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Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
If I had the correct software for it I would go for fan projects of every compare I make.

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
The indonesian laserdisc also have the longer sex scenes. It looks like the censorship is different every 10 years..

looking for some dvdr's and sleeve scans
also I am looking for the following:

- satan's bed - dvdr of korean video
- satan's bed - sleeve scan korean video
- satan's bed - indonesian vcd / orriginal
- Petualangan cinta Nyi Blorong - dvdr of korean video
- Petualangan cinta Nyi Blorong - dvdr of japanese video
- Petualangan cinta Nyi Blorong - indonesian vcd / orriginal
- das geistergesicht der roten dschunke - dvdr of german video
- das geistergesicht der roten dschunke - dvdr of german 8mm
- das geistergesicht der roten dschunke - would prefer the orriginal german dvd
- Karate e Bali - dvdr of belgium / french vhs
- Sleeve scan of Ghostly face ocean shores Hong Kong release

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
Jack J
Apr 22 2017, 02:14 AM
I doubt there's 11 minutes missing from the Greek version.
well there is atleast 6:20 footage on the betamax that is not on the greek vhs + 1:40 end credit

I can imagen that there are a few seconds missing in the love scene's

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
sadly no dvd release cees

the cuts are most likely censor.
the indonesian video tapes often have no nudety ..... the vcd's often look like random cuts.
but gore is also often cut.
the indonesian laserdiscs "tend" to be uncut .... but some laserdiscs are also cut :(
most difficult is to find indonesian movies in widescreen or an export version that has an english dub.

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
I made a compare of the 3 versions I have of the indonesian movie Nyi Blorong aka The Snake Queen

Nyi Blorong puteri nyi Roro Kidul
The Snake Queen
year: 1982
Genre: Mistic
runtime: 100 minutes (according to filmindonesia)

Producer: Gope T Samtani
Director: Sisworo Gautama Putra
Writer: Darto Joned
Cast: HIM Damsjik, Suzanna, Nena Rosier, George Rudy, Barry Prima
language: Bahasa

when you tranaslate the title "Nyi Blorong puteri nyi Roro Kidul" you will come up with something different as "The Snake Queen". Direct translated the title says "Nyi Bloring daughter of Queen Nyi Roro Kidul".
Nyi Bloring and Nyi Roro Kidul(Queen of the South Sea) are both mytical figures in Indonesia. Nyi Bloring and Nyi Roro Kidul are often seen as the same figure, only Nyi Bloring is more a half snake because she likes to seduce and mislead people, queen Roro Kidul has a kind heart.
the title of the movie has more meaning to it than just the translated names, maybe it can be understood when a indonesian person must explain a title as Zeus son of Cronus.

Rd Cokro, a wealthy businessman, obtains his wealth through the help of Nyi Blorong, the daughter of Nyi Roro Kidul, believed to be the ruler of the south seas. In return, he sacrifices his loved ones - his wife and one of his children. Nyi Blorong demands for another sacrifice so Cokro offers her the boyfriend of his daughter. Nyi Blorong is infatuated with this handsome man. Cokroís daughter is disappointed and in her dream, she learns about the source of her problem. Then she receives help from a cleric to destroy Nyi Blorong.

the 3 versions I compared

Greek VHS
English language with greek subtitles
runtime 88:20min
Posted Image

Indonesian Betamax
Bahasa no subtitles
runtime 91:18min
Posted Image

Indonesian VCD
Bahasa no subtitles
runtime 74:11min + 1:40min end credits
Posted Image

Some random screenshots to compare the picture quality of the 3 versions
Posted Image

from the 3 versions the greek version is the most interesting A) it is in english B ) widescreen C) has the most interesting scene's.
the vcd is cut to pieces, every were they tried to safe seconds, there is not a scene that they didnt cut, however there are 3 seconds on the vcd that are not on the greek vhs or on the indonesian betamax.
the vcd and the betamax look like the same print, but the colors on the vcd look better as on the betamax.
the betamax doesnt have some erotic scene's but the betamax has also some scne's that are not on the greek betamax, also there is an alternative seen.
alott to compare and some interesting findings!

I made the compare based on the greek vhs

46:05min (1:31min)
the first 3 seconds are only on the vcd .... nothing special the camera is on the sun and than the camera slowly moves down to the ground
Posted Image

Andika and Devi are in a forrest looking for each other, the meet and kiss, the couple continuous by horse on the beach
Posted Image

57:50 (0:07min)
a few extra seconds of the creepy nurse that enters the room
Posted Image

59:03 (0:50min)
when the nurse escorts Sasti through the hallway, Sasti comes into a dream world, the entrance to the dreamworld is not on the vhs
Posted Image

1:15:00 (0:38min)
the love scene between Cokro and the Snake Queen is different cut on the betamax
Sasti, Andika and andika's room-mate a car driving towards Cokro's secret worship room. at the same time Cokro is having sex with the Snake Queen.
we only see very short clips of Kokoro and The Sanke Queen, also the scene is longer.
Posted Image

1:19:15 (1:58min)
Sasti and Cokro are talking with each other what they can do, they decide to get help from the witch. Anika and his room-mate over hear the conversation.
Posted Image

1:21:04 (0:36)
we see how The Snake Queen prepares to transform into a snake.
Posted Image

1:24:10 (1:00min)
after the Snake Queen defeats the witch Cokro wants to escape and leaves his daughter behind, Sasti tries to run after him.
Posted Image

runtime according to filmindonesia is 100 minutes
88:20 the greek Pal vhs runs
1:40min the vcd has end credits that can be added that run
6:40min(1:31 + 0:07 + 0:50 + 0:38 + 1:58 + 0:36 + 1:00) all the scene on the betamax that are not on the greek vhs are together
96:40 everything together

hope you like the review.

for a next compare I am looking for dvdr's of the japanese and the korean vhs of PETUALANGAN CINTA NYI BLORONG

looking for some dvdr's and sleeve scans
can somebody help me getting dvdr's of the following video's

I can offer money or an other dvdr in return

LADY KILLER= DIRTY HEROES aka Chaat Gleua ( 1976)?
Clint Chit is in the movie!

Suzzanna / Sangkariang
Spanish tape of the Suzzanna movie


1982 :: Legend :: 97 minutes

Producer: Sabirin Kasdani
Director: Sisworo Gautama Putra
Writer: I Sukardjasman, RA Kosasih
Cast: Suzanna, Baun Gazali, Ratno Timoer, Ryan Hidayat, Clift Sangra
Language Bahasa

Too lazy to pick up her sewing kit, Dayang Sumbi swears an oath: whoever helps her pick up her sewing kit, will be made her husband. Lengser, a kingdom officer, picks it up for her. Sumbiís father, the playboy, King Prabangkara, is furious when he hears that Sumbi is pregnant. The king puts a curse on Lengser and he turns into a dog. Sumbi is banished to the forest. Jaka Sona is born. The boy is always accompanied by Tumang the dog, whom he doesnít recognise as his own father. When Sumbi requests for a deerís heart, Jaka starts to look for it and is upset when he cannot find any deer. He starts to intimidate the dog and the arrow is accidentally shot. Tumang dies and transforms back to a man. Jaka takes out his heart and gives it to Sumbi. When she finds out that Tumang is dead, Sumbi is furious and banishes Jaka. The boy later resides in a cave. There, he listens to a magical voice, meditates for nine years, receives supernatural power and becomes Sangkuriang. He descends from the mountain to help the people who are oppressed by Prabangkara, his grandfather. He can only find his motherís grave. Sangkuriang fights the king and his soldiers, and later meets Larasati, resembles Sumbi. They fall in love. But then Larasati aka Sumbi, who is in disguise in order to hide from her father, finally recognises Sangkuriang as her son from a scar on his head. Sumbi reveals herself as his mother. Sangkuriang doesnít believe her, especially when she refuses to reveal the name of his father. When Sangkuriang keeps insisting on marrying her, Sumbi agrees on several conditions: Sangkuriang has to block the Citarum river, build her a pond and also a boat. All her conditions are met. He even has to fight Prabangkara throughout until the king is dead. Sumbiís plan fails. Sangkuriang keeps insisting on marrying her. When he tries to kiss Sumbi, she turns into a flower. Sangkuriang is remorseful. He kicks away the finished boat and it becomes the mountain of Tangkuban Perahu.

Posted Image

I compared the spanish vhs with the indonesian vcd.
the vcd has a runtime of 89:07min, the vhs runs 94:39min
I made some random screenshots to compare the image quality of the 2 versions.
the vhs has clearer colors also the ratio is "more" 16:9.
Posted Image

the vhs contains a scene that is not on the vcd, starts 57:16 / ends 1:01:58.
on the vcd the scene starts on cd2 10:52
Posted Image

I uploaded the scene on youtube
starts at 02:10
ends at 08:40

Samson and Delilah
Jack J
Apr 11 2017, 11:28 PM
Awesome compare! Thanks, Tom!!!

Is Kotar (or whatever his forum name is) still on this board???
you are welcome jack, if you can find that dvdr of satans bed, I can make a compare between the german vhs, maybe the korean vhs and your dvdr. have to see if I can spot a vcd of the movie

I havent seen peter / kothar online for a very long time, no idea if he still collects?

Samson and Delilah
would be great if somebody want to make a fandub.
I dont have the software for it.

Rare HK laserdiscs for sale
Hi, do you maybe have any Indonesian movies on laserdisc?

Samson and Delilah
I made a compare of the indonesian movie Samsan and Delilah.

thank you Kurt for giving me a dvdr of the Korean vhs.

these 3 version I compared with each other:

French DVD
French / PAL / Widescreen
Posted Image

Korean VHS (dvdr copy)
English language / NTSC / Fullscreen
Posted Image

Malaysian VCD
Bahasa / PAL / Fullscreen
Posted Image

some random screenshots to compare the image quality of the 3 versions
Posted Image

the dvd is clearly the better version. the image is not cropped, sharp, a bit dark, but for this rare movie, a real joy, also has the longest runtime.
the vhs has the lowest image quality .... but an english audio track......runtime is shorter as the dvd.
the vcd has brighter colors. there are some "night and indore" scene that are very dark on the dvd, and much clearer on the vcd, has the shortest runtime, but has 1 scene that is not on the dvd or the vhs.

the vcd is dubed in bahasa, the funny thing is that many of the dialogs between delilah and her father are partly in dutch,
this is ofcours because they play dutch occupiers.

a great fan project could be made when the audio of the vhs would put under the french dvd.

Samson dan Delilah
year: 1987
runtime: 93 minutes
Producer: Ram Soraya
Director: Sisworo Gautama Putra
Writer: Naryono Prayitno, Tim Soraya Film
Cast: Paul Hay, Suzanna, Eddy Gunawan, Melisa Husein, Corbi
Main language Bahasa


A retelling of the Samson and Delilah story, Paiman is a child conceived when a Dutch colonial raped his mother in Java. So Paiman has fair skin and blond hair. He is also an undefeated champion fighter, who is arrested when Delilah, a daughter of a colonial resident, tricks him. Shortly before the execution is carried out, Delilah starts to love Paiman, of whom she calls by the name, Samson. By using his recovered supernatural power, Samson demolishes the courthouse and kills every colonial, except Delilah.

the cuts are based on the runtime of the french dvd

03:37 - this scene is ONLY on the vcd. after the prayer samson has an extra work-out scene
Posted Image

04:33 - the rape scene of samsons mother is not on the vcd

09:49 - samsons flasback has a blue filter over it on the dvd and the vhs version, on the vcd the colors stay normal

+/- 35:00 - while samsons friend is beying beaten by the cyclops and his hoodlums. we see the cyclops in a short cut. this is only on the vcd.
Posted Image

35:34 - when samson throws the spike shield to the cyclops, the cyclops is cut in half. this scene is only on the dvd.
Posted Image

47:40 - the shaman grabs the heart out of the lieutenants chest. he holds the heart infront of the lieutenant before he drobs dead. the full scene is only on the dvd, the version on the vhs is also cut.
Posted Image

55:34 - samson is in a battle when an evil spirit, he cuts his body in 2, now he has to fight the legs only. this scene is in both dvd and vcd
Posted Image

62:05 - during the love scene delilah is sucking a banana! this scene is only on the dvd. the love scene is completely cut from the vcd
Posted Image

79:00 - samson eyes are stabbed out by the lieutenant, and he is trown in jail. a friend of samson comes to visit him during the night to give him hes eyes back! with help of some voodoo power the his eyes in her tits. when samson pushes his face against her tits he will get his eye-sight back! this scene is not on the vcd.
Posted Image