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Looking for Spaghetti Westerns on LaserDisc
give me that signed laserdisc :hi:

Mar 22 2015, 10:27 AM
there's no audio on the movie itself? how would you get it to play perfectly synchronized? :)
probably multi tasking was very mormal in the 60's :D

Need help on Tradera
Need help on Tradera

their are 2 tapes for sale I would like to have, but I can not log in on the site cause I life in switzerland.

please pm me if you can help me bidding for me on the tape.

these are the tapes I am looking for:
- Shot Gun Pallas Fd hyrfilm
- Varghunden Viking Fd hyrfilm

Looking for Spaghetti Westerns on LaserDisc
I am aware of these:
Germany - Beichtet Freunde, Halleluja kommt / West is Tough, Amigo... Alleluja's Here *Found*
Germany - Django *Found*
Germany - Rivalen unter roter Sonne / Red Sun *Found*
Germany - Winnetou 1 *Found*
Germany - Winnetou 2 *Found*
Germany - Nobody ist der Größte / Nobody the greates
germany - Für eine Handvoll Dollar / Fistful of dollars
Germany - Für ein paar Dollar mehr / for a few dollars more
Germany - Mein Name ist Nobody / My name is nobody
Germany - Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod / Once upon a time in the west
Holland - Once upon a time in the west

USA - Once upon a time in the west *Found*
USA - Stranger And The Gunfighter *Found*
USA - Fistful of dynamite *Found*
USA - They Call Me Trinity *Found*
USA - Fistful of dollars *Found*
USA - The good the bad and the ugly *Found*
USA - Hannie Caulder *Found*
USA - For a few dollars more *Found*
USA - Trinity is Still My Name
USA - Viva Maria
USA - West and Soda (Animation)
USA - My Name is Nobody
Japan - My Name is Nobody *Found*
Japan - Sonny & Jed *Found*
Japan - Django Kill *Found*
Japan - Vamos a matar, companeros / Companeros *Found*
Japan - Days of Vengeance - 星空の用心棒
Japan - Massacre Time - 真昼の用心棒
Japan - Tierra Brava - 新・荒野の用心棒
Japan - Per Pochi Dollari Ancora / Fort Yuma Gold
Japan - The Great Silence *Found*
Japan - Bullet for the General *Found*
Japan - Dead or Alive / Vivi o, preferibilmente, morti - 荒野の大活劇 -デジタル・リマスター版-
Japan - Comin' at Ya
Japan - Fistful of dollars
Japan - For a few dollars more
Japan - The good the bad and the ugly
Japan - Django

8mm porn
all are sold

8mm porn
First Bids
Der Strich $30
Lolita(Miss Pimmel) $30
Telefonservice $30
Leder porn (movie + 7 inch) $35

8mm porn
8 mm porn for sale

Leder Porno - http://myclasic.com/professional-fil...r-porno-1970s/
Moralpisser - http://myclasic.com/?s=moralpisser
Unerwartete hilfe - http://myclasic.com/?s=unerwartete+hilfe
Super Sandwich - http://myclasic.com/?s=super+sandwich
Das Grosse Blase - ?
Rubber Love elastic fucking - ?
Der glucks fick - ?
Der Strich - http://myclasic.com/?s=der+strich
Miss Pimmel - http://myclasic.com/?s=miss+pimmel
Sexofonie - http://myclasic.com/?s=Sexofonie
Telefonservice - http://myclasic.com/?s=Telefonservice
14 modelle in grossaktion - ?
Smaragd - http://myclasic.com/?s=smaragd
Bettpiraten - http://myclasic.com/?s=Bettpiraten
A Sexy Supper - http://myclasic.com/?s=a+sexy+supper
Sperm Lovers - http://myclasic.com/?s=sperm+lovers
Big Surprise - http://myclasic.com/?s=Big+Surprise
Sexual Akrobats - ?
Anal Orgy Playboy Film No.1703 - http://myclasic.com/?s=Anal+Orgy
Schnee Mösen - http://myclasic.com/?s=Schnee+M%C3%B6sen
Oral Love - ?
en 2 cartoon porns

bought a full box off 8mm porn today on the flea market :up:

this is interesting, never saw it before, a 8mm (porn) movie, with a seperate single to play the audio!

Posted Image
Posted Image

Dutch + other tapes WITH prices
could you send me a picture?

Dutch + other tapes WITH prices
do you have any other spaghetti westerns beside navajo joe?

tape is nice, but I can imagen the postal costs for only 1 tape will take the fun away.

sale and swap Greek vhs with English dub
PM send!

Horror Posters
and many more...

Posted Image

Horror Posters
Malam Satu Suro

Poster Size:
wide 58.5cm
hight 38.5cm

Posted Image

Horror Posters
Sundel Bolong

Poster Size:
wide 53.5cm
hight 36.5cm

Posted Image

Horror Posters
Telaga Angker

Poster Size:
wide 66cm
hight 38cm

Posted Image

Horror Posters
Suzzana - Pusaka Penyebar Maut

Poster Size:
wide 76.5cm
hight 54cm

Posted Image

Horror Posters
For Sale

Orriginal Indonesian Movie poster

Buaya Putih

Poster Size:
wide 62cm
hight 92cm

Posted Image

Italian VHS: Cinehollywood, SSV and more
Cinehollywood - PAL - Uno sbirro e mezzo
Cinehollywood - PAL - I frutti amari
GVC - PAL - Sigpress
SSV - PAL - La malavita attacca
SSV - PAL - La colomba non deve volare
SSV - PAL - E continuavano a mettete lo diavolo ne lo inferno

it is here for sale .... 9,90euro!

HK/Thai SNAKE QUEEN movie?
very nice! can yu show a scan or picture of the sleeve of the tape?
were did you find it?
these movies are so much fun too watch ...... a pitty mondo macabro doesnt release more weird asian movies on dvd ....