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dutch betamax tapes dubbed in italian
I am looking for dutch tapes, dubbed in italian

prefer betamax

Looking for Dutch VUH tapes
I am looking for dutch VUH tapes, dubbed in italian.
vhs or beta

Dutch VHS Sleeves - Part 2
nice tapes!

Unicorn Video Inc. USA
Can somebody help me out. I am looking for sealed embedded 3-piece clamshells Unicorn tapes.

these I have:
01 adios hombre
02 and god said to cain
03 between god, the devil and a winchester
04 dead for a dollar
05 rattler kid
06 stranger from paso bravo
07 twice a judas
08 you're jinxed friend you've met sacaramento

These I am looking for:
09 gentleman killer
10 sartana's here trade your pistol for a coffin

perhaps their are other spaghetti westerns on unicorn I dont know?

Flea markets: what is worth saving?
beautifull tape! saw something on facebook the otherday, how you can clean video tapes with some kitchen materials

All Dutch ex rental tapes for sale.
martin gladh made so many bids of tapes I offered for sale ... and he never paid .... hope you have more luck with this guy!