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Sales thread
how much than?
also have some spaghetties on dvd if you are interested in a trade.

Looking for Spaghetti Westerns on LaserDisc

since I got the 2 indonesian laserdiscs, I kinda got fasinated by laserdiscs .... I dont have a palyer ..... but i am interested in a multi region player .... in switzerland a dont find any on the secondhand internet sites .... and buying the abroad will cost alott on postal costs ....... so if i dont find one here ..... it looks like i am going to buy one in holland.

I would like to collect spaghetti western that were released on laserdisc. saw that a few were released in japan and germany ..... the sergio leone movies are probably released in alott of countries.

if anybody has any spaghetties on laserdisc and wants to do them away, please led me know. also if you dont want to do tem away, i will still be interested in what releases you have. I can make an overview than of the titles that are available.

Killer videos from 1992
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very nice roadshow tape :up:

Sales thread
Der Colt aus Gringos Hand & Gesetz der Bravados
5euro each - or a trade

MONDO MACABRO upcoming releases
on one hand it is nice that oop dvd's will still be available .... on the other hand, I will know it will distrub me, when I know that in my mm dvd collection is 1 movie that is not "orriginal".

maybe a small detail ..... but will the dvdr's have the title printed on them, or hand written?

Atini Seven Kovboy video Review
the movie I review today is Atini Seven Kovboy (1974)
directed by Aram Gülyüz

Posted ImagePosted Image

disk info:
Direct transfer from my video tape....so decent video quality
turkish audio
runtime 84min

One of the better known turkish westerns, a later production (1974). so the quality is also a bit beter as the early 60's turkish western productions.
Atini Seven Kovboy is a turkish interpretation of the belgium comic figure lucky luke.
The movie fits in 2 gerne .... turkish western and fantastic turk cinema. I enjoyed the movie very much. Its a comedy ... so all the jokes and dialogs I had to mis out on. Can imagen that the jokes are not to bad, since the figures are very close to the orriginal lucky luke comic figures. and as a kid I used to have all lucky luke comics.

the movie has some nice details .... ofcours the music is snatched from other movies , but that is nothing new. also 2 or 3 short scene's are taken from western movies ... but that was only used for creating an atmosphere, believe they are shots of a cowboy village were people are walking through the streets ....

their are self made cactusses in the desert, and I found the costumms pretty oke, the daltons often wair different costumms. joe dalton plays nice .... he's allways on his blank nurves .... like in the comics and averel is the dopy one ..... jack and william dalton dont have such a important role. for lucky luke they could have taken a better actor in my opinion .... maybe one that is a bit younger .... but who cares!

Figen Han is gorgeous as allways .... a bit sad .... this movie is in the turkish movie data base catogorised in: comedy - western - EROTIC.
Erotic ..... only because figen han is in it! their is a scene were she is a go go dancer .... and a scene were she comes out of the water, if you play your tape on slow motion, you might see a very blurry right tit ..... but it could also be her elbow ...... so anuff to make it an erotic movie for the turks!

their are several copies of the movie around .... dont know if their are different cuts ... maybe some are missing the elbow scene :P !
I have 2 video copies both on the same label but with a different sleeve .... probably just a rerelease, their is also a tv version ..... this one has a sharper image and brighter colors .... but it has a logo in the screen.

their is an other turkish luck luke movie .... called Red Kit (1970) with Izzet Günay as lucky luke ... havent found the movie untill now.
the spaghetti western database has the poster of red kit connected to atini seven kovboy .... that is incorrect .... and according to the spaghetti western data base review one of the dalton brothers is called bill?! their are several mistakes in the information the s w d b give on turkish westens .... also some movies they have listed are not even westerns .... they probably never have seen the movies, just copy pasted some info.

one character I really missed in the movie was Rantanplan ..... the most stupid dog in the whole mississippi

for introduction:
Good = :)
Bad = :angry:

Posted Image :) Lucky Luke / Red Kit = Sadri Alışık

Posted Image :) Jolly Jumper = Is voiced over ....

Posted Image :) Moruk = Ali Sen

Posted Image :wub: Figen Han with blond hair

Posted Image :wub: Figen Han with black hair

Posted Image :wub: the 1 sec scene that makes it an erotic movie

Posted Image :) Sheriff = Cevat Kurtulus

Posted Image :) Hank = Ahmet Sert

Posted Image :angry: The Daltons

Posted Image :angry: Joe Dalton ... dressed up as a little kid = Aydın Babaoglu

Posted Image :angry: Averel Dalton = Sami Hazinses

Posted Image :angry: William Dalton = Mehmet Asık

Posted Image :angry: Jack Dalton = Harun Atalay

Posted Image not really bad = Seyhan Gümüs

Posted Image :angry: Kara Sakal = Ekrem Gökkaya

Posted Image :angry: Bandit 1 = Kudrut Karadag

Posted Image :angry: bandit 2 = Süheyl Egriboz

The Movie:
As far as i know this movie is not a direct interpretstion of a lucky luke comic ...

the story isnt that difficult, but the details I dont know, since I couldnt understand the dialogs.

Kara Sakal Kills his boss ... now he is in power over some information or documents his boss had. a servent (a very dark turk that plays a black guy) witnesses the murder and informs Figen Han the daughter of the murdered man. Kara goes up to Moruk and tries to force Moruk to sell his land to, but Moruk refuges.

Lucky Luke is asked by the mayor to escort to stagecoach to Teksas. its known that the Daltons are aktiv in the erea, for a short time Joe Dalton dressed as a little kid robbed the bank! Hank will also be part of the escort and in the coach is the beautifull Figen Han.

Kara Sakal is traveling through the desert and 2 bandits try to rob him ..... instad of his money he offers the 2 bandits to work for him .... he explains that Moruk has something important that he wants.

The Daltons try to rob the stagecoach, the same as Lucky Luke and Hank are escorting .....Joe is dressed up like a little indian and fakes Hank to stop the coach. as soon as the coach is stopped the other Daltons arrive, and Joe pulls out his gun.
When Joe sees Figen Han, he immediately falls in love with her ..... he tries to play the gentleman and flirts with Figen.

Some other funny scene's with the daltons are in the movie, but they dont really have anything to do with the story .... for example Joe tries to lern Everel table manners .... or joe and averal dressed as 1 person go into a bar and try to score with Seyhan Gümüs ...... Seyhan finds out in bed that they are 2 people. she doesnt know what she sees when she pulls away the blanket ..... pretty funny to be honest.

The stagecoach continious to teksas .... in teksas Figen puts on a blode wig a starts working as a gogo dancer in a bar ...... these 2 scene are probably a reason aswell why this is an erotik movie in turky, cause Figan is dressed up as a cancan girl! Seyhan Gümüs (dont know the name of the character she plays in the movie .... same as for Figen Han ..... women tend not to get a name in turkish westerns ???) is jealous or dislikes Figen ..... perhaps she is afreed she will take all her customers away.

their is some stuff going on I didnt really understood .... also didnt find it to entertaining .... for some reason the sheriff doesnt like lucky luke ..... lucky luke captures the daltons, the daltons go in jail, but they escape again. Lucky luke comes in jail, but he gets out aswell. the mayor ask lucky luke to help him?!?

Kara Sakal sees Figen in the bar dancing .... he doesnt recognises her since he doesnt now who she is. he askes her out and they go for a swimm.
the famous tit/elbow scene takes place! when kara and figen are in the water the daltons steal kara's clothes. kara is left in the woods in his underwear.
Figen flirts a bit joe, she says she is cold and joe gives figen kara's jacket ... joe doesnt know that in kara's jacket is another important document.

Seyhan sneaks in Figens room and steals a document from her. Seyhan takes the document (not the dokument figen found in kara's jacket, but the dokument figen got from the servent) and rides of with it to moruk ..... but on the way to moruk she is robbed by the 2 bandits that are working for kara .... they try to rape her but moruk helps her out! and the bandits take of.

Figen goes to Moruk .... think they are related .... figen tells moruk that kara killed her father and that kara now is after moruk because he has something important hidden on his land ..... the daltons hear this and offer figen to help her.

lucky luke goes on investigation in kara's hous and finds another dokument (dokument nr.3!)

some silly dance scene between the daltons and figen take place. figen, lucky luke and moruk put the 2 documents together they found .... now they understand what is going on and what is so important what is hidden on moruks land ... a treasure in a cave! the daltons overhear the conversation ... and at night they steal the dokuments that lead them to the cave!

the same night kara's man rob the bank .... and leave a note, that the daltons robbed the bank! for the sheriff it is clear ... the daltons robbed the bank.
the dalton get a angry mob after them ... the whole town is angry that they robbed the bank.
the daltons are in the cave and find the treasure .... but kara's man are also in the cave with the money they stole from the bank. the daltons capture the 2 bandits ... than kara comes in the cave aswell .... he is surprisd the daltons are their .... and lucky luke!
Moruk stops the angry mob and explains that kara is the real bad guy!

lucky luke has a shoot out with kara ... and very unlike the comic ..... lucky luke kills kara!

the daltons are the hero's they give the bank the money back and the treasure goes to moruk ..... the sheriff makes the daltons the new sheriffs, and lucky luke rides of with figen.

-the end-

I didnt make a dvdr sleeve for the movie...cause I have it on tape.....
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The Taiwanese Kamen Rider movies
the poster of The Super Rider looks amazing! :wub:

What's the best vcr ever made?
Jack J
Jul 23 2013, 06:39 PM
Just because it's able to record doesn't mean you HAVE to do it. :P

Wow! thank you for pointing that out! never would have came up with that :o

What's the best vcr ever made?
I am just wondering ..... for us is the "video recorder" is not the machine we all need .... probaply non of us records tapes anymore .... so a video player would be the best.

I dont know if their are machines made, for playing only?

I had a bunch of machines over the years ..... a good trustfull beta player was allways a pain in the @ss to find.

I stopped looking for vhs recorders that are build for home use ...... thought it would be more interesting to look for proffesional video machines ..... they can be bought now for not so much money and they are way more solid as home use machines.

bought 2 of the proffesionals allmost for nothing

here are some images

Jul 23 2013, 01:42 PM
My girlfriend ended our relationship a couple of days ago, so we will have to sell the house... :(

I am really sorry to hear that Anthony! dont get carried away to much over it. Hopefully a new love will come in your life soon!


so a new love that has a big house also for your video tapes ;)

Short reviews of weird movies
Jul 15 2013, 06:50 PM
Some really amazing films you review! :up:

when I see the screenshots of the reviews I allways wonder .... how does he know of these movies?!?
and most of the movies look very entertaining!

do you review all movies you view kothar? or do make a selection?

Indonesian Laserdisc / Horror
Synopsis added

Indonesian Laserdisc / Horror
For Trade or Sale

Would prefer a trade over a sale, since I find it very difficult too put a value on this laserdisc

Indonesian Laserdisc NTSC

Suzanna / Santet Ilmu Pelebur Nyawa

Sisworo Gautama Putra - 1988

Since I dont have a Laserdisc player, I cant check the disk an give any further information about the playback etc

The guy from whom I got the Laserdisc told me the play back is fine.

If it tunrs out the laserdisc doesnt plays .... than full money refund .... only I wont cover the postal costs.

if it does play ..... I would like to get a dvdr :)

If you have any questions, please ask the through pm

some information from the indonesian movie database

Producer: Ram Soraya
Director Sisworo Gautama Putra
Writer Naryono Prayitno, Tim Soraya Film
Actor/Actress Suzanna, IGL Jagat Karana, Jeffry Waworuntu, Joice Erna, Novie Chandra
Main language: Indonesia


As his wife is always ill, Bisman starts becoming attracted to Katemi. To possess Katemi, Bisman kills his wife and incites the villagers against Sarma, Katemi’s husband, for the murder. Sarma is then killed. Katemi escapes but falls into a cave where Nyi Angker lives. Katemi becomes Nyi Angker’s student. Meanwhile, Bisma takes over the position of the village head. He orders the villagers to find Katemi. The son of the old village head, Achmad, who has just returned from studying in a religious school, joins in the search. Katemi is found and returned to Bisman. But she already attained black magic powers. She takes her revenge on Bisman and leaves. From afar, Katemi keeps practicing her magic. Achmad tries to persuade her to stop but Nyi Angker will not allow it. Finally, Achmad manages to defeat Nyi Angker.

This was the fifth most popular film in Jakarta, 1989, with 352,473 admissions, according to data from Perfin (National Film Distributors Association).

Posted Image

Posted Image

Side 1
Posted Image

Side 2
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METAL FROM HELLAS subtitled documentary
even I am not interested in metal (at all!!!!) I found the documentary very amusing and interesting. allways nice to hear personal stories, specially from people when they were young and getting intot he nightlife/fights/drugs etc

Spaghetti Western Collection
oke these are not video releases ...... but I just love the german big hartbox dvd releases ..... 1 title still missing, hope to get it in the next 2 weeks.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

x-rated spagetti western
allready found it, thank you anyway ;)

Dutch VHS Wanted, a visual wantlist
Jul 16 2013, 12:44 PM
Jul 16 2013, 11:43 AM
depends on how his french is ......

Yeah, because there's great dialogue in those movies ;)

and from the french dvds the hard-core scenes are cut

Just recieved this tape from samurai cop

Was unsure if it was a bootleg or an orriginal

Now that I see the tape I am allmost 100% sure it is an orriginal ..... or a very old bootleg.
Posted Image

Hans found this tape a year or two ago ...... same company
Posted Image

Videomedia released black print sleeves aswell .... probably first generation rental leeves .....
Posted Image

And I remember Cinecity had
- de razende samurai
- chappaqua gold

Posted Image

trans world entertainment question
believe they also released tapes in the uk

but that its orriginal an us label.

have 1 or 2 movies on the label .... one tape I have for sale - Savage Guns - NTSC

on amazon.com you can find more titles