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The Tiger from the River Kwai / Techno Film
For sale

Swedish vhs
english with swedish sub titles
The Tiger from the River Kwai

spaghetti western / kungfu cross over

no dvd release available of the movie

reserve 50euro + postal

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there are not many tapes I am still after, and the few tapes I still pick up every now and than I dont really care to share a picture of.
but this tape is one I didnt expect too find.
I never saw it before, only saw it mentioned on a distributers list some years ago.

very happy too replace my swedish techno vhs with this very nice Film Service Holland release

The Tiger from the River Kwai
Spaghetti Western / Kungfu crossover.

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Ratu Buaya Putih / Suzzanna / Laserdisc
Mar 5 2017, 12:42 PM
I might still have a DVD-R I made once (of S&D), I'd have to check.
For those who doesn't know, Hungry Snake Woman is part of a trilogy. I think I have the Perkawinan nyi blorong VCD somewhere.
That would be interesting. I just got the french dvd of s and d. Would be interesting to compare these different versions.
Untill now all my versions of the movie are fullscreen.

Tapes galore
tapes arrived today, thank you Philipp for the fast delivery!

Ratu Buaya Putih / Suzzanna / Laserdisc
the greek vhs is "the snake queen" aka "Nyi Blorong / 1982"

the japanese vhs is "the hungry snake woman" aka "Petualangan Cinta Nyi Blorong / 1986"

there is another part, that I dont know a foreign release of only the indonesian video and vcd;
"the snake queens Wedding" aka "Perkawinan Nyi Blorong / 1983"

Ratu Buaya Putih / Suzzanna / Laserdisc
not much gore in the movie, but some nice cheap special effects.

I dont have the vcd of the movie, once I have it, I will make a compare with the laserdisc and japanese video.

do you have a dvdr of the korean vhs of samson and delilah? also would like to have a look at the french dvd.

snake queen was also released in lebanon.

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Ratu Buaya Putih / Suzzanna / Laserdisc
the laserdiscs has a runtime of +/- 81min
the japanese vhs +/- 82:30min

the japanese tape is widescreen and has an english dub
the indonesian laserdisc is fullscreen and in bahasa

the pictures quality of the laserdisc is better, but the 700mb download I gotof the japanese tape was not the best quality. would be interesting to have a direct dvdr transfer of the japanese tape.

the tape has a few "erotic" scene's that run longer as the laserdisc.
after +/- half an hour we see the snake queen undressed. we see how suzzanna walks to the bed, and we see her butt. from this scene the picture of the front of the sleeve is taken.
in the same love scene there are a few seconds were is sugested that suzzanna's tits are being licked.
the totall love maken scene takes a few minutes, the japanese vhs has around 40seconds of material that are not on the laserdisc.

another scene that runs longer on the vhs is the ballet scene, this starts at around 45minutes in the movie.
we see a young girl dancing, there are some close ups from her tits (with cloths). the scene is around 5min, the japanese version is about a minute longer as the version on the laserdisc.

these are the only 2 differences