Putih aka The White Crocodile

Posted Image

Indonesian Laserdisc
2 more laserdiscs added tp the list.

they guy that has them, doesnt has a laserdisc player ....... he collects them because he likes the sleeves :(

these are the kind of boxes I am looking for ..... need 8. all same size and ofcours with no damages

Posted Image

would like to have atleast 6 of them ...... would or how mutch would you like to have in return?

cees, do you have any "puffy" warner boxes for sale?

Pandora Video De geheime Decamerone
Mar 18 2014, 12:11 PM
you can check if the VHS intro Cinehollywood?

sorry ..... no cinehollywood intro :(

Pandora Video De geheime Decamerone
for trade or sale

dutch vhs , pandora label

De geheime Decamerone
Giuseppe Vari (1972) Beffe, licenzie et amori del Decamerone segreto

soft porn

english with dutch subs


postal costs 3.50euro

Posted Image
Posted Image

Spaghetti Western Tapes and Disks
some vhs tapes added

Dutch Warner Home Video tapes
how come its not on your list?
or you dont want to collect all movies released on warner?

also navajo joe isnt on your list (yellow warner)

Dutch Warner Home Video tapes
the mercenary you allready have guy?

A bunch of DVDs/BDs for sale
5euro silbersattel.

from were are you posting the disks?

jesse and lester - 50euro
50euro for the silver videostar vhs of " jesse en lester"

WOOF! the Magazine
Looking cool :up:

WOOF! the Magazine
Mar 6 2014, 12:04 PM
Tom can masturbate with his teeth. Saw him in the latest issue of Teetherbators  :ph43r:

i wish i could anthony! .......... "oops!:
if i could masturbate with my teeth i would be showing off it off all day!

WOOF! the Magazine
I am multi talented jo, i can masterbate using the left or the right arm!

just wait till your child is born, and you will rediscover the magnificent facinating world of masterbation :up:

WOOF! the Magazine
wait ....... i will send you a picture were i am not wearing a shirt :up: