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Samson and Delilah
would like to make a fan project of this movie, still looking for orriginal artwork / lobby card

The Ghostly Face Fanproject

I want to make a fanproject of the movie "the ghostly face".
before i can start this project I would like to compare the different versions of this movie that are available.

untill now I have releases from these countries:

I am still after DVDR'S of the releases from:
Belgiun / France
German 8mm (think I can forget aout this)

also I am looking for a high resolution sleeve scan of the UK and HongKong Ocean Shores

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
should look something like this.
ofcours this is this a photoshoped image

ordered 20, a few are gifts for the people that helped me.
the other will be for sale for 15euro each + postal.
if I have to put them on ebay they will be 20each + postal because of paypal and ebay fees

Posted Image

Pengabdi Setan / Satan's Slave
Pengabdi Setan
year: 1980
runtime: 95 minutes (according filmindonesia)

Producer: Sabirin Kasdani, Gope T Samtani
Director: Sisworo Gautama
Writer: Sisworo Gautama, Imam Tantowi, Naryono Prayitno, Subagio Samtani
Cast: WD Mochtar, Siska Karebety, Fachrul Rozy, Ruth Pelupessy, HIM Damsjik
Language: Bahasa

Pengabdi Setan / Satan Slave

Since the death of his wife, Munarto and his two children, Rita and Tommy, are traumatised, especially Tommy. On the advice of his friend, he goes to a fortune teller who forecasts the destruction of his family. So the fortune teller wants Tommy to learn black magic. Munarto gets a housemaid through an agency. Darmina starts to work in their house. Tommy is suspicious because she looks exactly like the fortune teller he once visited. Rita and Tommy start being haunted by frightening shadows. Then Karto the gardener hangs himself and Herman, Rita’s boyfriend, dies in an accident. Tommy realises his mistake and learns how to pray. Tommy and Rita are suspicious of Darmina so one night, Tommy follows Darmina and sees her trying to raise his mother’s dead body. Darmina intends to take over Munarto’s fortune so she starts her attack through zombies. At the climax, an ulema arrives and Satan’s disciple is defeated.

For this compare I used 4 different versions.
1) Indonesian TV broadcast / PAL / 1:27:51
2) Japanese VHS / NTSC / 1:37:46
3) Indonesian Betamax / PAL / 1:58:04
4) Indonesian VCD / PAL / 1:32:55
The runtime of the versions is very different, even the movies have the same cut. the pitch of the ntsc japanese vhs seems to be the most correct, the HD tv versions is also ok, but the indonesian betamax is very off!

There is also a US DVD, but I was told this is a bootleg copy of the japanese vhs. only difference with the japanese vhs is that the dvd has english subtitles, so I didnt include this version in the compare.

The indonesian TV broadcast is HD remastered and looks absolutely stunning! but i wonder of the colors are correct. the contrast is very low, some colors hardly show, blue looks more like gray?

the TV versions has some censorship in it, there is a nude poster on a wall that is blurred, sigarets are also blurred .... one scene Rita is sleeping, for some reason her breast are blurred even she is wearing a nightwear. 7seconds fail from the tv version, no idea why .... the end of a scene were tommy steps out of bed and walks to a door.
examples of blurred scene's from the HD version, on the betamax version you can see best "what" is blurred.
Posted Image

here you can enjoy the HD Indoneisan trailer

the betamax only is missing 1 short scene, the close up from the hanged Karto

the vcd and the betamax look very equal in picture quality and picture ratio/crop

all versions are more or less the same, nothing dramatic missing. pitty was hoping that the new JD version had some footage that we didnt see before.

TV Version, Bahasa, Widescreen
Posted Image

Japanese VHS, Bahasa with Japanese subtitles, Widescreen
Posted Image

Indonesian Betamax, Bahasa. Fullscreen
Posted Image

Indonesian VCD, Bahasa. Fullscreen
Posted Image

random screenshot compare of the different versions
Posted Image

Maybe an intersting idea to put the english subtitles under the HD version.

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
the 20 discs should be ready the first week of june :)

Indonesian HD trailers of old movies!
I came across this indonesian tv station that is remastering old indonesian movies.
a real joy to see the movies in widescreen and hd. would be great to get some of these movies on dvdr!

they have been remastering movies since 2016

these are just a few of them

Pengabdi Setan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_osSfX1c1Q&app=desktop

Wajah Seorang Pembunuh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBGwhLcfHO4

Kelabang Seribu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZbujVyXYdo

si boneka kayu pinokio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd0vlRdNqZY

Kisah Cinta Nyi Blorong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9CK6mS1-20

Primitif: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mmKWn8rBao

Barang Terlarang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KticyQDmrtE

Roro Mendut: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-qn_XFDEKg

Ratu Ilmu Hitam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjgHt2v3X5o

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
what do you think of this designs for the dvdr?
A ) based on the indonesian betamax.
B ) frame from movie
C ) simple but nice

A & C I like most ..... C will look better, this is just a rough design. C is also the design I had in mind for the front sleeve.
Posted Image

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
great! thank you for the positive feedbacks.
on facebook are a few people and also on pre-cert a few that are interested.
will make a small set of 20boxes.
this will take some time, first need to receive the lobby cards that I will use for the sleeve design.

I want to make a digipak, not a dvd box. digipak I find more appropriate for a dvdr fan projekt.

will keep you updated

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
May 10 2017, 06:34 PM
Just catching up on this thread ... thank you for all this!!

Very interesting stuff and I'm interested in seeing the final product.
thank you tom.

the film is done, also managed to make a very simple menu.

I bought some orriginal lobby cards of the movie. I am waiting for these to arrive, these images I will use for the of the box.

Posted Image

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
mpeg video wizard

the movie is done ... now I am strugling to make a menu .... after that I want to make the box/cover

1euro each auction vhs
Gardenia gone in a trade, sorry sangraal

- 5€ each on the mondocorse tapes / emieloftherose / precert
- 2.5euro HELVETET I NORMANDIE / magnus / precert
- 2.5euro COBRARI / magnus / precert
- colorado charlie 3euo / thevideovaults / precert
- 1€ Dalle Ardenne all'inferno / sangraal / precert

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
I cropped the fullscreen image of the missing scenes that were on the betemax.
the overflow(?) between the scene goes a bit smoother through this
Posted Image
dont mind te spelleing mistake (toot) the subtitles are not translated by me, but by a native english speaker

and for the scenes that are not in english I made subtitles
Posted Image

I am still looking for a place were I can make dvdr covers for a good price. thinking of a digipak packaging with a disk with a color image ..... maybe make around 15 of them .... a few I will give a way to the people that helped me, the other I can sell.

1euro each auction vhs
- Milano Calibre sleeve 2€ / Nocturna
- 5€ each on the mondocorse tapes / emieloftherose / precert
- 2.5euro HELVETET I NORMANDIE / magnus / precert
- 2.5euro COBRARI / magnus / precert
- colorado charlie 3euo / thevideovaults / precert
- 1€ Gardenia / sangraal / precert
- 1€ Dalle Ardenne all'inferno / sangraal / precert

1euro each auction vhs
colorado charlie 3euo by thevideovaults on precert

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
I think the end result is interesting.
ofcours you can not expect DVD Quality .... I only had Video and vcd sources.
the Goal was the make a longer Version, to add the missing Clips to the greek Video release.
i tried to make the "new" fit a smoooth as possible .... a cropped the full Screen more or less the same size as the greek Screen, and I amde Subs for the scene's that not in english.

I will post some screenshots in the next days.

1euro each auction vhs
ending tomorrow

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
found the correct software, make a compilation, now I am looking too make a nice packaging, maybe a limited pressed box release .....

1euro each auction vhs
1€ Gardenia / sangraal / precert
1€ Dalle Ardenne all'inferno / sangraal / precert

1euro each auction vhs
- Milano Calibre sleeve 2€ / Nocturna
- 5€ each on the mondocorse tapes / emieloftherose / precert
- 2.5euro HELVETET I NORMANDIE / magnus / precert
- 2.5euro COBRARI / magnus / precert

looking for some dvdr's and sleeve scans
some titles added