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Philippine Video Tapes
I am working on a deal to get a whole bunch of Philippino vhs and betamax tapes.

the postal costs are going to be a real killer ..... but I just cant help not to buy these tapes!

I love finding stuff like this, even I dont collect them.

more as half of the tapes are drama's and comedies, but I am sure that there are some good action movies among them ..... not so many horror/fantasy movies "oops!:

5 Dutch VHS tapes
do you ahve any spaghetti westerns you want to sell peter?

5 Dutch VHS tapes
Feb 29 2016, 10:15 AM
Shootgringoshoot, have you looked around before for this tape, do you know of any other copy in existence? I personally never seen it anywhere else.
I can't remember seeing a second copy of the tape (videoscreen big sleeve).
but I can also not recall seeing it as a videoscreen small box.

I had one or two other videoscreen big sleeves that I never saw with a small sleeve.

a pitty member valor is not bidding on this tape. I can imagen eh would find it interesting. he is french and he likes these big sleeve tapes .... maybe you can send him a message?