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if you like i can make you dvdr's of the asian westerns

Jack J
May 28 2011, 09:28 PM
Mega rare Danish release of the (also rare) Filipino western GUNFIGHTER AND THE KID (aka The Gunfighter aka The Kid and the Gunfighter) :wub:

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Thanks goes out to Member-X. :D

that is a very nice tape jack!

I have the greek vhs release of the movie.

their asre a few other kung-fu/ western cross overs taht im still looking for.

the philipino movies:
Long Ranger and Tonton (Shooting Stars of the West)
The Return of the Long Ranger & Tonton: How the West Was Wrong
Cowboys Must be Crazy
The Arizona Kid

I have dvdr copies of all movies besides cowboys must be crazy.......only saw the poster of that one.........I know somebody that ahs the other three on video.........but his copies are the only ones i know of......

looking for some movies
yor should be released in holland.........also cannibal apocalypse
can also some of the herculas movies are released on evc
I have one of his early spy movies on dutch delta.........so hopelfully some others are released in holland aswell.

but i think most of the movies are available on greek vhs

these are the tapes i collected till now
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Posted Image
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looking for some movies
i think this is the complete list of te movies margheriti directed.

o 2010 Genghis Khan: The Story of a Lifetime
o 1997 Cyberflic
• 1991 Indio 2
• 1989 Indio
• 1989 Alien degli abissi / Alien from the Deep
• 1988 Der Commander/ The Commander
• 1987 L'isola del tesoro/ Treasure Island in Outer Space (TV mini-series)
• 1985 Kommando Leopard
• 1985 La leggenda del rubino malese/ Jungle Raiders
• 1984 Geheimcode: Wildgänse
• 1983 Tornado
o 1983 Il mondo di Yor/ Yor
• 1983 I sopravvissuti della città morta/ Ark of the Sun God
• 1982 Fuga dall'archipelago maledetto/ Tiger Joe
• 1982 I cacciatori del cobra d'oro/ Hunters of the Golden Cobra
o 1981 Car Crash
• 1980 L'ultimo cacciatore/ Hunter of the Apocalypse
o 1980 Apocalypse domani/ Cannibal Apocalypse
• 1979 Killer Fish
• 1978 The Squeeze/ The Rip-Off
• 1976 Con la rabbia agli occhi/ Death Rage
o 1976 Fantasma en el Oeste/ Whisky and Ghosts
o 1975 Take a Hard Ride
• 1974 El kárate, el Colt y el impostor/ Blood Money
o 1974 Manone il ladrone
o 1973 La morte negli occhi del gatto/ Cat's Murdering Eye
o 1973 Schiaffoni e karate/ Hercules Against Karate
• 1972 Treasure Island (uncredited)
o 1972 Finalmente... le mille e una notte/ 1001 Nights of Pleasure
o 1972 Novelle galeotte d'amore/ Decameronen naiset (finland)
• 1971 Nella stretta morsa del ragno/ Web of the Spider
o 1970 L'inafferrabile invincibile Mr. Invisibile/ The Unseizable Invincible Mr. Invisibile
• 1970 E Dio disse a Caino/ And God Said to Cain
o 1969 Schreie in der Nacht/ Screams in the Night
• 1968 Joko invoca Dio... e muori/ Vengeance
o 1968 Io ti amo/ I Love You
o 1968 Nude... si muore/ The Young, the Evil and the Savage
o 1967 Joe l'implacabile/ Dinamita Joe
o 1967 La morte viene dal pianeta Aytin/ The Snow Devils
o 1966 Il pianeta errante/ War Between the Planets
o 1966 I diafanoidi vengono da Marte/ Diaphanoids, Bringers of Death
• 1966 Operazione Goldman
• 1966 A 077, sfida ai killers/ Bob Fleming... Mission Casablanca
o 1965 I criminali della galassia/ Wild, Wild Planet
o 1964 I lunghi capelli della morte/ The Long Hair of Death
• 1964 I giganti di Roma/ Giants of Rome
o 1964 Ursus, il terrore dei kirghisi/ Hercules, Prisoner of Evil
o 1964 Danza macabra/ Castle of Blood
o 1964 Anthar l'invincibile/ Devil of the Desert Against the Son of Hercules
o 1963 La vergine di Norimberga/ The Virgin of Nuremberg
o 1963 Il crollo di Roma/ The Fall of Rome
o 1962 La freccia d'oro/ The Golden Arrow
o 1961 Il pianeta degli uomini spenti/ Battle of the Worlds
o 1960 Space Men

the titles with a black dot I have......the blanks I dont.......I would prefer dutch tapes........but english widescreen versions are also welcome.

please contact me if you ahve some for sale/ trade

VDS video (or VSO)
hi jo,

just saw I have an english vds of Blastfighter.....sleeve is badly damaged....theirs a small hole in the sleve....+ somebody has written on the sleeve with a black marker.

if you like you can have the tape for postal costs

Trade tapes
so did I.........but the tape is allready taken by an other collecter :(

dutch square box
and the two videoscreens together.

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it would be very interesting to find a spaghetti western with a big sleeve like this.
found sabata de killer ones........but the sleeve was cut to fit a normal size box :(

Trade tapes
sended you a mail roel ;)

looking for dutch tapes
Nov 24 2010, 04:29 PM
Alright ;)

The Man Called Noon is a Spain | Italy | UK production, shot in Spain. But I guess it all depends on your definition of a 'spaghetti western'. Not that I have that tape, but I reckoned you'd like to know of its existence.

picked up - a man called noon- thank you for pointing that tape out for me

some cool trade tapes came in

start enjoying to martial art movies lately :)

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some nice spaghetties arived :rolleyes:

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May 13 2011, 12:42 PM
Operazione Bianchi
May 13 2011, 10:47 AM
Posted Image


:wub: :wub: :wub:

...is the upside of the inlay bent back or cut off??? :unsure:

do think the sleeve is cut.........sorry ob.
I have other video media tapes, also with a glued image on the front, and it looks the same as your sleeve.......only normal size.
think your sleeve was cut of were my sleeve has a purple line

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some more
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

May 13 2011, 02:44 PM
Operazione Bianchi
May 13 2011, 01:02 PM
If you mean the sleeve , I think it is just meant to be this way ! Just like those german "Viertelcover" releases !

Anyone knows which other (video media) titles were released in this cover-style ?

...I have a "This Is America" like this, with bend cover...

Think they bend them so that rentalstores could bend them back and use a regular softbox when the VIDEO MEDIA box got busted... :unsure:

Think most 1st releases came like this...

I have 1 videomedia with a equal box........but my sleeve looks like this
Posted Image
Posted Image

also the videomedia vcr tapes had sleeve designs like that.............so probably the black inkt sleeves are the first generation releases
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member from brasil?

what kind of movies does he collect?

do you think he could help me out with buying some tapes for me?

member from brasil?
I was wondering if we have a member from brasil on the forum?

saw some nice tape for sale.........but I cant buy them......and I dont speak any portuguese....

Couple of DVDs for sale - Giallo, Western, Crime,
And now make peace with God - DVD from South Africa, very rare and OOP

I made the sleeve for that dvd, also for some other global dvd's :)

the sleeve is cut from allmost all sides...........still happy to finally found a copy after searching for more than 5 years for this cinehollywood version

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still looking for these
Wanted Johnny Texas
La pazienza ha un limite…noi no
Vendetta Per Vendetta (have a sleeve but no tape)
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4 more of the want list :)

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very cool find peter, never knew these video8 rental tapes excisted in holland!