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200 indonesian ex-rentals
Lars Jacobsson
May 31 2012, 10:47 AM
A big congratulation on the score which is one of the interesting i've heard of in years (especially if it turns out that most of the films are of the type we see on the pics).

hi lars,

thank you for the complement ..... en yes ... the interesting looking movies Im going to put on dvdr, and ofcours Im going to make high resolution scans of the sleeves ;)

the interesting thing is, I bought the tapes from a guy in holland who used to have an indonesian rental store. he bought the tapes in indonesia.
I can imagen that through the climat in indonesia, a lot of old tapes are damaged .... and thank through the cold bad weather in holland, these tapes should still be in relative good condition.

the seller told me that their are around 200 tapes, but loads and loads of boring drama's, some erotic movies (interesting!) and a handfull of action movies ..... think most of them are in the picture, maybe a few arnt?

also he told me a part of the collection has copied sleeves, or copied tapes.

I hope to get a good price for some of the tapes, so I can buy some spaghetties im after! a few months ago a spanish seller (not on cinehound) ripped me of for 300euro's!!! ...... so fresh video money is welcome.

I have no idea what the value of these tapes is, but several people told me that these are very rare tapes ..... nobody saw an old indonesian ex-rental before ... or maybe 1 time on ebay.

so hopefully i can do some nice trades or some good sales with them!

May 30 2012, 05:06 PM
Nice one Tom  :up:
Do you have a pic of all your Cnr spaghettis together?

the spaghetties on cnr:
541- a fistful of dollars
206- my horse my gun your widdow
314- christmas kid
303- de laatste kogel
0141- ben & charly
0074- old shatterhand en winnetou
0142- wraak zonder genade
0040- lucky johnny (mexican western .... got the tape as an extra once)
0138- de terugkeer van white fang
0118- viva django
0117- gringo the buzzards

small box
Posted Image

big box
Posted Image

finally found a COPY!!!

been looking for years for this tape!

my cnr spaghetti series is complete :wub:

Posted Image

found one!

adios sabata on warner, ex-rental

greek release is the only ex-rental available of the movie!

Posted Image

came in today

Posted Image

'Killing American Style' and 'Samurai Cop' VHS
I do have a english audio tape of "the samurai sluts from hell" :up:

looking for italian tapes
looking for italian tapes, can be pal or ntsc , vhs beta or vcc

allways looking for spaghetti westerns .... so if you have any .... doesnt matter in what language, please led me know

200 indonesian ex-rentals
I bought my beta player around 2 years ago for a serious amount of money.
bought it from a dutch guy that sells restored beta players, he even gives a half year garanty on the players.

the problemm is ofcours, these machines are 30 years old ........
some months ago I was trying to buy a factory sealed/new betaplayer ..... but I got out bidden in the last moment.

Im still looking for a new beta player ...... but I think its allways the same risico .... the players are 30 year old, and after 30 years rubbers devolve, or the stretch get off of springs and bands ...... what I heared the biggest problemm is ..... the copper cilinders loose that magnatic sfeere ...... it just happens over time. so even a brand new beta player cant give a garanty of playing perfectly.

Im looking for a proffecional betaplayer ....... or a factory sealed/new one.
or I have to bump into one in a secondhand store for a bit of money......but i wont think that will happen.

Italian PAL VHS for Sale
goddamned! so many nice tapes on labels I like to collect ..... but no westerns :(

200 indonesian ex-rentals
I will post pictures of the tapes once i get them ..... but im not abig fan of selling dvdr's. for me dvdr's have no collecters value, their for also no $$$ value .... I just cant be bothered to make dvdr's for a few euro's, takes in too much time .... hope you understand.

if you buy a tape I can give you a dvdr with it ...... :(

or perhaps we can do a trade, im still looking for the indonesian movie " KOBOI SUTRA UNGU " their should be a tv record of the movie.

and ofcours Im looking for spaghetti westerns on video ;)

200 indonesian ex-rentals
Im thinking of putting the movies that look interesting to me on dvdr, and make a sleeve scans of the artwork .....

what would be the best place/forum to find collecters of indonesian movies?
will be selling/trading most of the tapes.

200 indonesian ex-rentals
Sunday my parents are visiting us again from holland, and they are taking around 200 indonesian ex-rentals along I bought some time ago!

first I asked the seller to sell me only the tapes that look like action movies .... than I thought ..... who knows what is among this bunch! so I took them all.

the guy told me its a whole bunch of mixed tapes.
orriginals, copied sleeves, copied tapes etc.
the tapes belonged to a "molukker" who had a video-rentalstore in holland. he had the tapes for ages in storages and gave them to the guy I bought them from.

since i never saw an indonesian ex-rental tape before ..... I imagened that this batch was pretty rare, and if he wouldnt buy them...the tapes probably ended up with the trash!

all tapes are betamax ..... that is a bit of a pitty ...... i do have a beta player ..... but I had some problemms with it in the past. some tapes he plays fine, other tapes stop running each minute :(

so in a week I will post pictures of the indonesian tapes!
cant wait to get them!

Sevimli Haydut DVDR review
the movie I review today is Sevimli Haydut (1971)
directed by Mehmet Aslan

Posted Image

disk info:
the disk I got is as far as i know the only print available. direct transfer from film.
the sound and picture quality is good, although I can imagen that my dvdr comes from a second generation vhs copy.

fullscreen, turkish audio, runtime 67min, black and white

A nice entertaining western, their are not too much action scene's in it ... but it didnt bother me. for a turkish western the movie as a lot of details. their are pedestrians dressed as cowboys or mexicans, their is an undertaker wear our hero gets his infrmation of, things are happening on the streets .... their are some small side stories ... anuff to entertain. the movie does has several long dialogs .... didnt understand them, so I did miss out of some information and plots.
a nice turkish western, that you should watch if you get the chanse .... only runs for a bit more as an hour ...... so it doesnt trake in too much time.

for introduction:
Good = :)
Bad = :angry:

Posted Image :) Tom = Cihangir Gaffari

Posted Image :) Jack = Aykut Bora

Posted Image :) Prostitute = Gülgün Erdem

Posted Image :) Jack's Girlfriend = Nükhet Egeli

Posted Image :) Undertaker = ?

Posted Image :angry: Taylor = Necati Er

Posted Image :angry: Taylors bandits gang

Posted Image :angry: Sheriff/Texas Jim = Yavuz Selekman

the movie:
two man are playing poker ina bar. a young (jack) and an old man. the old man is cheating and is being caught. the old man pulls his pistol, but jack is faster .... the old man has some friends that back him up. they want to shoot jack in the back. tom is also in the bar and he saw the whole situation and decides to help jack. tom shoots the 2 friend of the old man, and jack shoots 2 guys that wanted to attack tom. tom and jack become friends. the friendship doesnt start good, cause the sheriff comes int he bar and arrest tom and jack for murdering the four man. tom and jack are sended to prison, the are smashing stones the whole day and being whipped by the priison guard.

It doesnt take long for tom and jack to escape from prison. after a big fight between the prisoners and the guards tom and jack escape, but they are still chained together. the guards shoot all prisoners that want to escape, a big possy is rounded up the catch tom and jack. tom and jack ambush the guards, they defeat the guards and with their pistols the can unchain themselve. the each take a horse and go their seperate way.

tom arives home but he finds his father lying shot on the floor and the house is burning. with his last energy the father can tell tom who shot him ... "Texas Jim"

tom goes looking for texas jim. in a bar he sees the old man again on the poker table. this time tylor is on the poker table playing aswell ... only tylor is a bigger cheat as the old man and taylor outsmarts the oldman. tom and taylor have a small conversation. tom goes back to his room and a nice prostitute follows him for ..... sadly we so no boobs .... only a weak side boob :(

Jack attacks a group of bandits that want to attack a poor farmer. it turned out the bandits were working for taylor. the bandits inform taylor they were attacked by jack.

the prostitute falls in love with tom. she tells tom to be aware of taylor, that he is a bandit. taylor calls for tom, if he wants to take care of a problemm for him .... tom doesnt know the problemm is jack, but tom turns taylots offer down.

taylors man capture a farmer and they torture him untill he tells were jack is and what he is doing here. the farmer tells were they can find jack and that he is here to bring a bag with gold to an other city. taylor kills the farmer, since he cant use him anymore. the bandits find jack and they ambush him, their is a strong gunfight but in the end jack is being shot. and the bandits take the bag he was carrying.

jacks girlfriend comes in town, taylor acts like a real gentlemen and escorts jack girlfriend to the hotel. short after the girl hears that jack is being killed. taylor tells the girl tom is responsible for the dead of jack. the girl wants to take revenge, but tom can talk some sence into her. and explains taylor is the real bandit.
taylors man find out that tom and the girll know what taylor is up too. tom wants to get the bag with gold back, so he kills some of taylors man and steals the bag with gold. he gives it to thje girl and tells her to ride off. the girl and the bag of gold are being captured by taylors man again.

tom decides to go to taylors villa to take care of busseniss. hidden in a coffen, delivered by the undertaker, he surprises taylors gang and a big gun fight starts.
tom jumps, dives, roles, hides behand trees, shoots with his back turned to the enemy ..... the bandit drop dead with every shot he fires!
but taylor has a last joker ..... he has jacks girl as a hostage. tom jumps taylor and they have a fist fight.
(a bit of a silly scene comes in) the bag with gold has fallen on the floor and all want to escape with the bag of gold. one by one they have the bag in their hands, but each time the bag is being taken away by an other, they fall on the floor, stumble, slip, get punshed in the face etc ..... seen this before in a spaghetti western .... perhaps a halleluja movie .... and didnt like it than eather.

anyway, taylor gets the bag with gold in his hand, than the sheriff apears .... and he shoots taylor .. .everybody is surprised. than tom sees that the sheriff is wearing his dad's golden watch. the sheriff is Texas Jim! it comes to a duall between tom and texas jim ..... tom kills texas jim.

tom's mission is over ... he leaves the prostitute behind. .... the poor girl has tears in her eyes. tom gives jack's girl the bag with gold .... tom rides off

-the end-

and the sleeve I made for my dvdr

Posted Image



FOR SWAP: (mostly) Dutch rentals...
not offering more for groeten aan de duivel ...... sleeve is trimmed!

dutch betamax sale again

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

on golden pond, the day of the trffids, grayeagle and klansman are uk beta's (new)

Im looking for hartboxes ...... would be evry interesting to buy alott in 1 time .... maybe 25 of them. doesnt matter what movies are on them, they just have to be cheap!

saw this topic of a german guy who makes his own dvdr sleeves, and i want to do that aswell for my turkish movies


so please led me know if you know anything ..... maybe a cheap porn dvd's with a hardbox on filmundo .... I than can contact the seller if he has more.

Zagor dvdr review
May 27 2012, 09:31 AM
Of course they are :up:

You should think seriously about a book!

a book :unsure:

maybe in a couple of years ......

Im thinking of making new dvdr sleeves for my dvdr's .... saw this idea of a german guy and thought it is cool!

The Great Escape From Womens Prison
20euro delivered.

Zagor dvdr review
thank you miltos!

also nice to see that my reviews are being read! some reviews got some views over the time :)