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FOR SALE: A Time For Dying, Greek Vhs (joconda)
cool tape!

Trip to Amsterdam

and be carefull when you want o buy cocaine! their are people that give you heroin instad! but their are many posters that will warn you ... already a few tourists died from an o.d.



Flea markets: what is worth saving?
it was a guy that was selling a 8mm projector .... he said he had some porn "under the table" !

Flea markets: what is worth saving?
great that you are still picking up movies at flea markets ..... I made a score a few weeks ago after many yeras! a whole box full of 8mm porn!

great to travel home "with public transport" carrying a box full of 70's porn!

5 Man Army - Dutch RCV Release
what happend too chevyreeves? I was working on a very big deal with him .... he wanted too buy a few hundred tapes from me .... than I got an email from him something happened and I never heared from him again or saw him on one of the forums.

5 Man Army - Dutch RCV Release
no, but i will try .... did he buy this tape from you?

5 Man Army - Dutch RCV Release
still looking!
can be vhs beta or vcc .... most important ist that the sleeve is in good condition!

will pay a good price for the tape!
30euro +

Moving to a New Server...!!!
and another spamrobot "Velemoochi"

various vhs for sale
did you contact member emieloftherose peter?
can imagen their are some tapes he might be interested in, he offers very fair prices for tapes he would like to have.