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Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
thank you jack, revenge of samson will be next.
dvd is done ... now i am doinf the sleeve design .. sadly I cant find any orriginal artwork of the movie.

Snake Queen Fan Project
still have a few copies left if anybody is interested

Samson and Delilah
dvd is done.
french dvd with 2 vcd scene's added.
english audio from the korean vhs.
english subtitles for the scene's that are in bahasa.
now I have too make a package design.

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
last 6 now on ebay


Snake Queen Fan Project
Snake Queen Fan Project
Digipak with printed dvdr
15euro + postal each
20 copies available.
please sent me a pm when you want to buy a copy

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Your latest laserdisc purchase
Not that often anymore I post pictures of tapes or discs that I bought, but I really wanted to show this of!

Indonesian laserdisc of "Dangerous Seductress"

soon I will make a compare of the mondomacabro dvd, japanese vhs and the indonesian laserdisc

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