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wouldnt mind that bruce lee vs superman!

aces go places is a real fun movie, bought the dvd last week.

German tapes
kommissar x - 5
einer spielt falsch - 5

Looking for Female Combat Movies
Hi Im looking for a video release of female combat movies.

vhs tapes most be english friendly

vcc or beta is also welcome ...... but cant offer much for them.

* Guy what a great catch!
you had so many dutch cinehollywoods over the years .... and they are so rare! .......

its to much work, and im sure you have/had better things to do ..... but it would have been great when you made sleeve scans of all the tapes you had over the years!

would have made a great catalogue
* Beatifull tapes Hans!
but i think these tapes might have a bad influence on Lola ....... so its better to get them out of your house, send them far away ..... to switzerland for example :up: my parents are coming over this week .... so you can save on postal costs by sending the package to breda, my parents will take it to me than :P

Joinks ! :blink: ! pretty amazing catch you ahve there guy!

what are those 2 home video tapes? are they official tapes? never seen them before

force four looks amazing!!

wow! great tapes cees! love "hell squad" !!!

I heared the first year is till nice ..... they only sleep, cry, poop, sleep etc
...... the real problemms come when they can start walking :blink:


congratulations Hans with your lovely daughter!

only a few weeks for us and I will become a dad aswell ;)

another title of the want list!

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Apr 23 2012, 09:18 PM
McDonalds you said? But our enemy is not USA but Germany....

I guess they could buit a statue of Hitler. :hello!:

as you wish ..... acropolis is now named "Merkel Mountain"

also the paper money will get this portrate on it :wub:
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Apr 23 2012, 04:27 PM
Don't you have lots of old statues in Greece that's just collecting dust? Why don't you just sell one of those.

I suggested a long time ago this .....

greece needs money ...... acropolis is a very interesting commercial place! loads of tourist come their, the place stands for alott of ideals that stand for big sympathi..... you cant build any new building on the area ...... so you might think sell the area, leave it at it is.....but it becomes a new owner ...... and by doing this greece will get alott of money, wich they need! its only a matter of honour ...... acropolis will just be called MC donalds mountain in the future :P

tapes for sale or swap

tapes for sale or swap

led me know if you have other ww2 or spaghetties tapes.

tapes for sale or swap
could I have -slag om berlijn- than

tapes for sale or swap
cees could you tell me what the imdb links are to the following movies
-slag om berlijn
-victory in europe
-in the face of the enemy

or are the last 3 titles documentaries?

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Apr 22 2012, 10:36 AM
I think the best way instead of donation button is to buy some cheap stuff (DVD, VHS...) from me. This way you support this site but you have some benefit yourself too :hello!:

bring me those spaghetties and I will buy them :lol: their are loads of greek spaghetti releases Im still after :up:

Demofilo Fidani
Apr 12 2012, 09:29 PM
Don't know if this works, but I'm too lazy right now to upload it on Photobucket:


nice tape!

also saw their is a greek video release of the movie.

would be interesting if some cheap dvd label would bring out a fidani box!

is karzan the only non western of fidani that had an english friendly dvd release?

tapes for sale or swap
no goats :blink:

tapes for sale or swap
Apr 21 2012, 11:08 AM
Ik stel voor dat we binnenkort eens een meeting houden met wat belgische en hollandsche verzamelaars, samen met veel bier en hash :)

and prostitutes :up:

thank you geroge aka karamurat for the ultra fast payment!!